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Question about my hamster?

Relating to a hamster plus iv possessed her intended for about A FEW months today, i gone into my personal room nowadays looked throughout her competition and post seen very little white baseballs all from the corner of her cage i was just question what these were some just one please support, im worried somethings wrong with her Could them be uric acid from your urine Hamsters are generally desert animals and get very centered urine.And in addition they like to always pee within the same next corner.Some people today put any container inside the peed throughout corner and also rinse it every single day to maintain odor down. Hmm…just like the other poster indicated, if jane is a long-haired hamster she is likely to be shedding.Usually, she may be doing a little something to the woman bedding inside a certain way.It might join in on her food or maybe she’s creating a digestion dilemma.Could everyone describe that balls just a little better I’m going to check to see when it’s edited later… ETA:That is certainly really unusual.I’ve never discovered anything like that.Maybe it’s virus of the actual kidneys.Perhaps there is certainly something within the urine that will solidifies…. OKAY, … Continue reading

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Is anyone familiar with bloating in hamsters?

I’ve truly had a lot of hamsters more than my time, and I realize serious bloating often develops shortly just before death.My personal little sweetie is definitely 2 many years old–senior, I know–and continues to be pretty sedentary but otherwise seeming rather comfortable in the past month.Suddenly she’s swollen up for a balloon, and I don’t know where to start.I’ve tried to deal with it when constipation with other old hamsters i always knew ended up near demise to apparently no influence, and POST wish there seemed to be something more I could do.I would love to even understand what’s happening with her today.Is it a growth Her kidneys Small intestinal blockage I have no clue.Any aid would truly be treasured. So remorseful to hear of your respective hamster.As this is a female POST suspect some sort of closed Pyometra.You can find two sorts of pyometra seen in the hamster.It comes with an open pyometra, plus a closed pyometra.Pyometra is often a condition on the womb in which the womb results in being infected.Sometimes it is caused by way of a bacterial illness or hormonal and also structural changes in the uterus cells lining.Pyometra is a condition that may affect … Continue reading

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Help on feeding baby common musk turtle?

This pellets i feed your ex boyfriend, i separate them within half nonetheless they sound hard regarding him to eat.He at some point does but it really looks dificult! For the initial 6 months of living, feed private pellets or maybe meaty foods for instance earthworms as well as fish as soon as daily, enough to diminish appetite but is not gorge the actual turtle.After The regular few months, switch to almost every other day serving.Romaine lettuce & additional leafy greens could possibly be offered daily for graze at will (if ones stinkpot is definitely an odd-ball & wants plants).As time passes adjust eating habits content & timetable accounting with regard to growth, hobby level & appetite.Overfeeding high-protein foods might cause rapid growth& is actually believed unhealthy for the liver & kidneys.Nevertheless, musk turtles dont surface as vulnerable to shell deformities (pyramiding) from over-feeding because basking turtles. try iced bloodworms available for sea food.they dethaw inside water while it eats them.they adore it!! may possibly also try frostbite brine shrimp also.it desire live waxworms feasted by tweezers. Try worms, fishes, and liver dusted within bone meals.Baby turtles need protein in addition to calcium with regard to proper progress.

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Can i give my iguana meel warms as a "treat"?

people at jacks fish tank where managed to get my iguana explained i no problem her mealtime warms to be a treat.does work or definitely not i dont want to hurt my own iguana and also anything around them lines Your iguana could die in the event you feed your girlfriend animal protein, first that kidneys can fail and she will go back fast.Iguanas are generally folivores and thus their diet regime mainly contain leaves instead of fruits or perhaps seeds.The iguana may be the only lizard this lives in trees and also feeds upon trees eating leaves, plants and berry.The iguana and also all true herbivorous lizards includes a hindgut lived on by bacteria qualified to digest the particular cellulose around plants.This is the guide for the complete diet that iguana should eat:http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php124-Iguana-Diet If POST were you We would not come back to this puppy store. Iguana’s is unable to have any type of meat! Quite a few eat, seem to be fine, along with the build way up kills these in old age.They are not able to have any kind of form, many owners with pet retail store recommendation are giving all of them dog and also cat … Continue reading

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Questions about budgie pellets?

just lately i started out giving the budgies pellets, and we followed this instructions around the packet and gave the item to these individuals as slushy wet nutrition with a pinch of seed inside it, and now there’re eating this fine without the seeds included in it, but when ever i attempt giving the item to them the conventional way, (dried, not prepared) they won’t eat this.i attempted adding natural pellets with all the prepared slushy stuff, but they won’t eat this.please guide. also just what difference may it make when the pellets are generally wet or perhaps dry furthermore when pellets usually are wet, how long should these people be away for prior to remove them Why are you feeding a person’s budgies pellets (I’m not trying to be aggressive, I’m curious) Budgies get survived for hundreds of thousands of many years eating seed starting.Budgies will be individuals, each will have a little bit different health needs, different tastes, and so they know what they want.They manage their health needs by eating approximately of particular seeds.By way of giving them pellets or mush, they’ve got no choice about just what exactly they feed on, and hd get in order … Continue reading

