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Is my guinea pig having trouble eating her hay?

I acquired to underneath of your hay case, and the hay is usually all from a little pieces end of it.Is this guinea pig obtaining trouble feeding on the hay..Cause usually next time i give her hay the lady would virtually eat all of it..But your woman didn’t these days..The bowl was continue to full.So a few pointer just open an innovative bag involving hay or maybe leave your ex alone Btw, how do people make certain the hay includes no mites And also why carry out people pick Kaytee’s Timothy Hay alot She sometimes have overgrown the teeth or that portion of the hay aren’t as good.You can wait and determine if it proceeds.If it will bring her to some vet to own her enamel checked. The entire parasites throughout hay/bedding will not make sense in my experience.Parasites will need a coordinator to survive.Im certainly not saying it does not happen.It may.It just doesn’t help to make sense.WHEN I don’t carry out anything.You may freeze it if you would like kill anything which may be at this time there. I do not know why folks chose kaytee.WHEN I guess the just offered everywhere.Its a common brand.Its as well not … Continue reading

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Is my rat okay??????????…….?

alright so we may as well tell the main story.hence.in june i acquired a rat.she seemed to be prolly simply a month or perhaps two old.her appoint is Rue.your lover was balanced, shy in the beginning but provides deffinately end up of your ex shell. about 30 days later we get a differnt one.her appoint is Pai.your lover was lively and welcoming, very very well socialized.i required her dwelling and put her within the small temperary cage for that quarintine.immediately notice jane is sneezing and coughing.wait last week.still sneezy along with coughy. hence we phone petsmart, they say which they can obtain her vetrinary caution, we wont have to pay, and than we could get the woman’s back.they require pai around and decide to put her on a nebulizer at a local unique vet, after 7 days she extends back to petsmart where they enjoy her for some days to make sure she is good.she’s so we come to pick her up. as compared to we get her home, put her last the quarintine ring (cleaned connected with course) and wait a couple of days.she’s deffs a decent amount healthier along with we merely here a couple of sneezes and … Continue reading

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Whats wrong with my guinea pigs skin?

i was hold one of female guinea pigs nowadays and i had been like relocating her fur around them and the woman’s skin them like many crusty in addition to gross and there’s a little little on the woman’s ears the over and above them and also she boasts some material on the woman nose and a bit on the girl eyes, im pretty sure nancy pregnant from the male which was in the girl cage b4 i got her, nancy fine and eating although i have no idea whats inappropriate with the woman skin, the points i have got put your ex on seemed to be small pet shampoo ( http://images.nitrosell.com/product_images/12/2853/large-422002%20AP%20SMALL%20ANIMAL%20SHAMPOO%20125ML.jpg truly used that on my guinea pigs plus i have not seen that happen to be able to them) and we would have utilize that concerning 1 calendar month ago or monthly and your half ago and we sprayed mite as well as mange bottle of spray on the woman about 3-4 many days ago plus i spray it on all of them ( http://images.nitrosell.com/product_images/12/2853/large-431001%20AP%20SMALL%20ANIMAL%20MITE%20SPRAY%20125ML.jpg its to avoid them by getting it) what do ough think them wrong together with her the woman’s breed is Himalayan washboard hair … Continue reading

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Introducing another female rat to my female rat,?

im thinking of buying the female rat from a person not not even close to me, but its just one and i am aware rats plan to have corporation, so could it possibly be ok basically introduce a different female rat to help her as well as would they fight 13.I usually have rats at your house, are right now there any particular precautions MY SPOUSE AND I should take when bringing new subjects home When delivering your subjects home for you to other test subjects PLEASE make sure quarantine for a minimum of two days – some weeks is best.If possible this would be in a totally different area than your own other subjects, but probably have be absolute to do this in several rooms.Cope with your unique rats primary, and then the fresh ones…then make sure to wash hands and allow a couple of hours before knowledge ? to a person’s old rats. To prevent bringing almost any diseases or even parasites home to your rats, there are numerous precautions it is possible to take.Avoid planning to pet retailers that sell off rats — mites along with lice are very common, but in addition very risky viruses just … Continue reading

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My rat has scabs on her side and shoulder. Is there anything i can safely apply to it?

I am just pretty guaranteed it’s bacause POST haven’t attached her nails in the while.I have another rat in addition to she appears to be fine.I bathed them both in warm waters.But I am just wondering only can use like neosporin or even somthing securely. neosporin is actually perfectly secure.Although she might be scratching caused by a mite challenge.If she’s mites…the mites will probably constantly bite in the scabs leading to your rat that will scratch the particular healing scabs hence opening them backup.Mites ordinarily infest your rat cage because of the wrong form of bedding.try altering it to some hypoallergenic recycled bedding you can find at Petco as well as something.

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Does Tea Tree Oil Help With Mites on Guinea Pigs?

