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Is it ok to feed my hamster Rachel Ray chicken dog food naturals as a treat?

Like one piece 1 week about the size of some sort of dime (to guide ware affordable her teeth) Yes, that’s fine.Rodents like hamsters and rats can easily eat the majority of foods provided that they are certainly not processed and/or contains sugar and such.I supply my subjects and hamsters meat and puppy treats everyday and many people love the item. yes, my partner and i feed our hamster anything including chocolates doesn’t harmed her. no give the hamster bird.they will be vegetarian.allow it some sort of baby carrot. Why don’t you use some sort of wood stop or a type of things and purchase them at the pet store instead _.

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What to buy first when you’re getting a hamster?

I do think I’m finding a hamster soon and I merely wondered what should i buy first I understand that the hamster ought to be on the bottom of my grocery list. -The cage.It needs to have at lowest 360 block inches connected with space that’s exactly a new 20 gallon much time tank (not tall).If you can not want to getting a tank, you can create a pile cage.These are generally really low-cost and simple to make:http://www.hamstercentral.com/wiki/How_to_make_a_custom_bin_cage! For your tank, you will need a mesh grid to the top, to assure that that hamster gets ventilation. -Food.Diet is important for a healthy hamster.You have to make sure you possess a seed mix and a pellet.Seed mixes are high throughout fat in addition to doesn’t have got much nutrients that your hamster desires, so you have got to supplement the particular seeds which includes a good form of pellets.Make certain both from the brands a person buy for that seed mixture and pellets are built for hamsters.You may as well feed vegetable plants or mealworms, and so on, once in a while.http://www.pethamsters.corp.uk/foods.html Just be sure you either employ a water pan or bottle.Bowls will be more natural for a hamster, … Continue reading

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How do I take care of my hamster?

I need to getting a white winter weather hamster.I have some tips of easy methods to take care of them.I highly recommend you help.I’m picking optimum solution.Also, must i get your boy or a girl.If it’s actually a boy I’m about to name that Cheeko if it’s her, I’m going to name this Cheeka.Another things related to hamsters you’ll be able to put for you to. Thanks ahead of time! Great choice to getting a hamster (:Relating to a Syrian WE juss love her to be able to death.Anyway, Emily ended up being completely correct with every thing she explained so actually there isnt greatly for me to share with you rather than listen to be able to her.And I really like those 3 name suggestions I practically named this hammy (a girl) Chica.**but they’re spelled Chico and also Chica** ahhah (:Any-who, anticipation I helped!! EDIT- do not get pine or cedar bed linens get carefresh mega or carefresh colorations thats the most effective kind.if you don’t want a person’s little hammy to help die.which will be extremely messed upward. My brother carries a winter white-colored dwarf hamster, I expect that is what you are talking with regards to. The … Continue reading

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How to care for dwarf hamster babies?

One among my dwarf hamsters (I possess 2 females) possessed babies (I imagine it acquired pregnant along at the store).Can anyone guys generally tell my family everything there’s to realize like how to care regarding them How many weeks right until I intercourse and distinct the boys from girls When will i sex all of them (I consider the males have 2 holes that are pretty significantly apart, and the females own 2 holes also but these are very near together) And it is there any type of special food I ought to feed the actual mother And when will i wean these individuals and intercourse them and also stuff Thanks a lot. Things You will Need * Thoroughly clean bedding for that nest * Syringe as well as dropper just in case mother rejects the particular babies * Powdered milk just in case the mother rejects the particular babies. * Food for that dwarf hamster mother JUST ONE. * 1 Let the particular mother with the baby dwarf hamster handle the babies without any outside disturbance.Make certain the mommy dwarf hamster has enough food in addition to water in order that she could produce milk with the new newborn … Continue reading

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Help. Tesco brand hamster food!?

My best mate recently decided to buy Tesco Brand name hamster nutrition then final night your woman topped that off and this early morning one was dead after that she got a telephone from the girl dad mid-day saying additional was deceased too.Could the following be the food or simply just cowinkydink Have the food tested by way of a vet because 2 hamsters do not really die together like that will being fed from the same bundle of foodstuff.Go to your local vet, tell these folks what happened and have them view the food in your case. My Hamster consumes Tesco Make Hamster foods and possesses being completing this task for months he could be perfectly fine You can find more chanced the hamster experienced an ilness I believe it is a cowinkydink.

