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My puppy does not eat or drink water?

Your woman was clinically determined yesterday along with having around worms.I got given your de-wormer because of the vet to be given to her by mouth via syringe to get 5 nights.Today, she has not had or drank water.She pooped earthworms eggs along with pooped a very long worm Pondered to pull out.What I would like to know is why she won’t drink or eat and when I must force the girl to beverage and eat Best to meet with your vet…cell phone calls are zero cost…he must know best the side effects in the medicine your dog gave you along with the physical condition of the pup, so he’ll knowledge far the guy can push before wanting to bring her last. this may be a question to help ask this vet but i’ll try to assist…the earthworms u observed in the poo was more than likly a bed that the prescription drugs killed.she won’t want to help drink or perhaps eat as a result of meds.go receive sime good wet food and costume her dry for it.(mix) determine if she will probably eat and then.if she has not eaten in the couple days to weeks call that vet the … Continue reading

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