So I’m getting guinea pigs, two that they are exact, and I would like to make sure I really know what to watching.So whether a Guinea pig gets mites, I’ve observed that standard tea sapling oil may also help.Our family actually includes untreated tea tree oil without cleaners as well as anything inside it, and it is also been diluted.So should tea tree help with mites throughout Guinea pigs No! You require ivermectin or maybe Revolution. i would personally employ tea tree oil in my guinea pigs it’s a rather strong smell but it may dry out there body out, im undecided though its only a thought, inquire a exotice vet in the event that tea sapling oil will help. if the guinea pig offers mites clues are exessive itching, even crying when scratching, hair decline, scabs, agressessive (my guinea pig tiny bit me as soon as he acquired mites from with regards to such pain) unsocial. in order to prevent mites, make absolutely certain your parrot cage is clean as you possibly can, and even utilize a mite and also lice spray while you clean their cage.i dont really learn how or exactly where they have them via but … Continue reading

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HELP! My Guinea Pig Keeps Acting Strange!!!?

Our Guinea pig continues jolting, Chattering the woman teeth, Biting/Scratching herself, Shaking her fur (Like what exactly dogs do when these are wet), Breathing intensely and losing Lots of hair around big tuffs!! I’m quite sure it can be mites since I did some homework! I’m visiting take her towards vets although dose anybody have an idea of what how to attract! she is extremely uncomfortable, I bought my guinea pig 2weeks in the past &&’ Your lover had mites too! What you should do will be give her a good bath &&’ very first thing when you rise, go for the pet store and pay for spray, Them kills that mites quick, leave at for 3 OR MORE days &&’ bathe it away, then she really should be okay, for the time being rub &&’ comfort and ease her, okay Best of luck: you’re right it truly is probably mites nonetheless it could as well be some sort of skin allergy (to several soaps if you’ve bathed it etc) consequently before getting rid of her without help like explained above consider her on the vet to make sure.You can’t really accomplish much for it except bathing it (with gentle … Continue reading

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Help!!! my guinea pig has.. ?

This 7 30 days old guinea pig has a type of mites upon him.Tiny teeny white ones behind his or her ear after that tiny yellowish ones everywhere his pelt.Just found them a couple days previously.I gave him a bath until I’ll get him getting some sort of medicine or even shampoo reduce them.Is it bad for my guinea I do not know how long he’s had these folks. He is also just polishing off his contra- biotics to get his URI. mites can certainly kill guinea pigs and its critical your guinea pig views a vet asap to assist. my guinea pig bobo experienced mites (being my own first guinea pig i’d no idea what way too do) your dog had scabs upon his human body and appeared to be loosing their furr, would catch me since he what food was in so much pain (i treated his mites plus he under no circumstances bit me personally again). i bought a mite and also lice spray for guinea pigs as suggested with the pet purchase, i cleansed their cage thoroughly settling their animals, such as their pigaloo meal bowls etc etc in hot water to destroy any mites that … Continue reading

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Just got a guinea pig a few days ago from pet smart, keeps itching and sneezing?

i got your pet 2 days ago..I’ve observed he scores his back a lot and clears his radio stations or w/e…plus he sneezes rather often…could the following be mites or maybe something we’ve experience by using guinea pigs but never had this challenge. Sadly them sounds both equally like mites plus an higher respiratory contamination.You can easily either consider him returning to the pet store in order to an exotic vet.I won’t be expensive to relieve him only the workplace visit that will be all around $35.00 and the price of the medications which could be around $20.00 every single.You is going to be given a good antibiotic for your upper respiratory including a different medication for any mites, it can come within 3 pre-measured doses to become put at the nap belonging to the guinea pigs fretboard.You have to clean this cage and every little thing in them with each and every application in the medication with shall be 10 cays a part. Your guinea pig has mites…which also can invade it can be ears.Another problem is usually a vitamin D deficiency..which in turn also bring about skin annoyance…flakes…hair loss and scabs will result.giving the guinea pig lemon slices … Continue reading

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URGENT! My mouse is dying! what do i do?

I highly recommend you help, some may be dead currently! Shw’s kind of cold, relating to her with a heating sleeping pad so she doesnt die with the cold shes extremely weak as well as shes insured in these kind of small wite particles, it almost appears like dandruff how does someone help her! must take her to somewhat of a vet just simply keep her warm or is usually she just going to die i highly recommend you, please assistance! The FINEST thing you can use right today is hurry her to some vet.Get her to 1 asap. Take your mouse to your vet. Faltering that often be realistic, if you’ve got already died it’s probably the various other has contracted the identical problem and this also can indicate probable loss of life.Mice you should not live extended and they are delicate wildlife.The greatest thing perhaps to make her choose because se may just be in several pain. i think she has mites lookup how to treat them on the net if you can take her for the vet and make certain she stays hydrayed and make sure she is eating i simply put this mouse lower today enjoy! … Continue reading

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