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How to tell your hamster is dieing or sick?

This guinea pig simply died the following morning, and I knew your dog would as a result of his tendencies.He possessed stopped eating and alocohol consumption and wouldn’t navigate anymore.He or she wouldn’t squeal.All of which was incredibly unlike your ex.He was also aged, so depending on what a person’s hamster lands on and exactly how old it’s… They occasionally get wet tail you will see its underlying part is soaked they cease eating and also drinking glance frail, shaky around, eye look sunk in and are only half open The item just depends what is going on with the little fella do you find it just previous or can it have a cold Good luck.

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Is it safe to give a gerbil energy bars?

Im doing a science fair to discover which electricity bar would make a gerbil go the fastest with a hamster wheel. not in any respect their cardiovascular rate is already twice when fast while ours along with the extra enhance of energy would post them straight into cardiac arrest No you might kill the little fella it has the tiny minor heart could burst No way, that a lot caffine would offer a gerbil a heart infiltration. No!!!!!!!!! You could potentially kill them!!

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My guinea pig has a scab? Why?

I simply noticed in which my 4 week outdated guinea pig i bought with Saturday offers 2 scabs, they is the same colour of his / her skin and there’s no blood neither bleeding engaged.Where have my little fella obtain scabs They are not that major, He was the tiniest one there and I was thinking mayber he or she was selected on MY SPOUSE AND I noticed of which his sister (that we all also adopted) little his base.They are now living in seperate cages, they’re just only together if monitered.Where can you think he or she got scabs:( One regarding my guinea pigs features scabs from where the other one particular picks with it being a sign involving dominance in addition to maybe it was the case inside the cage before you decide to bought it.Keep a close look on him just in case any much more scabs appear it might not be that this individual was picked on and also he might have fur mites or maybe dandruff which are sometimes case associated with scratching a great deal he’s making himself hemorrhage.Take him to the vet when the scabs hold turning upward. You in all probability gave … Continue reading

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Why is my hamster so scared?

I merely got the latest hamster nowadays and he is 100% afraid.Things begun bad, and then I needed him downstairs to be able to introduce your pet to every person else as well as he cherished it! He or she crawled directly into every types hands leaped around plus played.But next time i brought him support stairs as well as put him in his play pen, he seemed to be worse in that case ever! He played around rapidly as light and they have a teddy bear hamster so they’re not suppose to be very speedy.I tried out giving him food in addition to water.It made it simpler for but still each time I tried to pick out him ” up ” he would certainly practical jump outside of his fur and back off! I would like to know why he has so afar aid in addition to what I can do to help you.Also We’ve friends returning over in a couple of hours and perhaps they are really excited to meet and play while using little fella I obtained today! Also POST haven’t called him nonetheless so plainly could get some ideas through you guys that would be fantastic! … Continue reading

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2 Questions about my hamster!?

TWO Questions; Concerning a Syrian Hamster.Next time i bought him the puppy store didnt explain to me his / her age or perhaps anything, but he’s a whole adult.He is lossing pelt around the eye spot, but the remaining of the body appears to be perfectly good. Can another person explain that we doubt its retirement years.He is obviously eating, ingesting, running on wheel in addition to walking correctly fine.Thus yeaah. Other question is that I have a very cold ( runny nasal, cough, throat ) can that consequence my hamster plainly touch your ex or nearly anything I generally wash our hand in advance of and once handling your pet.But POST tried not to ever handle him very much.Will your dog get sick If that’s the case can an individual please say to me the direction to go and indicators of illness I understand going on the vet as well as such although anything I’ll do in your house Please and thank you!!! I do not know about your own first issue but hamsters CAN and will contract a new cold through yourself, stay well away from him for now.Warning signs that the little fella carries a cold is … Continue reading

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