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Whats wrong with my guinea pigs skin?

i was hold one of female guinea pigs nowadays and i had been like relocating her fur around them and the woman’s skin them like many crusty in addition to gross and there’s a little little on the woman’s ears the over and above them and also she boasts some material on the woman nose and a bit on the girl eyes, im pretty sure nancy pregnant from the male which was in the girl cage b4 i got her, nancy fine and eating although i have no idea whats inappropriate with the woman skin, the points i have got put your ex on seemed to be small pet shampoo ( http://images.nitrosell.com/product_images/12/2853/large-422002%20AP%20SMALL%20ANIMAL%20SHAMPOO%20125ML.jpg truly used that on my guinea pigs plus i have not seen that happen to be able to them) and we would have utilize that concerning 1 calendar month ago or monthly and your half ago and we sprayed mite as well as mange bottle of spray on the woman about 3-4 many days ago plus i spray it on all of them ( http://images.nitrosell.com/product_images/12/2853/large-431001%20AP%20SMALL%20ANIMAL%20MITE%20SPRAY%20125ML.jpg its to avoid them by getting it) what do ough think them wrong together with her the woman’s breed is Himalayan washboard hair … Continue reading

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Introducing another female rat to my female rat,?

im thinking of buying the female rat from a person not not even close to me, but its just one and i am aware rats plan to have corporation, so could it possibly be ok basically introduce a different female rat to help her as well as would they fight 13.I usually have rats at your house, are right now there any particular precautions MY SPOUSE AND I should take when bringing new subjects home When delivering your subjects home for you to other test subjects PLEASE make sure quarantine for a minimum of two days – some weeks is best.If possible this would be in a totally different area than your own other subjects, but probably have be absolute to do this in several rooms.Cope with your unique rats primary, and then the fresh ones…then make sure to wash hands and allow a couple of hours before knowledge ? to a person’s old rats. To prevent bringing almost any diseases or even parasites home to your rats, there are numerous precautions it is possible to take.Avoid planning to pet retailers that sell off rats — mites along with lice are very common, but in addition very risky viruses just … Continue reading

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Does Tea Tree Oil Help With Mites on Guinea Pigs?

So I’m getting guinea pigs, two that they are exact, and I would like to make sure I really know what to watching.So whether a Guinea pig gets mites, I’ve observed that standard tea sapling oil may also help.Our family actually includes untreated tea tree oil without cleaners as well as anything inside it, and it is also been diluted.So should tea tree help with mites throughout Guinea pigs No! You require ivermectin or maybe Revolution. i would personally employ tea tree oil in my guinea pigs it’s a rather strong smell but it may dry out there body out, im undecided though its only a thought, inquire a exotice vet in the event that tea sapling oil will help. if the guinea pig offers mites clues are exessive itching, even crying when scratching, hair decline, scabs, agressessive (my guinea pig tiny bit me as soon as he acquired mites from with regards to such pain) unsocial. in order to prevent mites, make absolutely certain your parrot cage is clean as you possibly can, and even utilize a mite and also lice spray while you clean their cage.i dont really learn how or exactly where they have them via but … Continue reading

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Help!!! my guinea pig has.. ?

This 7 30 days old guinea pig has a type of mites upon him.Tiny teeny white ones behind his or her ear after that tiny yellowish ones everywhere his pelt.Just found them a couple days previously.I gave him a bath until I’ll get him getting some sort of medicine or even shampoo reduce them.Is it bad for my guinea I do not know how long he’s had these folks. He is also just polishing off his contra- biotics to get his URI. mites can certainly kill guinea pigs and its critical your guinea pig views a vet asap to assist. my guinea pig bobo experienced mites (being my own first guinea pig i’d no idea what way too do) your dog had scabs upon his human body and appeared to be loosing their furr, would catch me since he what food was in so much pain (i treated his mites plus he under no circumstances bit me personally again). i bought a mite and also lice spray for guinea pigs as suggested with the pet purchase, i cleansed their cage thoroughly settling their animals, such as their pigaloo meal bowls etc etc in hot water to destroy any mites that … Continue reading

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Can my hamster get lice?

I just now found out thought about lice and I acquired a shampoo to reduce it in addition to my hamster world in my personal room using me and also I’m worried that he will get lice! Can he if he will what does someone do in case he will get lice And learn how to avoid it Yes, I truly think and so.I realize rats could.And regarding not kissing them 6 months stupidest thing I’ve have you ever heard of.It’s different lice most of us get, so 8 months later they would still possibly be sctratching.It’s like I came as long as you in addition to say, “ew you have lice! Bye! To get 8 many years! “ The very best and merely treatment can be meds.WE forgot this names, but require ‘em on the vet. WAIT, ARE YOU SERIOUS WHEN I WASTED MY TIME ANSWERING ABOUT HOW TO REDUCE IT AND THE KIND IT WILL BE…and a person’s question can be can this individual get your parasite Not any, he can’t.it’s a different kInd. yes he is able to should you not want r hamster for getting lice after that don’t feel for months i think 8 months … Continue reading

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I have to male rats and they have been in the same cage for awhile and all of a sudden the one has cuts?

