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Guinea pig help??????????????

Relating to a paper shredder and I was wondering wich one would be superior for bed linens Shreeded paper (from a paper shredder) or even pine bed (from residing world) Please never suggest everything else.And also which kind of fruites along with veggies could guinea pigs consume.Any different personal encounter is nice Thx Pine shavings is going to be much far more absorbent as compared to paper, you will probably here lots of people say not to ever use these individuals, however, they simply do not have proper data.I have used pinus radiata shavings for 32 years and have not acquired any difficulties from utilizing them. One of the best veggies to help feed your guinea pig tend to be kale, romaine lettuce, switzerland chard, dandelion veggies, parsley, reddish and eco-friendly bell peppers. Fruit must only possibly be fed every 3 days like a treat only while it is to high around sugar being good for ones guinea pig As long because the pine is actually kiln-dried, it ought to be fine.:) In the event the shredded documents is write off white duplicate paper (which We have used many many times), that is fine, way too! My personal guinea pigs … Continue reading

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Do guinea pigs make alot of noise at night?

We are getting one particular guinea pig and I would like to set it inside my living room.Do they will make alot of noise in the evening Like will they begin making noises at 2 every day I know they’re not nocturnal. Thx It is combining properly training them plus giving them what they are required when they want it plus getting work with to them exactly like you get use on the trash male when he acquire the trash every week.When they begin to acquire the trash at 3 every day it is often a big issue to your account and everyone swear most effective for you the end of this life, even so, in 3 months you do not even listen to them, suitable. With guinea pigs I have found when you give these folks some loving right before bed occasion and give them away part of their greens they’ll likely will sleep during the night.I allow mine 2/3rds cup every day and 1/2 mug of kale from bed occasion, the kale just helps them sleep for some reason.If they just don’t sleep they may at smallest be peaceful and snack at their own pellets and still have … Continue reading

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How to care guinea pigs without guinea pig pellets?

I will be living from a village and their is only some pet store and I bought two guinea pigs via an fish tank shop.Nevertheless, I researched in many sites plus they all declare guinea pigs need guinea pig pellets as they contain nutritional C and various important issues.Do you would imagine my guinea pig could survive I hand them over lots connected with green items like two banana leaves a day, a carrot/tomato, Type grass, and many small shrubs.They under no circumstances get hungry just in case so they will make some seems like boooiii, booooiiiiiii.It truly is interesting for you to hear. Thus, will people suggest some food items that can certainly replace pellets Furthermore, can POST give cows pellets in order to guinea pigsI am coping with a small town, so it’s not easy to obtain guinea pig pellets. guinea pigs have unlimited hay, and unique vegetables daily, carrots in addition to tomatoes need to only end up being fed once or twice a full week as should fruits. my partner and i dont believe banana finds are safe and sound for piggies to eat, my partner and i wouldnt feed shrubs often. try things like, bell … Continue reading

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Should i feed my guinea pigs a variety of vegetables everyday?

Must i need to provide my guinea pigs several different vegetables everyday like bell peppers lettuce pumpkin etc or will i just impart them with a several leaves involving romaine lettuce why not a carrot and also pellets as well as hay.Could post rotate like many different veggies one day and the subsequent just lettuce You want to feed your current guinea pig 1/2 to 1 pot of darker green leafy greens daily including kale, romaine lettuce, parsley, dandelion green veggies, swiss chard, eco-friendly and purple ball peppers.It is usually best to present a mix of veggies so they really get a good mix connected with vitamin in addition to minerals and will not chose to pick out a favorite after which not want the others.The you person that claimes as a per save worker does develop the knowledge of the pet retailer worker, what is going on usually drastically wrong, when your lover said not to ever feed vegetable plants daily, guinea pigs Must have their green veggies daily or they can develop numerous illness just do that will Vitamin C lacking, and this can be a very bad along with painful occasion for these individuals. Fruit need to … Continue reading

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How Often Should I Feed my Guinea Pig?

MY SPOUSE AND I feed the pup everyday at the time of right at this point, but they buries his or her food throughout the cage in addition to whenever post clean the idea there’s like half a bag of food throughout his bed.Should WE be serving him fewer since he has been hiding a lot of his food You have to feed a person’s guinea pig as follows: We’ve never heard about a guinea pig disappearing pellets, that is certainly way in order to funny, I might simply maintain cage nice clean and feed your pet properly and I believe he does away with hiding thier food because 1 when called he’ll not want it as well as 2 as soon as he goes read a hide it won’t be there, so he will simply stop having to hide foodstuff as it is usually in his bowl. Unlimited pellets which may have 18% protein including a high amount of Vitamin C without any nuts, seeds or alternative colored goods in them. Unlimited hay as much as 6 months it ought to be alfalfa the way it is increased in protein along with calcium and helps these through their growth … Continue reading

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What fresh vegetables can I put in my gerbils cage?

