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If i get another guinea pig will the fight.?

we go a couple of guinea pigs.there both equally males in addition to im thinkin regarding geting someone else this weekend.will they will fight or possibly there is stuff allow me to try to not make these folks fight. Don’t tune in to the stupidity with which has answered your own question. Initial, the only mammals this Americans may legally have got as pets to be kept by themselves are Syrian hamsters because of their territorial character.All alternative animals must have a companion. On the other hand, that does not necessarily follow you can certainly just toss a brand new animal in to an witout a doubt established territory.MANY men and women make that mistake and that is why either the ignorant stipulation that you cannot find new people.You should research on easy methods to properly submit guinea pigs, which will probably include a period of isolation to ensure the animal is not sick all of which not obtain the others tired (this is especially true if you have them at a pet keep, as pet store animals happen to be sick caused by poor treatment and breeding), then a time period of rewards while always keeping the guinea in … Continue reading

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Best pet?????????????????

What’s the best pet to do I desire something nice which i can carry.Not too much maintenance as well as doesn’t require a cage large than with regards to 5′ through 2.5′.Relating to $450 dollars for animal and items, but we’d prefer for it to cost less.I could play by using it daily( 1-4 hours).We are willing to consider mammals, birds, reptiles, more or less anything other than bugs as well as fish. You have to try a new chipoodle (dog) they small and for that reason cute! My mother has one and maybe they are so lovable! The cutest one could be white-colored, so really! A set of rats (they can not live alone).Please be sure to do wide-ranging research about any animal you choose to get to guarantee you should be able their long-term care.Any pet will demand a vet pay for so be sure you have some hundred dollars reserved for this.Great places to find information regarding any long run pets is animal particular forums. i understand your problem we were thinking that adheres to that too i lowered it down through saying the fav rodent compared to fav mammel, etc to do: rodent:hamster (there and so … Continue reading

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Do field mice nurse or how are they taken care of?

Many of us caught COUPLE OF mice throughout my clothing room in that case found 6TH babies.my organization is talking simply born pink with no hair and also have black dots while eyes beneath their skin color still.We determined one dead along with the other played off.Confused how the particular babies can make it today.I learn crazy that him and i are meeting the demands of them but there’re in a cage currently…Trying saving the babies at the same time.Need to know where to start. Mice will be mammals as well as nurse for instance all other mammals.The possibilities of ones mice surviving are lean but probable.Your vet as well as pet store often have small animal bottles you should utilize to give food to them. yer they greatly, they possibly wouldn’t are living maybe decide to put them back along with the mother might revisit.

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What must one do when a giant flying mammal bursts through yonder skylight & now lies inanimate on the floor?

Make sure you advise, oh wise ones. Can I place a makeup expression revealing pleasure, love, or us pleasure on the face while he is still incapacitated Or shall I feed the pup to my own long-legged carnivorous doglike mammals Put a new dress about it and go on it out that will dinner.Then get back home and find nasty about it while videotaping it and talk about it with all of us. you are able one of your “dog-like” mammals to be able to attack this before it attacks you after which you can put in an feelings of fearfulness or scary…

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Would a Ball Python eat a Small North American Mammal such as a Gopher, Squirrel, etc.?

There are plenty of Gophers operating around that path over from the train monitors by my own house and I had been thinking in relation to catching 1 preferably a smaller one because my shot python continues to a newborn and We were wondering in the event he could possibly or will eat any Gopher (Rodent) sometimes he’s over eating hopper mice by today and i’ve had no issues with feedings together with him at all and he or she takes their energy pretty good but MY PARTNER AND I do understand or know that you must not feed some sort of captive bred/born snake a wild-caught animal as a result of diseases, parasites, in addition to stuff, for example.but MY PARTNER AND I remember next time i was tiny I use to observe my cousins get these smaller lizards that will feed for their bearded dragon involving whom many people still must this daytime and she is still pretty healthy and succeeding but I am going to stick into the regular diet regime im at the moment feeding him but would likely a baseball python take a gopher or even a squirrel or almost every other small north u … Continue reading

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Is a turtle reptile or mammal ?

