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Do my Geckos look alright?

I’ve 2 Leopard Geckos, someone and son, and seemed to be wondering in case anyone can tell my home if these types of 2 look healthy and also not This is my very first time that owning leos in addition to I’ve got my albino man for about a month now, and the other just one, which is usually my sister’s, for about YOUR FIVE days.They together are active and now have good appetites and so are fed daily.They will also be housed along, but fed separately, so there is absolutely no competition regarding food.I became also asking yourself if any one could tell me just what morph this smaller womans is (yellow 1 with brown lightly, black, and also white).I know my albino is a tremper.Please give me some feedback on whenever they appear nutritious or not inside your opinion, gives thanks! Chomper:http://www.stumbleupon.com/photos/66955006N06/6150993153/in/photostream Aphrodite:http://www.stumbleupon.com/photos/66955006N06/6151540978/in/photostream chomper looks as being a rainwater albino leopard gecko.Aphrodite is seen as a pattern a lesser amount of mixed by using something else.They Seem very healthy and balanced! PS THEY NEED GREAT CARROT TAILS! Expectation I aided! First coming from all you should never keep any female along with a male leopard gecko together inside … Continue reading

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Lepoard gecko getting really skinny what do i do?

We would first make sure your husbandry to guarantee you include everything suitable, like some sort of basking temp of 90 F situated to one side from the enclosure and readily available for 10 :12 hours daily, using some kind of substrate like textured ceramic tile, state rock, or repti-carpet rather then loose substrate just like sand (leos are liable to impaction from the gut), using calcium supplementation twice 7 days, and feeding a number of feeder bugs.Good staple pests are crickets, silk earthworms, phoenix earthworms, and different feeder roaches, similar to dubia, red-lobster, plus turkistan.Here’s a trusted guide intended for leos that you can browse via: http://herp-info.webs.com/leopardgecko.htm In case after solving and husbandry problems the leo’s desire for food doesn’t increase, or in case your husbandry will be correct and there is certainly really zero other reason the leo ought to be this approach, I could highly suggest that you find a reptile vet’s counselling asap.Here’s some good sites to help you find the reptile vet closest to you: http://www.herpvetconnection.com/ http://www.repticzone.com/articles/reptileveterinarians.html A few waxworms every now and then, feed your ex 2-3 7 days a prolonged with diet program of crickets as well as mealworms. After i was given … Continue reading

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Do leopard geckos have to eat alive crickets?

I would like to obtain a leopard gecko, but certainly not if Need to go to petsmart each day to get some crickets.Do some people eat food you merely buy off all a ledge like very little pellets or have to feast them still living insects They complete sell refined insects, or you possibly can buy stay (gut-loaded) crickets along with freeze them, but dwell ones usually are better, plus some leos won’t eat inactive insects. But you don’t need to look at Petsmart daily to obtain crickets.It is best to gutload crickets nonetheless, at least in the event you get these individuals from on internet land like Petsmart, resulting in you’ll have something to hold them around anyways, so you might as well get at least a week’s well worth at one particular go. Or you possibly can order crickets on the internet from somewhere like this:http://www.flukerfarms.com/crickets.aspx In order, you might breed your (random caresheet:http://www.anapsid.org/crickets.web coding ).Far more work, plus more initial launch cost, but it truly is cheaper overall. Nevertheless, if you’re gonna breed your individual, I propose roaches, including these:http://www.nyworms.com/dubiacare.htm, you may also buy these folks online, someplace like in this article:http://roachesrus.com/#roaches-for-sale Prior to get *any* furry … Continue reading

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Its been almost a month, and my leopard gecko is still kinda afraid of me when i handle it?

First of all, Leopard Geckos are usually personable.Hearing a Petsmart employee is merely asking to get trouble. Holding the Leopard Gecko needs to be done close to the ground to begin with.Never keep it ” up ” high any time it’s still getting used to anyone, as it might jump as well as injure itself.To get it, put your hand chiseled out, hands up, in front of your Leo.Slowly slide it underneath it’s prominent legs plus gently get it.Or allow it to sadly walk through to your hand.Don’t seize it through behind as well as above and never ever through the tail.Once it’s as part of your hand just allow it to walk around on your hands plus forearms pertaining to about 5-10 minutes the first week or perhaps so.Subsequently increase the actual holding time frame to 10-15 a matter of minutes for one more week plus just continue gradually improving it. I’ve 15 Leos at the moment.6 advisors being new borns and all of them are hand tame and they also climb through out me.The first not one but two, Zeus and Hera, we have had for just two years will sit on my shoulder blades and snooze, cuddled … Continue reading

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What age do leopard geckos stop growing?

I obtained my leos for a month previous in july, that they have grown, but are never as big because breeding adults we were looking at showing me inside shop managed to get them through.(They were not giants) they are now THREE months previous, and no way near seeing that big for the reason that others post saw.I understand they survive pretty extended, but i just wanted to understand when they’d be completely grown.:) Thought they would grow speedier than this for some reason! haha! How rapidly they grow depends upon a number of things.The amount of food and calcium they might get, temperature of their hot identify, living space and genetics.Most shall be fully become by in relation to 18 weeks though. Generally, around 18 weeks. Be sure to have them within a proper gas tank.You must have at VERY LEAST 15 gallons with regard to 2 analysts, but the 20 gallon extended tank is way better.1/3 in the bottom should be covered by way of heating sleeping pad affixed on the bottom with the tank.The substrate shouldn’t be loose.Especially with juveniles.Ensure that there’s the hide just one the hot side, and a hide within the cool area.Then a … Continue reading

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Is this leopard gecko morph unusual in the pet trade?

