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My rat ate one of those growing animal things, is he going to die? :(?

My one year old rat (about 1lb throughout weight) just ate a piece of one of these animals that will grows when you put the item in water (sometimes the truth is them in the grocery keep toy aisle, usually dinosaurs and also bugs).I’d NO IDEA it was before on the floor, a final time POST saw it it was before on that counter.He managed to help eat perhaps 1/2 ” of it…dry. I literally don’t have a money right now because POST haven’t picked up paid hence I cannot take him for the e-vet:( My business is so hence so reluctant that it can be either going to absorb each of his essential liquids and dehydrate him or maybe block ” up ” his intestinal tract, and wipe out him slowly manner in which, but there’s seriously ugh for me to look at him anywhere you want to…what am i allowed to do with regard to him in the home If POST give him quite a watery treat (like fruit) as well as encourage your pet to drink lots of water, or if MY PARTNER AND I give him something truly dry, will it possibly assist I thought maybe … Continue reading

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House sparrow… HELP!!?

Would it be safe for my sparrow to be able to wonder about my space while I will be gone We are worry when called he’ll get lost Help please:) well that will depends–if a person’s room is definitely clean & there isn’t a food or garbage all-around or everything he may eat(glue or maybe paint…etc)-or start bottles or maybe liquids-aren’t any other pets right now there, the entrance is shut down & nothing at all could force the front door open(dog, pussy-cat, person)and they couldn’t obtain hurt mysteriously or be free from a windowpane, the the blinds are SHUT DOWN tight! (he might fly towards them! )-then it becomes okay should you followed the instructions.-thanks 5 asking-hope that helps!

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How did this work out?

we’ve had a 10 gallon for maybe a week at this point with FIVE juli cory catfish and some type of algae eater(said to acquire 6in) regardless the container wasnt cycled:P rut row but for the bright part they’re just about all living contentedly playing along with eating(i’m cautious on certainly not overfeeding these individuals sometimes skipping daily of food) my spouse and i change the lake once every day about 25% i’m really planning they dont expire i put stress zhyme regarding bacteria in addition to stress coat in order that they can’t be troubled i likewise do a vacume maintaining on our sand any two days is there anything other than them i should do to ensure their security thanks every person!!!:) Very good on the maintenance.So your looking to cycle now Do you think you’re testing regarding ammonia along with an API ammonia test (liquids not the strips) More mineral water changes for the one fretting hand are as good as not plenty of but without knowing in which you endure on ammonia you may be doing a lot of water changes the filtration has no ammonia to begin with the bike. Which could take for a … Continue reading

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What do I do when my 6 week old puppy throws up 2 hours later of receiving his deworming medication ?

they’re a wholesome pup therefore , the vet told me, he received an test and his or her first list of needles as well his deworming treatment and she said to provide it that will him right now I bought it for you to him from 9 BEING UNFAITHFUL:30 this particular morning and me along with my ex-girlfriend took bowser out for your 10 small walk most people came home and he or she got sick in my personal drive way there was a earthworm in his or her throw in place and I am just worried this he did not digest that medicine and never sure of what direction to go so could u you need to help me personally thanks brad smith Just monitor him.It is normal for puppies to own worms for their feces after they have been de-wormed and also sometimes even within a little vomit.Providing the viruses are expended, you are aware that the de-wormer did it’s job.Was this worm around his vomit lifeless If he has been sick as well as stops over eating or having, notify your vet. A couple of things: A HALF A DOZEN week old really should not be away … Continue reading

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