Gerbils eat a variety of foods.They could eat lettuce, carrots, peas, corn, nuts, broccoli, asparagus Cucumber, Zucchini, Bell Pepper, Green Beans and many more.These are all wholesome for gerbils.Usually do not be surprised should your gerbils may not eat these types of foods on top of.Try these kind of foods, they could like all of them. http://camanju.hubpages.com/hub/All-About-Gerbils-Care-For-Your-Gerbils-Diet I helpful to own the gerbil nevertheless now concerning 4 guinea pigs each of them like essentially the identical stuff.Carrots is a great handle but, a day-to-day lettuce leaf will be surprisingly excellent for them with lots of vitamins.be sure to cut up the foodstuff for them all around health have smaller mouths along with teeth therefore it is complicated for all of them to have. :-p Brocolli, Carrot, Cauliflower (leaves in addition to stalks), Parsley, Kale.Be sure to wash each of its take it easy thoroughly.They also love raisins, nuts (not huge in fat), small amount of scrambled egg, whole materials bread -toasted).All the best.

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My Guinea Pig is FAT I need a diet meal fro her?

this guinea pig is definitely almost 4 years old and is usually kinda like We’d say fat.i intent to make her last couple of years her finest so i’d like a diet plan mean to get her.Come on , man i supply her meals like Two times a daytime.I good her quite a few treat too her favorite is celery.Is also there almost any vitimins I ought to be giving your girlfriend.please help Feed the guinea pig since follows” Unlimited guinea pig pellets which may have 18% protein along with Vitamin C with no nuts, seeds or alternative crunchy material in these folks. Endless hay, timothy, orchard grass, or what good turf hay you can get at your own local Give and Seed store, this is where your Community farmers purchase and anything is a lot fresher and is particularly at the very least 1/10th the purchase price you might pay in the pet save. 1.2 to be able to 1 cup of bluish green leafy veggies just like kale, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, mustard greens, swiss chard, parsley, red and environmentally friendly bell peppers.a mix of these kind of fed daily provides all the fresh Vitamin C she will … Continue reading

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Guinea Pig Cage Theme: Garden vs. Pink?

I am getting COUPLE OF guinea pigs next week, and it can be time to begin with decorating their particular cage! It is just a 3 degree 1×3 C&C ring, so it results in about EIGHT.5 sq feet, the requirements of TWO guinea pigs as outlined by guineapigcages.com (I have also had piggies before- I know how to take care advisors, etc). That chloroplast is black:p but I’ll decorate that, etc so it matters not. I’m organization either a new pink concept or a new garden design.The gender in the pigs continues to unknown since I’m using, but MY PARTNER AND I don’t care only have boys with a pink topic, or anything like this. So:Garden topic (Accessories= flowery, baby colors, nature-inspired, outdoorsy, flower things) OR MAYBE Pink motif:(Accessories= pink and hues around this category, cupcakes, a lot more pink) i agree with the fact, garden would be really hip! all ones piggies produce would fit in! you might stuff lavatory paper tubes along with kale (or a thing green) and also stand it up therefore its for instance an edible tree! All the best! Guinea pigs usually are not climbers, are people so guaranteed a 3 OR MORE level … Continue reading

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I have a Russian dwalf hamster and my problem is his eating?

Intravenous had your ex for regarding 9 months so when I first got the woman she cherished sunflower seed concise where MY PARTNER AND I gave her lots of she ditched almost all other foodstuff and merely ate exactly what I utilized as sweets, it’s now concise that’s most of she takes, with the particular acasional fanatic, this can be a poor diet for the woman’s and she’s now acquiring fat, your woman refuses alternative foods, what am i allowed to do or could it be concise of no return. My hamster did the identical, well pretty much.In any hamster’s food they have got those dark-colored seeds, so WE took them after which you can I would likely give the idea to him as being a “treat” and not really nevertheless, and there after he only started eating it.So WHEN I took his / her bowl in addition to put corns and no black seeds why not a couple but not alot.I did that with regard to about per week, and he went back to natural.He going eating other things and yeaah.Look at that (:If this doesnt work look at a vet.And see what they are able to do (: … Continue reading

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Whats wrong with my hamster!!!?

ok so just lately (maybe within the last 4 days) my hamster is actually sleeping a tremendous amount, i couldn’t see her appear of your girlfriend little igloo, the girl wasnt ingesting or consuming, i got worried consequently i woke your girlfriend up.we placed your sun plants seed around her encounter, and your woman ate it, then she saw many of the food within her holder and went along to eat, most of the time she stuffs her food plus hoards that but lately all your woman does can be sleep, today my partner and i put a piece of writing pear in her parrot cage and woke her up, she consumed it nevertheless after one or two bites she went back to get to sleep, she is losing hair and pounds!!!! is she likely to dieis them her time concerning had her for TWO 1/4 years now i am getting worried, answer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! Your hamster is growing old that’s all.One month for the hamster is similar to about 12 months, so if you believe about them, she’s through 30 years of age.People commence to slow straight down.Hamsters commence to slow along.It’s a part of life.You are … Continue reading

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