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What’s Wrong With my Hamster!?!?

He is really overweight and he hasn’t been like this specific yesterday! He’s twice the size and style he appeared to be yesterday! He’s your boy in addition to I do not own another hamster so he’s definitely not pregnant! Is he about to die!! You need to help! Okay, well first thing to complete is remain calm.That you do not want to pick him up excessive, it might stress him out over you’d consider.Number a couple of, I suggest looking for new meals.I employ a feeling, and this is just an supposition, that maybe you have a foodstuff with lots of fattening foods inside.Sunflower seeds and hazelnuts, though while wonderful for humans, should only receive as a treat to hamsters.When you have food with a great deal of nuts, seeds, and corn flakes, I suggest enjoying a food such as “Kaytee Forti-Diet Seasoned Health Rat & Sensitive mouse Food”.Getting older have signs or whatever, so you possibly can supplement this with additional foods.Another point is he certainly will not die.Providing you be certain he features a healthy eating habits, and he arrives to training everyday, your son are going to be fine:D Or you could feed him or her … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my gerbils?

Right now I went to their tank to discover one away from four involving my gerbils looks like she seemed to be bleeding in the neck i took your girlfriend out as well as chunks of fur was missing the girl doesnt own bugs while i looked yet scabs.her your decide one other features similar scabs.they all snuggle so they really cant own bugs Is it possible they will be fighting with one another and i just now noticed they are scratching They are all almost a year old.and some people been together for a long time.is the two sick or perhaps what Take them to some vet immanently.That may be a ailment or rash. Go quickly to the health within your gerbils.

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Is it a good idea to get a companion for my shy rat?

Our female rat was given to me by the cousin; I’m unsure of her age, since the lady was bought originating from a dubious family dog store, but Allow me to at very least tell she’s not quite young nor earliest pens.She’s always been really nervous, jumpy along with shy; for that first few weeks of getting her, she spent each of her time hiding, just in case she was from hiding she’d literally run away as quick as she could for the mere seem of another person opening your door.She has also delicate to respiratory problems, like almost all rats; when burned out, she wheezes, which makes me are convinced even even though I taken care of her in period to get rid of the likely mycoplasma contamination she came in my experience with, perhaps it will have scarred the woman lungs. I have been considering obtaining her your female companion since I’ve read this rats tend to be happier, healthier and all about better off when they have one or more more of their own kind.Nevertheless, my mother is resistant towards idea, telling me that my rat will get rid of trusting us if she’s another rat to … Continue reading

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Does my rat have respiratory disease?!?!?

I just now got any male expensive rat from Petsmart related to two a short time ago.I got him dwelling and he has been sneezing since then.I asked folks at the actual store only could utilize pine bed linens, and they will said good, but I looked on-line when this individual started sneezing, and they said that it wasn’t good, so POST changed that within two hours (had running back towards store once the kids acquired home from school.) Do not hassle me about the bedding.I’ve proper bed, and flushed out that cage in advance of placing him back it.What worries me is the fact today, he’s been making squeaking noises and nevertheless sneezing tons.He’s however very productive, drinking okay and consuming up any storm, furthermore, *gross warning* his or her poo is normal seeking, not runny or even sickly.I thought it could be allergies, so POST sat along with him inside bathroom along with steamed the item up a tad to hopefully solve his sinuses.Your dog was nonetheless making a good occassional squeak, and sneezing, but it’s calmed along now.I also put any bowl of water by cage in order to humidify the environment near your pet.Is there whatever … Continue reading

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Hamster sick i don’t know?

This hamster is normal to get about 4 days in that case doesn’t wish to move, your lover keeps in contact her nasal, her ab in and out, n the lady looks pretty sick after which later that day your woman gets typical again, idk whats transpiring, she’s definitely quiet she’s always also been, and your woman made pressing noises, and also she seemed to be sticking the woman’s mouth out and managing anxiously in her eye was sealed, right these days she was doing it again, and running all over the bed after which you can on your girlfriend wheel, d then stop! and beginner sitting right now there in her position, i recall she starts to remain her go in as well as out from a jerking job, can a person help me I’ve never discovered a hamster acting like that.And I do not think it has anything related to her going into heat.I have had THREE OR MORE female hamsters in addition to none of them have actually acted with this, ever, when going into heat. Or maybe she is definitely sick and there’s something wrong, your very best bet is usually to take her to somewhat … Continue reading

