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Hamsters and prices? Mine just died?

Our hammy past away.Where can i get another robo Cheap….Local……Small…..New borna maybe Aw:( 12-15 dollars usually I dont know in your geographical area but Petsmart typically has lovable robos I got mine through pet smart and yes it was just 11 us dollars, 13 initially but on discount sales.It appeared to be a russian nonetheless robos are most likely the identical, sometimes it depends on in your geographical area, so I’m planning to say at any place from 6-15 pounds! Get one particular from being a shelter and also craighlist because this was its affordable and sometimes free, also because at Petstores it costs such as $10 bucks and so they aren’t which healthy along with die extremely quickly At pet-co, they may be only $10 i had been so seasonal affective disorder when my own died, so i bought a fresh one.once they can’t nonetheless him inside box an he has Daria, return him and find a healthy hamster Pet Co and Petsmart usually sell these individuals for few money.

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Does anyone know how many gerbils PetSmart keeps in one cage at the stores? 5 stars for best answer.! ?

I am just getting a couple tomorrow in case they’re kept while in the same crate, but I need ideas of how many they want in a single container inside store. Additionally, if they’re not together, which gender ‘s best to bring in to eachother intended for new cage mates Or maybe none whatsoever Thanks a ton.! 5 celebrities for best answer <3 Usually it depends on how many they order and are you wanting have already been bought.When the store only has girls, then not one but two females are usually good together once they live with each other and will not fight.With males, exact same reason, but in order for you little gerbil infants, then your male and also female! It’s also possible to just obtain one, but There’s no doubt that they will be better which has a cage special someone.Hope MY PARTNER AND I helped! The most We’ve seen can be 7, and the was just a little unusual. Call that store ahead.Ask the quantity of they have got, and when they are in a single cage.Sometimes they should have just one per wire dog crate.If hd have at the least two, ask once they expect … Continue reading

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Can i get a neutered male rat and a non-spayed female rat and house them together?

i’d prefer to obtain two subjects because i am aware its not necessarily healthy to get them to live alone but, i cant choose btween a female or maybe male therefore i thought i would get both equally.i here’s only 15 so i cant afford to have the together fixed right now so i had been gonna find the boy fixed so he is usually less tough and doesnt tag his territory all the.would this be ok That’s very good.And sure, it’s a good suggestion to obtain him neutered because they can from time to time become potent around 5-6 months of age.If it is possible to only afford to get one preset, I’d choose your to end up being fixed. Yes, it’s absolutely fine.However pertaining to health causes, it is in fact better to get the female spayed, reduces mammary tumors.http://www.rmca.org/Articles/spay.htm Spaying is often more pricey and both procedures is usually very expensive influenced by in your geographical area.Good luck! It will be okay given that you obtain one permanent.if u can ever afford to have the feminine spayed later practice it.it reduces the danger of tumors and cancer tumor.It might calm your lil gentleman down as well as … Continue reading

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MY SPOUSE AND I actually generate a Petco, and while I can easily see the typical consensus is to not invest in directly from them, most outlets house ruin animals while in the back room that are up with regard to adoption.These are critters which were dropped away by the owners who no longer could love them or don’t wanted these individuals.Just recently I got home some sort of dwarf hamster personally..the ownership fee is about $5-10 therefore you get exactly what the prior owner left out (food, home bedding, cage, plus any toys).I view where anyone wouldn’t need to buy directly from the store, but you could yes the closest thing one your call to view if they’ve any desolate ones in which need a loving house. Petco possesses better breeds but they may be expensive. They reside longer and have more selection. Petsmart possesses worse breeds but they may be cheap. They reside shorter and have less selection. They usually are equal in ways… Petco includes a better variety.They sell off syrian, much time hairs, plus dwarfs.these people sometimes furthermore sell ladies.Good Fortune. You may possibly buy at a breeder, as you can’t get from the rescue protection … Continue reading

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What kind of snake is brown with a orange belly. It was small, possibly a baby snake.?

