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Is it ok to put a mini towel in my hamster’s cage?

I don’t know too much about hamsters, in case your towel was crafted from cotton or other natual materials like hemp, I think it might be good for your cozy spot to sleeping on.Find out if the hampster can be eating the idea, then you might want to check with with a vett. I individually wouldn’t mainly because if there is a line that’s wayward, or it is just a fuzzy bath towel, they’ll have a shot at at feed on it, that could cause stomach/intestinal blockages. Only unless you mind this getting smelly as well as dirty.Ensure that the hamster would not eat the idea, though. I assume it might be a truck bed of many sort.But hamsters tube themselves in to the bedding plus sleep.Or maybe mine managed…:P What would be your purpose associated with it yes.

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Do hamsters die easy?

ive been contemplating getting your hamster along with im curious about.do these people die easy while you first obtain them.and is he / she fun As long since you handle them correctly, and really don’t by one who is sick to begin with (so don’t buy from puppy shops), most of them live 2-3 ages. -Make sure it’s not necessary to use pine or cedar bed linen.They have harmful phenols in which harm this respiratory system all of which will significantly lessen the hamster’s life span.Use unscented Cedar or maybe Carefresh (but not really carefresh primary, which has pine along with cedar with it). -Don’t feast low-qaulity foods such as the Kaytee line of foods.Each best food are Carefresh Finish and Hazel Hamster (called Harry Hamster using some places). -Get a huge enough wire dog crate.Something with no less than 360 sq .inches (multiply length of put faitth on times size of base). Keep your things for instance those flimsy, little, habitrails along with crittertrails. The best options will be: no less than a 10 gallon *long* possibly not tall tank a huge bin ring (at very least 80 quarts in addition to bigger in important living area than elevation.Look … Continue reading

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Ways to get my hamster attention outside of his cage?

i believe he’s board from the bath tubs, so should you have any idea’s on where and what to play along with him notify me! and my own house will be super large and old so that it has older air ports he could fit via and it truly is all tricky wood ground, and a great deal of furniture. many thanks!:) If you have a small room without too significantly furniture as well as holes, you can close all the doors, obstruct off just about any holes, and make your hamster out there for ADMINISTER roaming in the room.My hamster prefers that.She doesn’t take a position balls and also small areas in bathtubs, but likes to focus around our room. One thing you can do is definitely make the pup a hamster maze.Make him a little bit maze to go through.Like many clothes all lined way up really high and then get the wheel and also put it on the exit so he’s to suffer the controls to depart….theres a variety of things.Also in an area where it is possible to watch him, get him a little ball and they can run around in it under super vision.I understand … Continue reading

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Is my hamster wanking her cage?

She’s always achieving this I even videoed the item and set it on YouTube here i will discuss the website link http://www.youtube .com.com/watchv=zCMOatcf0z0 In a health club think it is really funny nonetheless what that hell is actually she accomplishing:L hhaah its funny, shes just looking to escape.my very own does that too (i also filmed the item haha) http://www.youtube .com.com/watchv=9YvYpZD6Sh4 yep. she can be truing to obtain up haha.

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Bed sheets for hamster/mouse bedding?

Hi, i seemed to be wondering(so dont yell on me in the event im wrong) if you ever would be able to use like bedsheets for your bedding from a hamster or maybe mouse cage.i know you are able to with guinea pigs from the c&c and so i seemed to be wondering if ?t had been ok for mice/hamsters providing you clear it every couple of days and be certain it isn’t eating the item and its not like un ravleing and also anything, i became just questioning if it was ok you can once they dont take in it, but it has the extremely likely which they will take it..You are able to buy hammy bedding in every pet retailers:) No – they can choke regardless. You need to use an appropriate type regarding bedding. “Pine in addition to cedar bedding must be avoided.Both discharge phenols and also acids which might be toxic for you to small animals.Using pine or cedar bed linens will significantly increase chances of respiratory in addition to liver challenges that can lead to death.Unfortunately most pet save employees are usually clueless relating to this and attempt to drive pine in addition to cedar … Continue reading

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Is it OK to have the male ( daddy hamster) along with the new born s in the same cage?

there has to be a chance of the produce attacking or eating your babies The dad will consume the babies the moment they keep the mother in case you leave him while in the cage. You have to remove your ex boyfriend.Take him out from the room.Sometimes in the event he’s too towards the mama, she’ll get consumed with stress and kill the new borns herself. Your rule is actually 1 hamster, 1 cage.They absolutely can’t share. A number of people think dwarf or maybe “campbells” hamsters could live mutually…that’s any myth.Especially when there are helpless infants around. I type campbells dwarf hamsters and Concerning always kept the father and mother in identical cage and also have never had a dilemma with pops eatting your babies, campbells dwarf hamsters is also the only hamster which will share some sort of cage together with another hamster and be content for life.For frequent hamsters just like syrian small hairs, teddys and also panda bears both males and females can merely be left inside the same cage when mateing 15 minutes to One hour max by using supervision.The new mother will care for the rest once the babies are usually born. It will … Continue reading