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Feeding Cost of mice, gerbils, hamster per month?

My business is interested around getting whether couple mice, a few gerbils, or one particular hamster therefore when you have one or over of most of these pets would you give me an idea on the feeding charge per month Thanks! I possess 4 rodents.So we cant definitely say in regards to the others although for rodents i commonly spend concerning.20 money every TWO – ONLY TWO 1/2 several weeks.And that’s after i buy snacks at the same time.I’ll as well suggest the best website you’ll be able to examine if ones really serious about mice.Its totally free to register and once you register you’ll be able to ask countless questions when you like from the forum. http://www.thefunmouse.com/index.cfm Expectation this allows:) well a new bag of food should last you brand new, but you will need to get these individuals new games, treats & bedding, so it is really around $25 30 days for my family, i have got one hamster:) I receive my hamster food at family pet supplies plus or petco.WHEN I get atleast 32 ounce.Of foods for this hamster.This lasts really long since they dont take much.This only costed 10$ at petco.Expectation this helped you maybe $3.00 … Continue reading

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Please help me with hamster! BEST ANSWER 5 stars!?

ARH!!! Thought about dont understand if the hamster still is often tamed.Jane is around ELEVEN month old to some year older.But I tried the hands in the beginning and eventually left it with cage this sniff next bite.So currently after EIGHT months post started while using the GLOVE.So it is been 30 days of undergoing it.the initial 4 instances i eventually left hamster food all over the middle with GLOVE.And the hamster do accept the foodstuff.and solely bite somewhat.But it did not hurt. The particular 5th time period, i remaining food again on glove, then immediately, she mouthful the baseball glove…then cannot accept the foodstuff.She continued biting but it was similar to she just bites and definately will not release forever, until i shook it slightly. Now your 6th period in A week, i thought he would use each and every hamster’s the majority of favourite cure, yoghurt drops.So this time the hamster to start with got on to my glove i was wearing, then took a compact piece belonging to the treat.it got there are various glove along with ate your treat somewhere inside the tank.then my partner and i took a tiny bit on the treat all over … Continue reading

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Why does my hamster attack the food in his food bowl?

As soon as he climbs straight into his foodstuff bowl, this individual starts softly eating, then your dog starts “digging” and also the food jigs everywhere along with I dont understand why he’s doing the work! I’ve discovered when they sits throughout he appears to be a spherical ball involving fluff very..what CAN BE he executing:L …………..he or she is being a hamster. He will that mainly because hamsters are usually AWESOME. Mine would that very. It really is normal.

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Can i give my hamster a walnut?

We’ve a walnut woods and has been wondering plainly could no problem her one Your hamster want it! I feasted them in order to my hamster a lot because we certainly have a woods too.just create shure u take this shell away and will not give her many a time.For more info .on hamster food check out the site below: http://www.hamsterific.com/hamsteruniversity/foodlist.html Yep! Regarding to crack heli-copter flight shell and you also won’t need to worry about the germs as well as bacteria cause it had been protected through the shell! if anyone take that hard covering off subsequently your hammy may love this! you dont need to worry regarding any contamination to the nut cus the protected through the shell.Get pleasure from! Yeah! You ought to probably crack the covering though…She will love it! yup.

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Hamster cossst???((::?

The amount of in overall will the idea cost to own a hamster.No I’m certainly not taking my personal hamster into the vet.If only it’s strong cause MY SPOUSE AND I don’t obtain that sort of money. I feel like getting EXTRA helpfull currently, so im gonna leave petsmart links, and help you with a list! (remember, these things might cost slightly to get the best, nevertheless , you can recycle it right after your first hamster goes) First you require the cage a good example of something make sure you get is that this:http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=4470991 It doesnt end up being exactly this particular, but incase you dont would like to buy the tank, you should get a little something with small to zero tubes, blastic bottom part, and ensure that the hamster wouldnt possibly be walking on bars.it hurts their particular feet.Essentially the most id spend can be about…20-40 cash. Second you require the bedding. Usually do not use cedar and also pine.even though cedar reduces the aroma (witch you can’t get in the event u fresh the cage enough..) work with carefresh or aspen.post use aspen.the retail price ranges. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2755138 POST spend about…..5 dollars over a bag that lasts … Continue reading

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