More than likely either a ringneck snake as well as a red bellied snake.No longer a copperhead.You don’t say in your geographical area, but there are no venomous snakes present in North U .s which match up your account. There isn’t a such snake being a “brown lemon belly”.Additionally, ringnecks have a foot prolonged, not some inches, and therefore are completely safe. If it truly is about SEVERAL inches extended, has the orangy-red belly including a little orangy-red diamond ring around it’s neck, it’s actually not a newborn, it’s a complete grown ring-neck snake.In my opinion it is definitely venomous, but it surely is way too small to help bite people.I was required to look this up after a kid found one at the daycare MY PARTNER AND I volunteer from. It seemed to be a darkish orange abdomen! They are usually native to in your geographical area.Trust me I recognize…there are babies roaming around Its your copperhead as well as poisonous.

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What kind of snake is this, with link to picture at imageshack?

Hello, Discovered this snake within my lawn, and because it scared the &/” outside me, I wiped out it (sorry for you snakelovers). I would really like to learn whether this is a dangerous varieties, because my own little son is in the garden quite often as properly… http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/101/p1010178xa.jpg/ Thanks for the help. cheers It is usually a gopher snake.There are some different subspecies, bull snakes being one too.Without knowing in your geographical area, it’s hard to talk about exactly what exactly subspecies, but I know that people live west in the Mississippi.Gopher snakes are extremely cool snakes, I personal two Sonoran gopher snakes and also two bull snakes plus they are all very calm.They are completely undamaging and put on a big bluff by hissing loudly, shaking their tail being a rattler and also mock attractive, but they may be nothing to help fear or kill.In my suffers from, even outrageous gopher snakes rarely bite and will only do so in the event you begin using them, although I’ve truly handled some huge adult bull snakes from the wild and they also still wouldn’t bite.They may be excellent during rodent control and so are good to obtain around. Banded … Continue reading

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How much are musk turtles?

They’re about $150 an average of. Depends on your geographical area, who a person buy these people from AND SO ON. sorry nonetheless I cant assist you to without information. My aunt paid including 140 for hers I think.

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What kind snake is this?

WHEN I almost stepped for the little male yesterday once i walk walking with my brother:o http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/37/dsc00383uv.jpg/ Common gopher snake.Very plentiful and also harmless.Many people get in relation to 4 ft or and so, maybe a bit larger with luck.I’d personally never ensnared one around 4 foot though.They are often rather docile until you actually bother these, then they’re going to strike, tail rattle and look fierce. Gopher snake.There are several different subspecies regarding gopher snakes, bull snakes being the most important.They will be hard to see apart without having knowing your geographical area, but it truly is safe to express you are west of the Mississippi.These are completely undamaging.

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I want to work in a zoo, mainly with reptiles what should i do towards that?

A NEW Levels, Lessons, Jobs…etc I’m a new wannabe zookeeper that’s experiencing college right this moment! I’m sure the task is different determined by your geographical area, but you’ll need a college penetration of some sort becoming a zookeeper.I’d suggest which you visit a niche site like http://aza.org/joblistings/ and have a look at all their own job listings so you get a notion of just what exactly zoos are searhing for when some people hire a person. Your student degree must be something just like biology, zoology, and so on.I’m working away at a zoology degree, for example.Next semester I may be taking a herpetology class, which is merely something you’d might like to do to find out about reptiles! As well, experience is actually key.Brand-new raised every reptiles of one’s own Can there be a place you can work or perhaps volunteer along with animals The more experience you’ve, the improved off you will be! Well allows say your current from the british isles like my home and in your last 12 months at graduating: There are tons of courses around in pet management in addition to care, simply research the particular colleges!! Additionally , there are courses throughout … Continue reading

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Avian vet visit cost?

I’m receiving a bird rapidly and had been just wondering what check-up would likely cost on average so I’ll make confident I’ve rescued enough.You should only really serious answers(: -Thankss You should just phone the vet you work toward going to help, to view what these people say.You never want to get to the counter to repay and not have access to enough money.Try along with see a great Avian vet.But precisely what everyone gave for a price for the wellness check is going right.At that vet I take my “babies” to they cost for gram unsightly stains and parasites separately and trimming.Usually any wellness check is probably a review to find out if they appear healthy plus answer the questions, but sometimes it would include that gram stain which means you should call up and see what their own wellness exam includes. WE spent $240 at an Avian Vet pertaining to 2 cockatiels with regard to 2 well being exams, COUPLE OF gram stains/throat civilizations, 2 Intestinal parasite bank checks, and JUST ONE order connected with medication.The Well being exam charge $65 alone. An Avian vet expense ranges on your geographical area, where the actual vet is found and … Continue reading

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