I attended Petco throughout Tampa, FL attempting to buy a leopard gecko.POST looked as well as saw your dark, smokey grey leopard gecko.She was a little older as well as a bit much larger then one other babies inside enclosure.I loved the uncommon coloring so I got myself her.I went on her home and your woman quickly changed into a very pale light peach colour.I was worried abt the colour change nonetheless was shared with that she was cold from the store this is why she was grey now there.She started itching last night (starting to help shed) which morning your girlfriend colors were a more dark yellow, in addition to purple, with the hint on the carrot butt.I know nancy a Murphy Patternless which includes a carrot tail.Is the following color unusual inside pet trade Not really.a massive amount people have crossed them with alternative traits. Carrot-Tail Murphy Patternless Mack Snowfall Murphy Patternless Murphy Patternless Bell Albino Murphy Patternless Tremper Albino Murphy Patternless Rainwater Banana Blizzard, which is a Murphy Patternless Blizzard I believe there is usually more work being done at their side too.They’re beautiful Leos although:).

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I want to get a reptile?

I need to acquire a reptile i could keep in my dorm living room.I am interested in something that will live within a relatively compact terrarium (preferably more verticle than horizontal tank) it is not very costly (I is able food but I would like to keep costs down approximately possible). house gecko brown lightly anole leopard gecko wonderful gecko crested gecko i’d suggest this leopard gecko they need no uv lights allowing it to be handled A crested gecko could be good. They are required a tank that is definitely taller than wide – preferably 20gallons pertaining to 1 gecko. They only need temp involving 65-80 degrees so that you would probably just have to have a reduced wattage within tank temperature mat for your colder months belonging to the year.They are able to live out of a powdered full diet so that you wouldn’t ought to feed insects in case you didn’t prefer to. Also hd need any kind of additional gentle source, standard daylight is fine. A crested gecko doesn’t need UVB, doesn’t really need to eat reside insects (Can live off of CGD that is certainly like infant food) as well as prefers a new vertical … Continue reading

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Where does Petco get their Leopard Geckos?

I acquired 2 Leopard Geckos via Petco within April, and I became just inquisitive what breeder/company some people get these people from.Gives thanks! Petco will buy their reptiles from your wholesaler who consequently buys from a breeder.The different districts (a compilation of stores within a particular area) have their very own contracts which includes a particular wholesaler.I realize the guy who appeared to be supplying this Petcos around my community.One model is they would obtain baby boa constrictors via breeders to get $35 every single.He will sell them to Petco regarding $75 every, and Petco will sell them for $159.99.Wholesalers normally buy leopard geckos for around five bucks an article.The Petco you got your geckos from won’t be capable to tell an individual the breeder since they don’t know, but they can tell everyone the name on the wholesaler, although lots of reluctant to do so because they want to buy from their store and not necessarily their supplier. I’m uncertain but leopard geckos ordered from family dog stores will never be healthy.I know from my own , personal experience.They carry a host of additional parasites compared to ones got from lizard breeders.Is the one you have dull or even … Continue reading

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My female leopard gecko looks pregnant but she’s only 8-9 months old. Is it possible she can be pregnant?

the male leopard gecko is actually 6yrs old. but theres an issue with him.my feminine takes food beyond his mouth area, but whats worse is the fact he may perhaps be dehydrated becuz with his butt became INCREDIBLY skinny…:( he don’t eat crickets and also im not sure if they are regurgitating his mealworms I’m VERY APPREHENSIVE!!!! im likely to bring both ones to the particular vet. Also i’m tiring for you to force him to take water..is the fact a terrible thing AND what can i do together with my female….. im likely to change the environment never to sand….but to a mossy habitat..or post keep fine sand on one side as well as moss within the other after many people mate it needs to be their characteristics to look after the eggs becuz their from your wild…would they be able to take care in their eggs as well as babies,, besides my family feeding and also helping my own female place her eggs for the reason that moist mossy area You probably should separate these individuals and maybe force supply your males gecko….and fine sand isn’t excellent for geckos because whenever they eat they will swallow sand which … Continue reading

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Was it ok to feed my leopard gecko this much?

WHEN I fed this leopard gecko 4 or 5 wax worms a day just to get a week to fatten the woman up a tad is the idea ok i fed your girlfriend that much I wouldn’t say it has the okay, I don’t believe that it is.I had to do in which, not FIVE to 5 a day but maybe Two to three a week to aid my gecko reach a great weight.She would eat anything else, so I had to wait until your woman would take crickets again.That procured about seven days. Wax worms became addicting to lizards.I think that’s why it took a while to have my gecko to be able to eat once more.It shall be a when until ones gecko might even touch the cricket, until your gecko is not as picky as excavation is. But I would say 5 to 5 VARIOUS worms a day should really fatten your current gecko ” up “.I don’t believe it was a decent idea.But which is just my opinion. I are unable to say whether that may be too very much or definitely not, because every gecko takes a different approach, and a few will eat more … Continue reading

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