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Is this a supernatural hamster !!!!?

concerning 2 women hamsters, one of them is smaller approach other, we helpful to put these together when they first came the minute the larger hamster started out to combat and catch the small hamster most people separated these people (they are fine, very little injuries), each hamster offers her personal cage..anyway this morning i took each hamsters out and about the smaller sized one froze in addition to her butt went in place (it had been frozen) ( most likely she seemed to be afraid in the bigger hamster).now i got them each out, the odd thing gemstone is a better hamster got afraid in the smaller hamster in addition to she froze in addition to her butt went in place, the lesser one possibly bit gemstone is a better hamster and also the bigger hamster banded still, couldn’t move. This really is really weird within the bigger hamster staying afraid with the smaller hamster!!!! yet another thing the lesser hamster is usually excessively itching P.ERSUS I for no reason leave them together on it’s own, i am always there watching them when they are out little hamster, huge attitude. Little hamster may be a male, big Hamster may … Continue reading

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My guinea pig has a bladder stone again…?

May of the year the guinea pig have a bladder gemstone removed..the following surgery price me 800$.Now MY PARTNER AND I realized he could be crying again with the blood from the pee..What can i do It is really just been several months as well as again he has this trouble.I does change her food along with reduced calcium..but it really came back again..I just simply realized now..what can i do.. I feel so i’m sorry but clearly you already know what you must do, he must go back to the innovative vet.It appears his body won’t work fairly right making him at danger to developing bladder gemstones.Some moments we please take to spend even more than we would like to when we certainly have a family pet, but it really is all portion of loving these individuals. Bladder gallstones are a result of the assemble of surplus minerals much like the following Calcium oxalate monohydrate (whewellite) Calcium oxalate dihydrate (weddellite) Calcium phosphate Magnesium phosphate Ammonium phosphate Ammonium magnesium phosphate (struvite) Calcium hydroxyphosphate (apatite) Uric plaque created by sugar and its salts (urates) Cystine Xanthine Indigotin (rare) Urostealith (rare) Sulfonamide (rare) You will need to change diets.Also you’ll probably decide … Continue reading

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What would be a good name for a pet lizard?

Spike Rex Ash Almond Claw Sharp-claw Gemstone boy(if man and grey) Rock Speedi or speedy bark brook golden one(my cousins great gecko’s identify if this is the gecko) smurf toby snap cruncher lizzy sol Henry red bone egg cora coal tiger lion rain firework fire water mitochondria(if you will be a fan of debris.It is usually a organelle in every one of your own cells within you) bubbles little tail bandit cornflake opal stormy shadow ruby alex benny proverbial box pip peep blaze flash(if this is the bright bright colored lizard) solo t ace Of course the standard names Males- -Popcorn -Rex Females- -Dakota -Cheyenne McCgiver.

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Before I put my baby slider into aquarium.?

Yesteryear I cleansed my fish tank with very little bit of bleach because my dad suggested it would disinfect the idea, but MY PARTNER AND I didn’t definitely leave it in there lengthy cause once it we were already rinsing that aquarium.It had been getting delayed so we left my turtle inside its additional aquarium for any night along with i left the lake in gemstone is a better tank in for the evening also.These days, I rinsed the idea out more often than not with boiling water to become safe (suggested by my pops also) and allow it to needlessly dry out for quite a while.Is it to finally place the turtle in to its even larger aquarium at this point I’m just asking since I failed to really allow it to needlessly air out for 24 hours or actually put it inside the sun so it was raining outside.So i am just wondering in the event its fine now that can put the small guy in buying it now it seems their all wash. ya it should be fine As long as you rinsed them out really well it ought to be fine, just observe your child:).

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Parrot cage wanted!!!?

Or maybe where may i find an affordable parrot parrot cage Under $100 Ebay as well as craigslist.Just make sure the cage is good condition without the need of rust as well as toxic paints.Dependant upon what size bird you’ve got, petsmart incorporates a small bird starter package for with regards to $100.I wouldn’t put it to use for whatever bigger than the usual cockatiel or even a quaker.Preferably gemstone is a better the cage you may get, the superior. You can try ebay.I’ve gotten a few nice, new cages after that for within that.