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I’m buying a hamster, and I want to get it quite a lovely big cage. Any recommendations?

advice on places to attend get it will be very helpful too (I are in Stafford, UK):) seeking something your recommended dimension for hamsters, all around 80x50cm I would like something it’s not mainly nasty, as I have heard that the ventilation is actually terrible in those. thus, any advice for just a great cage to have for my hammie and how we can find it from can be much appreiciated Thanks:) Hi, Might be best as well as biggest cage for the hamster would have been a glass fish tank (aquarium) complete medical billing offers loads of ground place! (which is superior to any levels from a hamster cage) excellent ventilation (when presented a nylon uppers lid on top of the cage) so when i explained before it really is the most effective it gives the hamster breathing space to wander around anything that around hamster cages don’t if you do buy the plastic just one with levels you’re limiting a person’s hamsters living space to walk (something a aquarium does not do).Wait to purchase a naff one! hamsters can readily escape coming from these! so are so amazingly hard to decontaminate.another idea a magnifying glaas tank (aquarium) offers … Continue reading

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Cleaning my hamster cage?

Alright, so I was just roaming if their okay to completely clean a hamster crate out like this.This can be what I normally accomplish because MY PARTNER AND I find them cleans it the most beneficial when I use this: I empty that bedding, then WHEN I spray Pinesol while in the bottom where the bedding goes and to the grates with the cage by itself.Then, I wash out the Pinesol with all the water hose.Is that okay to make use of Pinesol to wash his cage if all the Pinesol is usually rinsed diligently or could it be still bad Will i use water hose h2o Just wandering so I can stop if its not healthy to carry out.Thanks:) This may well harm that hamster.To get checked the label to view if that says “Pet Safe” You can buy crate cleaner with pet suppliers which wouldn’t harm your current hamster.I have no idea when you are from great britain or STATES, so this is the link for each country. http://www.petsathome.com/shop/cage-cleaning-trigger-spray-with-byotrol-500ml-by-pets-at-home-15840 http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=11180168 If you use this instead of the Pinesol it’ll be fine! I defintely won’t be so sure about that.Once POST cleaned my personal hamsters cage (two Siberian dwarfs) … Continue reading

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How hard is it to take care of a hamster?

On the scale with 1-10 having 10 appearing hardest.If A FEW or preceding please keep a investigate why.Thanks 2… I’m 11 yoa and relating to owned two hamsters on myself, they’re easy to check after. They’re independent for the most part points, the merely thing you might want to give ones hamster will be: -A decent cage -Give the item love as well as affection -Food -Treats -Toys -Wheel -Sawdust -Bedding -A daily clean. They’re very laid back and supportive creatures, they’re very uncomplicated, get one particular:D (I feel 11 also , you know, they’re really uncomplicated.So tend to be budgies/Parakeets.I likewise own such an example (male) and i obtained him as soon as he ended up being about SEVERAL months from the breeder.Without any experience, now they can come at my glenohumeral joint, kiss, whistle, stand strokes as well as love… <3 Everyone:D. Amy-Hamsters NEVER bite Mine has not.Unless you don’t wash the hands unless you have almost any sense, certainly they will chew by mistaking ones finger regarding food!! They’re loving, and my very own have for no reason got your disease/infection-so unless you neglect it everything’s very good:) It depends on what a person class while hard … Continue reading

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How much would it cost a month to keep a male hamster?

hamster per se, cage, nutrition, bedding etc Hamsters are frequently around $8 for a syrian hamster.reccommend 10 gal tanks, for the reason that are eay to completely clean, and they’re pretty large.I use them regarding my A FEW hamsters.(all making use of their own crate of course).The tank is about $20 and a strong $10 for your ventilated cover.As to get bedding, avoid using any fire wood shavings, these people irritate this hamsters skin, and may cause upper resiratory bacterial infections.You carefresh, or even knock down brands including care clean.its ordinarily about $18 regarding carefresh, and $8 for the knock away from brand.Meals are about $6 for a bag.Additionally, the ball is about $7.Hamsters will be pretty inexpensive pets, however do require time.You have to bond at their side, or they can be very suggest, but they trust everyone, they are amazing! Also, feast them refreshing veggies and also small quantities of scrambled egg cell:) Hmasters additionally need one thing to munch on.Usually tough treats is also the best.Its very expensive including a pain to get to have them for the vet regarding teeth cutting.Also fill up on vitamin supplements, and in case allways have got wet tail medicine, since … Continue reading

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