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My hamster is pooping out red stuff?

your lady was participating in in your girlfriend ball as well as i left for go make sure her and there seems to be tons associated with poop and a variety of them were crimson.they appeared as if little signs.but the lady doesnt own red nutrition! whats inappropriate with her My hamster has treats that are small red been lost berries.They really favors them, nevertheless it never converts his waste material red. It may possibly be maintain of a number of form (maybe solidified) and ought to see any vet QUICKLY. In addition to that, watch the woman behavior.She is eating plus drinking, suitable She’s active and has got human interaction Make sure her nutrition isn’t red, though. Check out this how does a person see with any belonging to the descriptions match up your hamsters indications: http://www.caringtogether.com/exotics/hamsters3.html Red poop could possibly be from nutrition coloring while in the food, but while you said NONE belonging to the food is definitely red, that’s not it. If if it isn’t just nutrition coloring, and is particularly blood, this is a very critical issue.Hamsters own sensitive digestive tracts and it doesn’t receive much to cause a problem.How is the consistency belonging to … Continue reading

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How to taim my african grey?

They trusts my home enough now to get him outside his parrot cage and always be in our room and be near him but if i try to complete something including put our hands to be able to pet your pet he presents a threat to mouthful he will not likely bite easily go for step up and he won’t well then , i’ll try to touch his back in any way so WE stopped try and pet him and today trying treats but has everyone Idk precisely what else to complete but he is eight year or so old along with little human interaction til these days he had a good deal when he was a new baby although not after 3 years old until eventually now Idk just what exactly else to try and do please help Sounds such as you’ve done an outstanding job doing establishing your trusting bond along with your grey! Truly do know that greys aren’t the cuddliest connected with birds, so he will possibly not enjoy chafes or petting.My grey doesn’t such as either of which, but she’s happy to sit by using me or on us and play.Just cool off slightly, stop … Continue reading

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