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Please help, is my baby budgie ill?

she has been consuming and ingesting but he or she comes plus snuggles as much as you overnight and simply sleeps, a great deal! he additionally breathes seriously fast, regardless if he seems calm, along with he can runny poos..is normal for just a baby budgie I have experienced birds the majority of my existence.The runny poo may be a bad indicator if it’s of that ranking for much more then THREE OR MORE days typically.He would have a respiratory an infection or alternative virus.The point about birds is like most parrots are inclined to not show they are sick till it is really too late.Because this really is their tactical mechanism, gemstone is a better parrots just like macaws will frequently times imagine to consume and drink whenever they are tired.In this wild virtually any sign or maybe illness and so they can slide prey immediately to some other prey creatures, so they always try appear to be they fully understand and take in and consume. If you’re able to worried check out a vet, the fee most times is ranged out of $10 to $20 for the visit and also another $15 or perhaps $20 for your fecal … Continue reading

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Is my horse lame????? PLEASE HELP!?

so I’m sure that my own horse is actually lame! it seemingly unnoticeable from a walk however when she she trots the girl head goes vertical but definitely not badly.concerning seen unable to walk horses previous to but your lover looks nothing can beat any of which.she isn’t going to wear shoes but the girl hooves do badly have to be pared dow.could this particular be the matter would the idea be fine to journey her the actual ground seemed to be kinda hard yesterday and your lady was cantering as well as jumping.she what food was in the reduce last nights but the lady doesn’t might seem any much better today.she’s not fat. you can easily generally sense when your own horse is sore while you ride all of them, if the lady feels diverse to just how she generally does.if she is going barefoot its future that your lover might just be a little bit sore footed if her feet can be a bit lengthy.Just find her trimmed up as well as she need to be fine.From what you’ve got said, she doesnt seem too negative and there’s no doubt that you’ll still be capable of ride the … Continue reading

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I do not know what to do? how can i make it work?

now i am just pretty knew to responding to fishes and also i don’t desire to loose our budget.i’m a college student.i employ a flowerhorn the item still small however is not a fry.i brought back to the petshop so it has not really eaten the food that my spouse and i gave it(1 day)i’m genuinely worried over it and consequently scared due to the fact maybe it’s sick, 3 shubunkins that normally eat3 times each day, they will be both retained in modest aquarium although separated.i cleaned an important aquarium but i would really prefer to keep the fishes in small aquarium for a little bit.i adore my the fish tank and i really wish to have a longevity with all of them especially the flowerhorn.i need it mature big.how does someone maintain it Get some sort of 75 gallon tank, feed them with high quality pellets, and keep the water clear.That implies changing 50% from the water decide to purchase.Other as compared with that, Flowerhorns are easy and keep.Very robust and nutritious fish.Relating to a several myself, excellent fish. As far as your goldfish get, same factor.But steps OK in a 30 gallon.Superior gemstone the far better though. … Continue reading

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What do you think my dog is?

I got my dog (Amber) with the pound (shelter) about 3 yrs ago plus was asking yourself what combination breed can you think nancy.Shes really active and would complete anything that you throw the girl ball.Shes a wee gemstone. http://s1091.photobucket.com/albums/i391/n_mulholland/action=view&current=Amber5.jpg http://s1091.photobucket.com/albums/i391/n_mulholland/action=view&current=100_0068.jpg http://s1091.photobucket.com/albums/i391/n_mulholland/action=view&current=100_0065.jpg I’ve my personal suspicions which shes whether -collie/lab cross -collie/husky cross -husky/lab cross No particular basis for this I got just thinking. Thanks I believe Collie/Labrador Retriever is really a pretty good guess.I could also observe some Siberian Husky.I think you are usually right about with those three breeds. I discover mostly lab/collie selection but post see some husky inside there -My new kitty-http://tinypic.com/view.phppic=53o26b&s=7 maine coon regarding 6 months -ADD YOU:Cute dog by way-Thanks homing a mutt with the shelter not necessarily buying from BYB breeder-You preserved a life PUT 2:Pretty active, collies became active-lots of them are hyper active-Also have you though in relation to doing agiltyIf not your pet will probaly ENJOY agilty.Require your nearby dog teacher about agitly. http://www.canismajor.com/dog/agility.html (tells everyone about agilty) http://www.dogplay.com/Activities/Agility/agilitye.html (What items are used) http://www.agilityability.com/ (all you might want to know regarding agitly) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dog_sports (all canine sports) PUT 3; Does she have a high quarry driveif hence she mostly likely provides … Continue reading

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