We were looking at in the identical cage along at the pet store also.my reptar is definitely getting beat up by simply toby in addition to has cuts/scabs in his up coming and im unclear what that will do Do these people scratch a great deal If therefore, they most likely have lice.They have got medication with the.Sometimes many people some scabes at their necks via stratching. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO RATS WITH THE SAME SEX INSIDE A CAGE MUTUALLY!…complete bogus as long as they tell you that you simply can’t.It’s just that males get yourself a little territorial.We’d try to maintain them jointly, and take them different new areas to discover, but if your fighting becomes worse I’d separate them for the day plus re-introduce these folks. Since ones rats happen to be together considering that the beginning, I couldn’t separate them excessively. I would suggest putting them in not one but two cages different versus the one they may be in now for around might obtain idea which thats her land, as well as his just. That’s extremely normal along with male test subjects, the TWO male subjects i employed to have would fight in addition to … Continue reading

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Guinea pig problem: loss of furr and wet poo?

We got an issue with our guinea pig: She’s lost furr about her abs and the girl poo can be wet(not diarrhea). What could possibly be causing this She is 4 yoa. Thanks in advance. Heat do you find it really scorching were you keep her loss regarding fur typically indicates the skin dilemma mites/lice or even fungal.wetter in comparison with normal poop could possibly be caused by way too many veggies, or something she’s eaten this she doesnt ordinarily. i might suggest using her to the vets that they are checked.if it can be mites lice or fungal it needs treating quickly.

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How do i get rid of mites on my rat?

not long ago i brought your rat originating from a pet shop, when managed to get her residence i observed that the lady was infested together with mites, what are some secure ways that wont hurt her to shed them Ivermectin is normally prescribed for mites while is Wave.Revolution likewise treats fleas along with lice.Advantage work extremely well for lice along with fleas.I shall provide you with further information around the above meds from the reputable rat site in addition to cheap sanitize this cage as well as accessories.Please take note, though, that you must use the KITTEN type of Emerging trend or Advantage smoking on rodents.(For your peacefulness I would verify the actual dosage with your exotic vet.) Also, for rats between YOUR FIVE weeks in addition to 4 many months, you must cut the dose inside half.Following please obtain the links using details: http://ratguide.com/meds/anti-infectives/ivermectin.php http://ratguide.com/meds/anti-infectives/selamectin_revolution.php http://ratguide.com/meds/anti-infectives/advantage.php http://www.rmca.org/Articles/bugs.htm You might have to repeat the dosing depending on what you utilize.With Revolution I used to be told to repeat with 2 several weeks and all over again in Thirty days for mites.The Spot-On instructions might be different, so talk with your vet. With regards to cleaning, diluted bleach successful to … Continue reading

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Cockatiel help please?

I merely recently bought a cockatiel, and to start with he looked like healthy.Nevertheless, now they seems really itchy.MY PARTNER AND I found a new bald position on their head at the rear of his crest, loss feathers underneath his wings, as well as insides of his legs ‘re going bald.Likewise, I locate myself getting some itchy jolts after coping with him at times, but WHEN I assumed it absolutely was from their claws troublesome my skin color. I do not think the family dog store offered him any kind of baths, so WHEN I started providing him spray baths (since they doesn’t want to sit with water along with take the own.) There has to be something more We can do, besides seeing a new vet, or would it be serious He could me molting, or he would have mites as well as lice.That’s species specific therefore you and almost every other animals yet birds cannot be infected with it.Best to view a vet pertaining to exam as getting a diet program problem in order to.Misting him is a good idea.You can cover his cage in the evening with a white sheet and if you have little reddish colored … Continue reading

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Cockatiel Care Question?

Our bird attacks itself constantly and screams definitely loudly.Usually goes on for a couple of minutes then stops, but later on he starts up once more.I read that it is because he or she is not having enough focus.I will not really have the required time to invest with your ex boyfriend because my schedule is really jam packed…Is generally there anything I’ll do to get him to quit this (besides get another bird) and also am I gonna have reduce him I highly recommend you help.Thx. Give the pup more consideration.It is actually easy.Some things can be done without adding almost anything to your program: – get him going for walks around ones desk whenever you do homework – place him in your shoulder when you’re watching tv – consider him while in the shower by using you – complete the house work with him in your shoulder Just minor things that can make your ex feel like he is part on the family.If you ever cannot try this and not anyone else within your family can either, then he might require a brand new home but another bird genuinely helps this lonliness.I bought a better half for my … Continue reading

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