Exercise believe that turtle is really a mammal.Why Because it is warm-blooded, not cold-blooded being a reptile.For many who believe this can be a reptile, article your proof.If that proof you provide is actually convincing, then I will believe it is a reptile, or else, I will keep to my idea and call up it any mammal. And for many who just want two factors, this is often a question.My organization is asking people that think the turtle is often a reptile to help post its proof. Where do you notice that turtles tend to be warm blooded Turtles tend to be cold blooded.They may be reptiles.Turtles don’t have the bodily organs that defines any mammal…mammary glands.All mammals get them like egg sleeping platypus in addition to achidna. -What thinking of talking about Turtles sunbathe in the wild and they also do necessitate lamps around tanks.You didn’t including the other men and women answer regarding the scientists because doing so was conjecture.Your entire argument is actually pure questions….you never catch them sunbathing Turtles are cold blooded, they may be reptiles. -Turtles will not be amphibians it can be amazing just how stupid everyone is.Amphibians rest their ovum in mineral water….REPTILES … Continue reading

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When compared is it hard to take care for savannah monitor then compared to a beardie or is it the same?

through my knowledge in terms of I’ve heard that every lizards are different on the subject of taking care of them is that true let’s if i had a new savannah keep an eye on lizard really does that mean Need to do much more for this particular lizard then another lizard ex lover bearded dragon like the number of care, foods, enclosure and so on I want over most of would the idea be the same or somewhat different per please assistance..Thanks Care these two variety is substantially different. Bearded dragons are generally omnivorous, requiring a combination of vegetation and insects.Savannah video display units are carnivorous, eating a range of animal foodstuff, including insects, and temporary mammals. Savannah video display units grow very large, thus need a larger housing, and scaled in place heating and lighting machines.They can a be very handful and responsibility. Bearded dragons usually are considered an outstanding pet types, and just one animal might live happily in a very 60-gallon-sized gas tank. I’d personally say in which bearded dragons probably require much more care when compared with Savs (due for their need to get a daily mixed-green salad), but Savs require even more room. Always … Continue reading

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Will an Aqua-Glo bulb provide UV rays?

Information picture on the bulb and also the specifications with it:tinyurl.com/3qsbsfo Aging need to deliver a TON, according to:tinyurl.com/3c5tyj2 Contemplating getting a dragon agama.I’m wondering plainly can spend less myself $20 through the use of my old fish tank florescent bulb rather than buying a new one. Any help could well be appreciated. A UVB bulb for the reptile isn’t something you should skimp with.No, a regular human utilize or tank fluorescent bulb will not do to get reptile make use of.Aquarium bulbs are intended to create full variety lighting (the apparent light spectrum) with regard to possible aquatic plant used the reservoir.(Plants require the obvious light spectrum to undertake photosynthesis.) Our use fluorescent lights all possess special coating around the bulbs to help block UVB gentle, as UVB light may be a known carcinogen in mammals/humans. Have your UVB light bulb offline, it’s often cheaper than getting hired from a new store.I obtain mine (Zoomed’s much time tube Reptisun model) for $20 a content article from http://lllreptile.com/ I assume the prongs within the end in the bulb count into the total length belonging to the bulb. .

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Savannah Monitor- WHAT THEY ARE LIKE-?!?!?!?

Hello, I was hoping you would be so kind to answer some questions for me? I’ve been noticing the Savannah Monitor, and I was wondering what it is like to care for these reptiles in particular? Some day in the future I was hoping to own a Savannah Monitor.I have lots of experience with large mammals/livestock (cows, bison, horses, sheep, pigs), your typical dogs and cats, small animals, small reptiles (anoles, garter/corn snakes, small popular amphibians), small turtles (red-eared/paint), and currently have leopard gecko’s, a corn snake, sand boa (Rough scale), a tortoise, and hope to some day own larger breed reptiles such as the docile ball python and larger lizards.How much experience would you need to be pretty prepared to care for a S.Monitor? I’m fully dedicated to all my creatures, and like a challenge, but like to be informed and know what I’m doing enough to be able to properly care for my pet. I know you may have much experience with smaller reptiles.But, none of that can prepare you for taking care of a Savannah monitor.I would suggest starting with ackie monitors.They are fairly docile and one of the most hardy monitors out there.Perfect for a beginning … Continue reading

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Is my Whites Tree frog lonely?

so i asked a question before, because i thought he was sick, but now i think he is just lonely.he looks sad in his tank and doesn’t climb too much anymore, but the other night i took him into the bathroom to soak him in warm water (froggy safe ) and when he looked in the mirror, he jumped to it from like 2 feet away (hes ok), climbed up as high as the mirror went (had to get on the bathroom counter to get him down) and then turned a BRIGHT shade of green!!! after that, when i tried to tank him back into my room, he kept trying to jump back to the mirror!!! could he be lonely??? i might be able to get another frog also, so im good if he really is lonely. Some frogs are that smart.It sounds to me as though he is.Try getting him a tank partner, he’ll be ok. Frogs don’t get lonely.Amphibians are different from mammals and their brains just aren’t wired that way. If you want to get a second frog that is fine, you 20 gallon tall tank is big enough to support two frogs. Just be sure that … Continue reading

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