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What is the first accessory i should buy for a guinea pig?

we’ve a hideaway regarding him plus whats the next thing to help buy another guinea pig, nutrition and waters, and storage units for these individuals, obviously.have a look at this web site:www.guineapigcages.com you ought to buy probably their cages but consider the low-cost alternatives.endless timothy hay.our guinea pigs like tunnels, you may buy some at your house depot or perhaps something. You really should have bought these individuals at at the same time, you’ll have another Guinea Pig all around health get unhappy, adopt one from http://www.petfinder.com/ You will require a foodstuff dish, nutrition, a waters bottle, a sizable cage, Vita Drops that you just put around his mineral water, chews that will file lower their the teeth, and kitty. something difficult for all of them to eat on, maybe a nibbler keep to or your wooden tunnel.

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Why is my Hamster clucking?

Truly had my own Dwarf for a little spanning a month these days and the girl hasn’t made any industrial noise. Nowadays, I went inside check at her and she has been clucking around her slumber.I written to her to be sure she seemed to be okay, and your lover got upward and walked around a bit, still clucking a good deal. Why can be she clucking each of a sudden My hamster employed to this all the time, Its absolutely normal these are just running their teeth all around health constant mature.

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My female hamster is overweight?

Therefore, my womans hamster is 12 months, and 8 months outdated.I love her that will bits and Personally i think so detrimental to letting your ex get heavy.I give her a great deal of seeds as well as cereal daily which WE realise ever since seeds usually are unhealthy in case eaten in order to much.I didn’t understand that, anyway shes possibly not lethargic or maybe anything, the girl eyes are generally bright and also clear plus she still has most her tresses.She extends on your ex wheel similar to 20 minutes every evening, maybe a lesser amount of.So she’s not to ever obese to never manage to function.We are just wondering if this will shorten the woman life, and ways to get her to not win weight immediately.I hope that we can get her to shed weight immediately so the lady doesn’t die owing to being any tad over weight.I hope you are aware of that this wasn’t deliberate, I really like my hamster along with want the best for the girl.So any flight ticket get the woman to slim down How fast it will take, and if it can lengthen her expected life.Thanks for those your aid! Reduce … Continue reading

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How can I help my guinea pig to die peacefully?

; ( jane is dying…I really believe she can be I’ll…Shes very weak…Your lover can even now breathe, take water, and stroll ( not very well though) will she include any hope of making it through Be genuine please…I’m rather than sure if she is I’ll your lady just SEEMS ill… You enjoy a sick pig and it might be too late to save her.You need to get guinea pigs with a guinea pig intelligent vet once they look the lowest amount of little tiny bit off or it’s often far too late.Make sure you get her towards vet SHORTLY.He or even she is able to tell you if there is hope and also humanly euthanize her if there is not Did that ever dawn on you to create a sick pet, yes actually a guinea pig with a vet This can be just what individuals do.You provide what on earth is necessary for any health in addition to welfare for your pets, you only don’t play along when these are well plus say “Oh Darn it really is sick now” and turn ones back upon it.You rise to a great exotic vet asap as they way you are talking … Continue reading

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How do i get my guinea pig to trust me?

concerning had these types of three guinea pigs pertaining to just on the year now and in addition they just wont i want to pick them up.it appears really bad next time i have close friends over all around health are keen to pick them up but they try to escape into their house.i feed them effectively and ensure that they also have hay and fresh water.Im not gonna hide nearly anything so i can say that i cant afford a huge enough cage them to would like nevertheless the once they’ve got now can be a decent measurement.i want and therefore take them from the cage for them to run around for a time and also in order that i may clean it in a very hygienic way.please tell me how i’ll get all of them to have confidence in me. usman just pursue them throughout the cage until you pick up one, the simply way they will let you hold these people is when they see this being held is a good thing.Once you’ve them, give them a delicacy that people dont give them any different time (maybe cucumber) so that they associate this kind of special take … Continue reading

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