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My dog licks and nibbles his feet A LOT?

To start with we simply just thought it turned out his very own special puppy thing nevertheless it’s like when he is not playing or perhaps being family dog he’s nibbling along with licking his / her feet.Sometimes we not able to get him to quit, even whenever we make an effort to give him a treat.It doesn’t appear to be it’s bothering him but it surely sure is bothering me! I wish to take him towards the vet however we just do not have that types of money today:( It can be boredom.Would you lock him from a kennel or perhaps anything He could be stressed or even anxious.Its a lot like when folks smoke becaues these are stressed or even bored, but some sort of dog just might discover another wall socket, and many will eat their ft. Are his or her nails extended Check and make certain his dew claws arent super long, if she has them.They’ll be on his or her front ft and are going to higher on his lower-leg, sometimes folks will pass up these while cutting your nails plus they will raise and blackberry curve around and start digging into your dogs knee:( … Continue reading

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