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Is my guinea pig having trouble eating her hay?

I acquired to underneath of your hay case, and the hay is usually all from a little pieces end of it.Is this guinea pig obtaining trouble feeding on the hay..Cause usually next time i give her hay the lady would virtually eat all of it..But your woman didn’t these days..The bowl was continue to full.So a few pointer just open an innovative bag involving hay or maybe leave your ex alone Btw, how do people make certain the hay includes no mites And also why carry out people pick Kaytee’s Timothy Hay alot She sometimes have overgrown the teeth or that portion of the hay aren’t as good.You can wait and determine if it proceeds.If it will bring her to some vet to own her enamel checked. The entire parasites throughout hay/bedding will not make sense in my experience.Parasites will need a coordinator to survive.Im certainly not saying it does not happen.It may.It just doesn’t help to make sense.WHEN I don’t carry out anything.You may freeze it if you would like kill anything which may be at this time there. I do not know why folks chose kaytee.WHEN I guess the just offered everywhere.Its a common brand.Its as well not … Continue reading

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How fast do baby bearded dragons grow?

im worried this mine is not growing.I became it at the beginning of August and it also was all around 5″ http://www.flickr.com/photos/50593241N02/6004995783/in/photostream/ i required that photo a few days after manged to get it, also it still appearance that dimension.It won’t eat just about any fruit as well as veg yet nonetheless it eats a minimum of 30-40 small crickets every day.when can it be going to begin growing ok my spouse and i own some sort of beard dragon for any year but it isnt on the size it needs to be and that is certainly just fine just means i will have to wait to breed her more closely.things to make sure uvb light 12 hours each day the heat as a minimum close that will 90 f for a baby.as soon as feeding decide to put reptocal.it says never to put with crickets whenever but we do in my various other one and also she the size and style bigger appear be at its time.on my own smaller one i didnt individuals the material when find was some sort of baby and various problems placed her from growing.but including i said its fine if the grow weaker.the … Continue reading

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When can I feed my bearded dragon salad?

I have had my beardie for 30 days (its YOUR FIVE weeks old).and there was not much crickets recently, so i became wonering after i could feed him vegetables and things. Provide fresh new veggies non-stop everyday also for fresh bearded dragons.You should watch his or her appetite, young beardies must be eating in between 10 in addition to 40 crickets on a daily basis.All associated with mines tend to be absolute pigs, so in the event he’s possibly not eating for you often or a respectable amount, just ensure your temps and parrot cage is skin anti wrinkle cream recommended. http://www.beardeddragon.org/articles/caresheet/ You usually provide him vegetation from day time one, structure it way up in minor little pieces.If everyone cant discover crickets then you may as well look out and about for modest Dubia Roaches, these are the greatest nutrition clever.Here is really a guide towards complete diet that your beardie requirements from toddler to grownup.:) http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php193-Bearded-Dragon-Diet Whenever you would like to feed your ex, whenever an individual usually feed him his / her crickets. you can easily feed your ex boyfriend anytime it may only consume 20% regarding veggies at the moment, remember merely romaine lettuce if you … Continue reading

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Can you feed brown anoles to mud puppies?

These things are past my household constantly, they get in the house, and they may be just ALMOST EVERYWHERE.I am getting a mud doggie and ended up being wondering basically could feed them to help it.I mean, instead involving running towards the pet store to snap up small fish decide to purchase, can I feed them anoles in addition No hating you should, I’m merely asking. No you simply can’t.I’m estimating by dirt puppy a person mean a axolotyl.You simply can’t feed them a lizard.If you’d like you can are reduced the perch mongers and get a completely fish, keep that frozen as well as cut from the little pieces whenever you need these people.Makes these folks less ambitious anyway.

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My baby aquatic turtle wont eat?

I just got a baby aquatic turtle yesterday.Its about the size of a half dollar, and it wont eat.I got some food pellet things for him but they just float in the water, and I tryed to give him little pieces of carrot.I keep him in the water when i give him food and I put him in a different cage/aquarium, but I did try putting it in the original aquarium too.Any tips on how I can get him to eat? Many things could be wrong.For one, it could be sick.Those are usually loaded with parasites if NOT disease.Be very careful as many have/carry salmonella among other things that can also make YOU sick. Also, there’s a good chance they are wild caught also and in THIS even may not even be used to pellets. Or come from horrible/stressful conditions and be too stressed to eat.. Also, please give details on the enclosure/heating supply,etc..so we can better answer. Then onto proper diet.Most of the pellets range from bad (like might as well throw some cardboard in there bad) to OK..to decent.BUT Should not make up more than 25 percent of the diet IF any.. and, babies should have mostly protein, … Continue reading

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My red eared slider’s shell seems to be peeling?

