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I just dropped my rabbit from about 4 feet onto tile floor.?

He looks fine, but I’m sure rabbits will not show their own pain.I’m sure if I notice everything odd within the next day or two to call up the vet, but there has to be anything We can do now My business is in full shock and feel bad.:( take it to the vet to be positive, look for change in behavior. Rabbits are a lot like small kittens, there’re fragile and also sometimes you should not show just about any pain.You might feed them some lettuce or another type of food the idea likes; along with just preserve it satisfied.Observe the best way it corners, the way it behaviors, and the way in which it acts when you play and also interact about it, and the amount food its eating in conjunction with how a lot water it’s drinking for the next SEVERAL days.When you see nearly anything change, and then call the particular vet; because you could have damaged anything.

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heres the thing, we are having combats with myself, because relating to good advantages for BOTH belonging to the animals. therefore, here my spouse and i go:D P.S.before you may answer, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NO TENDENCY ANSWERS.(e.he.vote for just one, because that is definitely the pet you’ve right currently.) i am going to be presenting 10 points to the best respond to, so, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU ANSWER!! fine, so, my personal whole complete life, relating to wanted some sort of kitten, but then i got somewhat brother, as well as i wasn’t allowed having one now days, because he / she was too little, and many of us don’t desire to stress away the kitten, so we didn’t get one –.- YET, now, my personal brother is 4, and i am aware he really do not have creatures, but, truly, my buddy has managed MANY creatures now, and we honestly wouldn’t consider him like a “normal toddler” since is is smarter as compared with most (he may answer VIRTUALLY ANY question anyone ask your ex, literally! ) regardless, he provides handled animals no more than hamsters, to be able to taming their own budgies! (YES, THEY tamed budgies! … Continue reading

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I have pet rat questions… please help!?

okay number 1…should post get puppy rats variety two…can i get boys, girls, or perhaps mixed range three…are you wanting should when i get and also number three…do they make great pets you need to and give thanks to you(: 1.Yes, definitely! COUPLE OF.I would get a couple boys.I’ve had each, and POST prefer greater cuddly rodents, and females tend to be more adventurous and also active.Both are sweet though, and yes it just is dependent upon your inclinations.You can’t fail either method! THREE OR MORE.AT LEAST two.They are doing much improved in twos.I’ve obtained 5 boys a single cage, SOME girls within another, and so really, as many as you could handle, on the same sex, in a new cage will be best.:) FOUR.They produce amazing animals.They are generally easy to coach, very fairly sweet, and highly intelligent bit of animals! I are unable to imagine my life without these people. POSITIVES: Smart Uncomplicated to train Litter train-able Friendly Rarely do you want find a new rat that will bites (out in the 30 and also so rodents I’ve have, I’ve simply been injured once) Can eat almost all anything (though a new lab hinder makes thte most effective … Continue reading

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Should i get a guinea pig , rat , hamster or gerbil ?

instant messaging 14 and i got wondering what pet post should receive.i you should not want one thing nocturnal, along with i can not have some thing that desires other domestic pets in it has the cage.concerning dogs, but post won’t go out with regard to its in a very ball therefore the dogs wont eat this or something.im fine with taking a poop, provided that theres not a bunch and i may play by using it everyday so that it wont find bored.i can be at a distance for school and when i go out on your weekend my partner and i always get someone for you to feed plus play having my pets.i heard guinnea pigs can can start a ball because it breaks presently there back, is this true beacause i need to rise out regarding its cage but it be capable of be in the ball.plz guide:’( I might say rodents. There’re smart seeing that dogs, thoroughly clean as kittens and cats, very caring, and bond utilizing owners.Most rats at ease with those hamsters balls…heck, even my own hamster didn’t enjoy it! The very first thing, though, is they *must* possibly be kept within atleast pairs, … Continue reading

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How do i get rid of mites on my rat?

not long ago i brought your rat originating from a pet shop, when managed to get her residence i observed that the lady was infested together with mites, what are some secure ways that wont hurt her to shed them Ivermectin is normally prescribed for mites while is Wave.Revolution likewise treats fleas along with lice.Advantage work extremely well for lice along with fleas.I shall provide you with further information around the above meds from the reputable rat site in addition to cheap sanitize this cage as well as accessories.Please take note, though, that you must use the KITTEN type of Emerging trend or Advantage smoking on rodents.(For your peacefulness I would verify the actual dosage with your exotic vet.) Also, for rats between YOUR FIVE weeks in addition to 4 many months, you must cut the dose inside half.Following please obtain the links using details: http://ratguide.com/meds/anti-infectives/ivermectin.php http://ratguide.com/meds/anti-infectives/selamectin_revolution.php http://ratguide.com/meds/anti-infectives/advantage.php http://www.rmca.org/Articles/bugs.htm You might have to repeat the dosing depending on what you utilize.With Revolution I used to be told to repeat with 2 several weeks and all over again in Thirty days for mites.The Spot-On instructions might be different, so talk with your vet. With regards to cleaning, diluted bleach successful to … Continue reading

