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Guinea pig owners: Just curious, but why do some of you don’t like their guinea pigs?

Search engine “cuy”..they taste exactly like salmon…mmmm…a minor Franks warm wing sauce and also you are fine. Some men and women get annoyed together as they might be shy and try to escape when you’d like to furry friend them.hi-def always such as being smoothed which many people find hard to know.Mine prefer being tickled within the face to appearing stroked that your kids discovered odd in the beginning as th kitten enjoys currently being stroked, but they have got got employed to it these days. Guinea pigs might be a bit squeaky and some find of which odd, other folks find their size incorrect, too including rats.Others desire to train them to complete tricks as well as find this will not always head over to plan. Personally I enjoy my piggies strange little characteristics but realize that not everybody find these folks as sweet sometimes guinea pigs really are a little challenging to take care of.like, my guinea pig does not like hay, and most people just bought a large bag connected with it.sometimes some people dont for instance being pet a great deal of, and which might be told after they start vibrating just a little.or maybe many … Continue reading

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How do you tell if your male guinea pig is pregnant?

A male guinea pig is unable to become pregnant, a women guinea pig could get pregnant while.If ones female guinea pig is actually pregnant she would have swollen nipples and she’ll be much more bigger next she ordinarily is.She’ll eat a lesser amount of food, so tend not to give these individuals much meals if she’s pregnant. I’m really sure ones high or even something..Males don’t get pregnant… it’s definitely not.i promise. unless it is a female.Subsequently, good good fortune.It will probably eat your babies. How old will you be Because this can be a dumbest thing Concerning ever observed. males dont get pregnant… I definitely hope that you will be a troll ask some sort of vet duhhhhhhhhhhh Male.

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Missing gerbil, please help?

Among our several gerbils is usually missing in the habitrail.There is no way they could have runaway because we are really careful whenever we open the particular lid and you will find no holes they can have fugitive from.There is no trace of an body as well as remains.We live completely confused.There usually are no noises at night and very little droppings.Should you have any idea on what could’ve taken place to her, please suggest! Take several gift wrap, like Xmas gift cover, and spread a huge square regarding it beside your bed at night.In the biggest market of the report, place any pile connected with gerbil food.Then, you can hear the particular gerbil walking to the paper in the evening when them wants thier food.I retrieved a shed hamster that way.It only took one particular night! All the best! E-mail me personally when ones gerbil is actually found!:) You’re probably mistaken within the gerbil certainly not being qualified to escape.I believe it is usually okay all of which will be found. isnt your habittrail a variety of like tubes along with mini cages it’s likely you have left one of them open and they mignt own escaped.id reccomed checking … Continue reading

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How can hamsters cause bad luck?

Okay recommendations the chat started while i was picking ” up ” bedding to the floor thrown because of the hamster in the cage. Grandma:This hamsters, WE called your own Uncle in addition to he stated he would likely pay an individual (ME) $500 with regard to everything, then we will give that hamsters towards the petstore. Us:What! No, even in the event you give me $1000 i’ll not take. Grandma:Ever considering that this hamster appeared to be bought we would not win the actual lottery (national gambling) Us:So Grandma:So this hamster will cause bad beginners luck! Not beneficial, we tend to be gonna market it towards the petstore. Us:Not dazzling the lottery does not necessarily follow it will cause bad good fortune, without it you may not hand techinque the lottery nevertheless. Grandma:No not any no, the following hamster brings about bad beginners luck, people state (blah blah blah) <<>> Us:Even in the event you sell it towards petstore, they’re going to not need to accept a 12 months old hamster likewise, they would not even would like to Buy that with money, and they’d not possibly get costomers attempting to buy that. Grandma:Your big brother knows a friend … Continue reading

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Why wont my rats run on their wheel and they are getting fat ! ?

I have 2 males rats, thoroughly grown these days.The steering wheel is above big plenty of for these but these people just wont use it.They jump about the cage but they arent obtaining much excrsice now they have become fat what am i allowed to do HELP PLEASE:)! it’s incredibly unlikely with regard to fully grown male rats to utilize a wheel.What that you can do is have a playpen (or the rat-proof room) along with let these people free variety. Truly seen girls and young male test subjects run around wheels, although never old males…But the 2 12 months old men rats sometimes walk within the wheel, or..sometimes they are going to sleep it in.lol I have no idea of much regarding rats, nor must i own one particular.But I have some experiance by using hamsters.I’d one men hamster that will ran within his wheel about 3 times then for no reason did once more, but subsequently my a couple of new hamster REALLY LIKE the wheel.I consider it’s somewhat of any personality thing, they’ll do what they will like. not quite a few rats use wheels have them out the very best place is a bathroom when you … Continue reading

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Can you give a pet rat ibiprofen?