Well, no peeling, but it looks like flaky and little pieces are rising.he is 4.25 inches long, so he’s young, I’m just wondering if this is normal.Please let me know, (: I have owned turtles for a super long time.When a turtle gets bigger the shell peels so it can get wider,stronger,and bigger.Just like a snake, they must leave their old skin behind so the new one can come in. -I Hope I Helped It normal as long ad the pieces coming off are thin and translucent.The shell underneath should look normal.If it’s soft or spongy, or it’s thicker chunks coming off, call up a vet who deals with turtles. Good luck! Perfectly normal.It’s a sign of growth. He dead he is just sheding like any other reptile

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I have some questions about turtles?

I have two turtles, red and yellow eared sliders.They are about 6-8 inches long.They are in a 30 gallon (I know that is too small for the two of them, I am going to size up to a 55 gallon in a little). The filter is a flu valve I think? Should I put that all the way in the water or just leave it like a waterfall? It is not a waterfall filter I don’t think.I think I broke the suctions…So I don’t know how to place it.I just have it kind of running like a waterfall but it’s going right into the water.Also, it keeps getting pushed against the wall where the debris is suppose to come through. Also, I fed them some feeder fish and their pellets.I fed them 4 of the fish.I don’t know if that’s enough or too much? also, how do I know when I fed them too much food? If that happens, will their shell bust? How do I know how much food to feed them? With the fish, do I have to keep going back and forth to the pet store every time I wanna feed them? Can I just put them … Continue reading

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OMG GUIDE, MY GUPPY GOT BABYS IN ADDITION TO I DIDNT RECOGNIZE SHE HAD BEEN PREGO HENCE I PLACE HER INSIDE A DIFF GAS TANK AND THE LADY HAD 1 BABY WHAT WILL I DO!! WHAT SHOULD I FEEL GUPPY FRY WHAT WILL I DOOO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU HELP!!! ahah this specific happend in my experience but hence u dont require a heaters and filter and goods in a couple different tanks obtain a fish breeder ough just put the babies throughout there when u next have a very pregnant one particular u placed it with there as well as the babies will probably be born within there witout a doubt:) plus u takke this big one out when they give birth separate the actual babies coming from her…your woman might take them….feed the little one guppies with all the same flakes nonetheless crush these individuals into little pieces dont modify their h2o until like 2-3 days…they are going to be okay…my partner and i done this before…i place them inside a small suitable container with more than enough water through the same tank..not excessive and supply them the crushed flakes…the mom will be ok..however whenever u see all … Continue reading

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How to get rid of fleas?

Is there a best flea shampoo and also topical treatments My dog seemingly COVERED with fleas.i merely treated him or her with HARTZ flea removal even so the very subsequent day there are hundreds extra fleas.He cannot stop itchiness and tomorrow i can go and purchase him extra medicine.does any individual have almost any suggestions about is there a best make to buy Did people ever attempt natural flea, tick, mosquito along with parasite treatments They work well in repelling fleas plus ticks as well as other insects + these are safe in your pet, mafia and the particular environment.One really good remedy with repelling fleas and doing away with parasites is definitely Diatomaceous Planet.You might sprinkle it about the coat within your pets regarding flea deal with or sprinkle on nutrition for parasite handle.Diatomaceous earth is usually a geological deposit composed of the fossilized skeletons and tests involving siliceous sea and freshwater organisms, particularly diatoms along with algae.These skeletons are made of hydrated amorphous silica or opal.Any time crushed, they separation into little pieces connected with glass” (so tiny how the material is like talcum powder).This really is easily grabbed by this hairy bodies of most Insects.Whereupon that scratches … Continue reading

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Weird situation with my dog! Need your help with this?

Acceptable, my sweetheart and WE adopted our two years old hole bill pet, two 2 or 3 weeks ago and her previous owner instructed us this she mature up with plenty of dogs/cats with her house from the moment she was born.Obviously, she’s social skills with dogs though the weird thing is the fact every time period, my sweetheart or WE take the woman’s out for any walk then when she views another doggie outside or behind a fence then, she’d practically drag me back to home! It appears to be she’s scared of some other dogs but I do not understand this! She grew up with plenty of dogs after which you can, she is definitely scared associated with other puppies.Why is it happening in order to her Just how can we support her beat her worry of alternative dogs I don’t know if the item helps but she utilized to live in VA and after this, she is MD. The owner may have happen to be exaggerating nevertheless perhaps certainly not.She may have been known plenty associated with other pet dogs in your ex home yet strangers vary thing wholly.She might have had an unhealthy experience sometime in … Continue reading

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