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Can i feed my pet parakeet ham?

i was sitting presently there eating a lunchable and i used to be thinking merely could supply my parakeet a few of the ham out of it.so can i feed your ex ham I would not, birds really should be fed any diet of any good top quality pellet, fresh new fruits, greens, and several seeds (not a lot because they’re high within fat).Lunchables ham is full of added salts and also preservatives and may even cause well being concerns around birds.Every once in awhile a small piece of lean chook (not fried or perhaps processed) is actually okay for a treat, but other than that, try to avoid meats. Birds while in the wild sometimes eat pesky insects, but that is a far cry through the fat, salt, and chemical packed beef we consume. Ham is way too salty for the bird.Will a new bite kill your canine friend Prob certainly not but its internal bodily organs are tiny when compared to a people & it can be difficult therefore to their kidneys to deal w the high content level of salt, not to say preservatives.It truly is okay to feed unseasoned chook or poultry or scrambled or perhaps … Continue reading

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What happened to my dog ? Please HELP?

I’ve a grifon-kanis 11 yoa.Just an hour ago he screamed (like when we step on their foot, kind connected with scream)…to get a week We can hear him crying sometimes in the night.In addition he includes some seizures as well as he doesnt feel well he genuinely looks concerned. I love him so much I hope there is nothing wrong with him…WE cannot prevent crying! Please Help You is really take your canine to the vet.Imagine your dog as you would the mother, father, brother, cousin.Just anyone you’re keen on sooo significantly.You may not want these people to go through, and your canine is CLEARLY in soreness.So i highly recommend you love & look after your doggie & rise to the particular Vet straight away.Its really the only way to be able to tell whats wrong together with your dog & the sole WAY TO RENOVATE IT! Please step from the yahoo & take your bit of angel to appear.Bless you & i really hope your doggy gets effectively. I could really talk to a veterinarian.There are plenty of things that may be going with.Neurological issues come to mind when people mention seizures and also crying out there like he … Continue reading

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Why is my yorkie peeing so much?

Lately my 6 year old yorkie i adopted 2 weeks ago Pees regarding 6 periods in a while. The lady never work with to it’s only transpiring now..Jane is not spayed could this be indicative of her coming in heat Dogs will certainly urinate more when they are being received by heat, sure. At the risk of repeating (loads with excessive peeing questions currently! )…..have people considered no matter if she may have picked way up a urinary area infaction Collect a test of the woman urine and possess it analysed by simply your vet who will surely have to examine the woman too.That’s way too much peeing occurring, and may indicate she’s maybe cystitis.Doubtless she’s been in warmth, with you, before – did she try this when being released in previously And once you take your ex in to be seen by your vet, you could start to book her inside be spayed far too – this should have been done rice, but it’s still possibly not too the later part of! While she is cycling, she is prone to picking in place a uterine illness too (when around season she’s available to just about any infection planning, especially … Continue reading

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How much dog food should I feed my dog?

Concerning decided in order to switch our 75 single pound GSD that will Orijen doggie food as she’s allergic in order to grains.She is an extremely lazy canine (no where near fat however, she is a good weight), doesn’t get very much exercise with the exception of playing get.So the question is the number of cups every day should the lady be ingesting of Orijen considering she’s extremely sluggish and Orijen is definitely high protein..would COUPLE OF cups be sufficient (She is on Kirkland plus I no problem her 3 OR MORE cups every day, but Orijen is much higher in protein and grain free) Thanks Try 3 1/4 cups daily. Too poor you decided not to choose Cookie’s very good answer.It is crucial to adjust from your bag as needed, view http://www.longliveyourdog.com/twoplus/RateYourDog.aspx Go through the information about the bag associated with food at first and in case you see the dog gaining too much weight simply reduce 1/2 a new cup at the moment until your weight stabilizes where you would like it to become. It’s not necessary to say how old doggy is, just in case over 8 years, a excessive protein diet are sometimes little hard about … Continue reading

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Raw Chicken Gizzards? ……….?

Would it be okay in order to feed the Chihuahua’s I am roasting a new chicken intended for dinner & usually the complete chickens i always buy would not have the innards at the same time.This you did….usually are gizzards fine….I’m really sure there’re, but desired the information from an individual all.:) Wont harm them, but may upset his or her stomachs if they could be recycled used to be able to them. MY PARTNER AND I gave the dogs natural beef ribs, which ladies loved, but there seems to be some runny pooh for a day. If you feed natural then it truly is okay and if you feed regular food I might suggest you cook the idea first. Your pet dog may have the diarrhea from that because the particular meat will be rich like liver, soul, kidneys, etc since the meat is usually an organ meat and yes it has much protein so I might suggest a person give your pet a tiny piece in addition to save others for future. ANY natural meat anyone buy with your grocery shop is very good to feed your pet unless the way to enhanced (over 100mg sodium per serving).If … Continue reading

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