Without a doubt, but you should use children’s formula.This particular rat medicine chart provides the dosage: http://www.rattie-express.com/Med_Chart.htm The actual RatGuide, a professional rat web page, also talks about ibuprofen.Details along at the following website: http://ratguide.com/meds/nsaids/ibuprofen.php One factor to consider is that will rats have a very high metabolic process; therefore, some people argue NON-PRESCRIPTION pain medications do not help significantly.Just something take into consideration. Ibuprofen might kill and dog or perhaps cat.So WE wouldnt possibility it using a rat.Dogs may have aspirin, MY PARTNER AND I dont learn if test subjects can.If its safe it becomes like some sort of slivered off of piece.Such as the size of a broken down pencil hint.I would like a vet. No.It’s not necessary to know the correct dosage, but it could deterioration your rat’s lean meats and thin its continue. Only utilize medicine with the animal inside correct dosage No! The dosage for a human can be 1-2 and so giving you to definitely a rat is the equivalent of an major more than dose NO! It is going to completely overdose a person’s rat, along with he/she may possibly die. Never hand them over anything that’s not vet okayed. No, if your … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my hamster?! Please help! Urgent! :’(?

For the past week your lady had what did actually look including diarrhea throughout her bottom level and tail, but the woman poos throughout her parrot cage were wholly normal.It absolutely was NOT wettail! Nevertheless, we identified her now with blood all about her bottom and butt (to my home it seems like her tail is ripped/split – but is not to any person else around my family) it isn’t related to her menstrual cycle, and she’s not with child.She will be sleeping slightly greater than usual and it is drinking considerably more! Can’t receive her towards the vet tomorrow as it is Sunday and perhaps they are shut — although we will take the woman’s on From monday, but when peace of mind, has any individual else had concern and understands what that is/has just about any advice! Regards so, a lot!:’-( I’m i’m sorry, i need ideas of what else getting besides “wettail”.Related to Your Hammie senses better RAPIDLY!!!!:-( I am just just gunna expectation that she’ll be well.Tell the woman i mentioned hi.And no, i’ve under no circumstances seen or been aware of a hamster getting this. Im sorry to say this but There’s no doubt that … Continue reading

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When will my rat be due?

she has started to build a stomach, and last night your woman was hard where you work making a nest, nevertheless her nipples arent really visible.possibly not exactly guaranteed when shes due.any ideas If your girlfriend belly is starting to become visable subsequently shes in the final day or two, the nipples tend to be always plainly visable.Rat gestation period is about 22 nights average, thus just be counted 22 nights from whenever she mated!:) If everyone look within the “Planning to get Birth” area of the content I posted in the source section it will need to hopefully respond to your query.Good good fortune!

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How to introduce my guinea pig to my new one?

We have put them around the couch together plus they kinda rub their the teeth and mount each other.How longtill they get used to each various other And feel i presenting them correct I please read on Cavy Spirit within the dating adventure sooo yah.just wondering put them inside the bath bathtub, its regarded as a natural environment because you don’t have scent with either ones.then allow them find the other person.Watch these for THIRTY minutes plus see how they do.Then, clean in addition to scrub everything included in the cage as well as the cage itself.then change food, h2o, bedding, along with hay.Also you should have a major enough ring for both of these to have his or her hideaway and also igloo nonetheless still include enough room to own and engage in.Good Fortune. this worked with me presenting my ginea pigs:) decide to put them both around the couch and take a seat on the couch with them for SOMETHING LIKE 20 minutes and also let all of them sniff one another and get to meet oneself, after that one could put them to the cage be sure they get along.

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Is my guinea pig gonna be okay? i’m worried ?

Recently i got your guinea pig.The lady I bought him out of said he / she was “healthy boy” he or she acts really healthy.He eats a lot of his pumpkin and broccoli.He wines water only through the night.He’s quickly and skiddish.They’ve very nice.And my buddy told me every one the domestic pets you buy in the place Managed to get him they finish up dying I don’t think this.But I am just starting to fret My associates usually erroneous on your ex “facts” so would you think he’ll be good Or regarded as a be worried It is wise for taking a innovative guinea pig towards your exotic vet for your well infant check, the vet will dsicover things that you simply and I’ll never see and so they will use a good begging record on your guinea pig in case it will get sick so it makes it easier for them to manage it when its sick.You ought to take that in yearly for the well look at.Anyway with this if ones guinea pig does possess a problem the actual exotic vet can catch it so you can treat the matter and and then relax.There is a bit … Continue reading

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