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How do i get my mum to buy my these guinea pigs? i need to save them!!!?

ok so just simply b4 my own mum, my sister my sibling and I went along to this family dog shop and while my mum was wondering about these kind of kittens they were getting available i noticed these guinea pigs ONE adult dimension guinea pig what food was in this small tank for your fish it has been about 10cmW along with 25 cm L and he\she could possibly hardly move i got there with regard to about 10 minutes plus it didn’t move whatsoever, it decided not to even possess a house ( prob cuz them couldn’t fit) or even water the item had your bottle however no h2o it have have foodstuff that looks like the foods i supply my SEVERAL guinea pigs and there is also the following really weight but actually cute guinea pig ( them looked pregnant) around this white gp’s but it surely was in a bigger reservoir but nonetheless no water but experienced food, and earlier mentioned them TWO girls we were holding breeding guinea pig inside the store from the same size as the tank considering the 2 guinea pigs, i should get my mum to acquire them so we can … Continue reading

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My guinea pig has weird stuff on its fur. What do i do?

my own male brownish agouti guinea pig that is almost 1 year old maintains getting this particular white crusty things on their fur.We may not be sure if it’s a scab or even not It is definitely hard and also the only way to lose it is usually to cut them out nonetheless it keeps re-occurring.Also it is mostly around his tail but it did surface once a little higher in place.What could it be and just how do i treat it It appears like his grease gland is actually impacted, stroke a soothing cream with it to help soften it, let this set for about 3 hours.rinse with Johnson’s the baby shampoo, and try this ever Two to three days until eventually it starts to fix, if it does not heal after a few treatments take him in your vet to receive an antibiotic ointment to help remedy it along with. It is helpful to cut that hair associated with right about the affected identify, as the opposite hair typically covers the actual spot at any rate, it just clarifies that it’s easier for you to heal. Technically, guinea pigs do not own fur, they need hair.Kittens and cats … Continue reading

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My rat itches herself shes getting scabs?

Shes started only itching the woman’s neck a great deal and that started to set-up little scabs that got myself worried.Then MY PARTNER AND I noticed your woman was itching at all times all through her shape. Just what could WE do Will certainly bathing the woman’s help sooth this itches (i’m wanting to avoid visiting the vet and i haven’t much seen any kind of bugs at her.) she could possibly have fleas as well as mites.mites have become small and probably do be hard to see.but to treat this you possibly can spray her with frontline, which is a flea spray for puppies and pet cats.you could get it inside a spray bottle of wine or for a drop for that back on the neck, just receive the spray bottle as possible control the particular concentration along with amount you apply to. frontline is definitely safe to make use of for just about all animals apart from rabbits, in addition to i’ve made use of it upon my subjects before having success. it will eventually kill most fleas with every lifestyle stage all of which will kill many of the bugs which can be in the rats bedding … Continue reading

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How do i get hamster poop off his fur? HELP!?

the not wettail you will find poop mounted on his pores and skin.how do i get that off i possessed a hamster while using same issue.:l nonetheless ive observed your just designed to leave it and it also will wash it upwards for himself:) There’s little animal shampoo within pet stores.If you can’t find the idea, any which works intended for rabbits and also Kittens work at the same time.Warning:It has to be for kittens without for pet cats since kitten shampoos are even more delicate plus sensitive than cat shampoo. I’ve a prolonged haired Guinea Pig and the guy can get poop compacted in opposition to his pelt and epidermis too.WE use “Bunny Shower Shampoo” along with “Hartz” shampoos. Get a warm, soapless, and damp wash cloth.Hold it on to the “issue” just the summer minutes.That should work within loosening that up, then just wash it away. You can always wash him, try to be careful that you do not use an excess of force or even soap that might cause some sort of reaction! Lmao.

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Why don’t my rats play with anything?

These are very delighted and nutritious and operate around everyday, but these people just dont actually PLAY with anything I hand them over, like plainly put a jar or even cardboard bathroom rolls within their cage some people just neglect it, as well as shred the particular cardboard.Then when I require them released they just as to operate around, and in addition they don’t have fun with in tunnels WE make these folks or clamber on things I create them.Why don’t they discover how to play Bless you:D During level time the rats is the same.They prefer an extensive open space without having toys.Inside the cage they like playthings.Try applying for ramps plus replacing these with rising toys.Bring balance toys and games, a position to dig/burrow, what about a “pool”.Try several kinds of toys.It is best to find many they like. Shredding cardboard boxes IS enjoying.They love shredding points. As along with previous advice, its safe to say that subjects aren’t playful within the sense that puppies along with kittens are generally.They are extremely inquisitive and love exploring what is going on their ‘playing’.They like to chew cardboard, tissue, etc and like to climb in and out of heavy solid … Continue reading

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