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What do I feed a leopard Gecko??? Please Help !!?

Make want some sort of leopard gecko, and can be getting 1 in a little while, but i dont determine what to feast it.Somebody who has two geckos in school, told me that you have to feed all of them live crickets.I do not think I could do that, firstly because we are very squeemish, secondly I wouldn’t manage to buy a little something, just for this to become killed inside the next approaching days.Also easily get geckos, would that be better easily buy 2 so they really don’t obtain lonely I highly recommend you also number any alternate healthy secure foods, we can can give the geckos, hopefully nothing that is alive. Thanks for all you answers, almost all apreciated.:) All lizards are stimulated by way of movement which in turn encourages all of them to eat.If the actual prey just isn’t moving, it’s going to probably not pursue it.Do not feed these folks freeze-dried as well as canned pesky insects, because most of these have hardly any nutrition at all. Leopard geckos will be solitary creatures from the wild, in order that they would opt for living solely, but you may house a couple of females together if … Continue reading

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Why won’t my water dragon eat?

He has a juvenile, and I obtained him from petco.He has only related to 3 inches excluding the actual tail, and lives in the 20 gallon tank which has a nice pool, foilage, substrate, what perhaps you have.I ensured everything is actually non toxic to your ex boyfriend.His dampness and heat is fine, as good as UVA and also UVB lighting.I get offered various types of food; live crickets, mealworms, dried mealworms, lettuce, peas, for example.He has not eaten considerably, or anythingng to my understanding.It’s been two several weeks since I obtained him.He has looking definitely skinny.He also sleeps considerably and would not move considerably, whenever I am around nonetheless.Help dragons arent actual.mods From wherever did you have him.

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HELP!! URGENT!!!!!!!!!!?

Our crocodile gecko has a very swollen lip about one part that juts out it is all reddish and pinkish, plus 1 eye will be super dilated insurance policy coverage other is just not.HELP!! what should i do MY SPOUSE AND I cant afford for taking her with a reptile vet.also would it be contagious to my opinion please aid me. Call any vet to find out the direction to go and metion which you can’t take her to be able to them nevertheless ask if your vet can present you with advice.Also would you feed your girlfriend live crickets or even mealworms Mainly because crickets are already know to be able to attack reptiles when the reptile will try to feed on it, they tingle the reptile making use of their abdomen thing( need ideas of what in order to call the item but similar to that) so getting that it was before attacked by a cricket hopping about the cage. desire your gecko recovers coming from whatever occurred:) If anyone reeeeeally don’t want to take her towards the vet….just NAME the vet or give the idea to someone who are able to handle it pertaining to awhile until … Continue reading

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Can my rats eat this?

may they take:chicken, beef, dog meal (can), monkey insane and them live crickets they will sell with reptile petshops 10 points for information on all thanks a lot! They may eat chook, beef, and egypr that were seasoned having anything.They can not have onions or garlic, sometimes…Just simply, unseasoned beef.What POST do oftentimes is create ground meat for spaghetti and give them a few pieces.You do not season this meat.Chicken might be a little harder…But should you boil a piece of writing in ordinary chicken broth it will last them a time. MY SPOUSE AND I wouldn’t nourish canned dog food.The insufficient nutrients inside stuff only isn’t significant.You can feed a person’s rats everything, and it’s going to be better than nearly dog meals.Unless, needless to say, you’re choosing the refrigerated Crucial or Refreshing Pet Choose foods.They’re really the only ones that have real components.But nothing outside a can certainly, and simply no kibble. If by monkey insane you signify regular peanuts, after that yes.They certainly, however, employ a high fat content and should be given sparingly/ end up being sparsely combined into your current feed mix. Live crickets you’d must try.My personal rats wouldn’t take them.Wild subjects do feed … Continue reading

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Bearded dragon, leopard gecko or ball python?

shot pythons tend to be only cool for your feeding minute and the morphs…bearded dragons actually have a little individuality but demand more proper care and food…leopard geckos tend to be pretty but can be boring Bearded dragon in case you have the space and may feed fresh fruits/veggies together with live crickets/mealworms. Leopard gecko in case you are wanting something will not take up as much space to be a beardie, but are as easy….that they just never need fresh fruits/veggies. Ball python in case you are only wanting to feed every week, and are also ok by using feeding frozen/thawed rodents (no dwell….mice/rats can offered a good fight). It all hangs on what you may care for and may afford.I individually would get a bearded dragon, myself.Ball pythons is usually difficult people, are a lot more susceptable to mouth rot/upper respiratory infections, and only aren’t because fun for a beardie as well as leopard gecko, provided. Furthermore, have you considered crested geckos They are my favorite. go for your bearded dragon.they really are pretty amazing, and unike many lizards, that they like becoming handled.they’re quite easy to look after too, the feeding could be the only type of … Continue reading

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Feeding problems with tiger salamanders?

I have receivediger salamander i got from a freind and feeding has always been difficult.On the other hand, i was going to get a barred, because they eat anything you put infront of there face.When i put food infront of the salamanders face, he wont eat it.he wont eat dead pinkie mice or anything like that.on youtube, and my freind, they have barred and they eat what you put infront of the face.so tell me what you think about it. They will eat critters that move.Have you tried feeding them live crickets? They love them since they move a lot.

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My bearded dragon wont eat crickets?

iv odopted 2 young bearded dragons from craigslist,from head to tail the male is 14 inches long and the female is 12 inches,there last owner fed them a dry dragon meal that had freeze dryed crickets in it,I feed my dragons live crickets,dubia roaches and sometime mealworms.the female is eating live bugs fine,but the male does not seem interested in any live bugs,is there something I can do to make him eat live bugs,or do I just let him keep eating freeze dryed? Dragons have a reputation for being fussy eaters sometimes.One of my friends has 3 dragons, all were rescues from Craig’s List that came from bad homes. One of her dragons goes in food fazes, she will only eat say mealworms for a couple of months, then she will only eat lettuce, then she will only eat crickets, and it goes on and on like that.Sometimes after she’s gone off one of these foods, she will never touch them again. Just be sure that anything you offer your dragon, and he likes it, you can offer it to him year round.I’ve heard of peoples dragons getting hung up on one type of food, and then the supply runs … Continue reading

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What should I feed my Bearded Dragon?

I have a Bearded Dragon and a tortise In the same cage together (its ok they were like that in the pet store) And i was wondering if i should feed it crickets? but in worried the tortise might eat them.What are some foods my Bearded dragon can eat and my tortise will ignore? I wouldn’t recommend keeping the two of them together but if you have no choice, you could try putting chopped fruit and leafy veg (lots more veg than fruit) on a basking rock or somewhere that the tortoise can’t reach to prevent it eating it. Obviously this will be a little more difficult with the live crickets and bearded dragons need the protein from insects so you could try feeding them slow-moving bugs such as silkworms instead. Perhaps the best recommendation would be to remove the tortoise from the tank whilst the bearded dragon is feeding. you need to feed him daily salads consisting of leafy greens (not lettuce) you also need to buy some calcium powder to cover the vegetables in, every other day you will need to feed him crickets also dusted in calcium powder.Even though the pet store had them together it usually … Continue reading

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