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I need all the info i can get on Degus! (not dog or fish, but the chinchillaish kind)?

Now i am gettin one, I’ve looked into alot currently, so good me random advice on them! haha, I will often have missed something that i’ll need to learn.Thanks! P.VERTISEMENTS.anyone learn where I can get these folks near spokane WA area ‘a person’ Accurately..you work in a very pet retail store where pets are mostly from mills instead of socialized as babies. I’d two previous to, thought these were pretty neat and different to the usual hamster/guinea pig..All material cages for the reason that would chew through a plastic based cage, really should have two Degu’s with each other.Feed all of them hay as well as dried turf small pieces of greens (Broccoli).Apparently Degu’s can be diabetic, to fix this the diet associated with hay plus dried type grass, pellets along with vegetables and an abundance of exercise (Maybe investing in a wheel would have been a good expenditure, just very little wire ones) Not any wire surfaces while in the cage to avoid bumblefoot, buy fire wood shelves for the cage. If you have researched a good deal already always be fine, but should you ever have problems it is possible to easily search the internet and usually it … Continue reading

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How to make a fish tank into a hamster habitat with 2 storeys?

Ok i dunno wherever to article this dilemma.Into this rodent part or DO IT YOURSELF section anyways both is going to do. Okay Earliest please watch the past 2 mins of the video first to recognise something. http://www.youtube.com/watchv=k4wohXfvsB0 So we actually planned to build this particular but i had the screws, screwdriver, non-toxic wooden glue (PDA) BUT NO FIRE WOOD.I could not have the particular popsicle branches, no lengthy thick stays too.Along with i explored my complete neighborhood looking centres.Sigh.Erm can easily someone convey to me where should i find some sort of wooden board and popsicle sticks as well as like inside vid, your thick round sticks.Numerous each you except the particular board Okay lets return to business, Any associated with you discover how to make a new hamster gas tank into TWO storeys Make sure you list out in particulars.the best and many detailed respond to gets 5 VARIOUS stars. Erm btw my verizon prepaid phone is ONE PARTICULAR storey these days…so yeah…mine may be a 15 gallon lengthy.60 cm by 30 cm by 30cm. you dont necessarily ought to use fire wood, you could build a second level from cardboard.4 pieces of paper roll tubes and an … Continue reading

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How much would it cost a month to keep a male hamster?

hamster per se, cage, nutrition, bedding etc Hamsters are frequently around $8 for a syrian hamster.reccommend 10 gal tanks, for the reason that are eay to completely clean, and they’re pretty large.I use them regarding my A FEW hamsters.(all making use of their own crate of course).The tank is about $20 and a strong $10 for your ventilated cover.As to get bedding, avoid using any fire wood shavings, these people irritate this hamsters skin, and may cause upper resiratory bacterial infections.You carefresh, or even knock down brands including care clean.its ordinarily about $18 regarding carefresh, and $8 for the knock away from brand.Meals are about $6 for a bag.Additionally, the ball is about $7.Hamsters will be pretty inexpensive pets, however do require time.You have to bond at their side, or they can be very suggest, but they trust everyone, they are amazing! Also, feast them refreshing veggies and also small quantities of scrambled egg cell:) Hmasters additionally need one thing to munch on.Usually tough treats is also the best.Its very expensive including a pain to get to have them for the vet regarding teeth cutting.Also fill up on vitamin supplements, and in case allways have got wet tail medicine, since … Continue reading

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What can i put over the wood in my guinea pigs cage?

i’ve a brand-new cage plus the bottom is wood which seems to hard regarding them to help walk about ( i might put news paper and also wood shavings more than it tho) can u think it is or what’s something soft i always can put over the wood after which it the announcement paper then wood shavings I just use a large level of paper then cover that by using straw plus top the idea up with lots more hay.Never had issues with its feet plus I’ve possessed guineas with regard to 15yrs today and done identical thing dozens of years.Its not necessary to utilize wood shavings, And also soak up the urine but not good thus to their lungs also it keeps their particular bedding damp.With paper it only soaks that up straight away and keep the urine off from the bed so just employ this. i employ a wooden cage bottom, manged to get a sheet of cheap (kind of as being a shower curtain) from your hardware retail store, i protected the fire wood with of which, then place newspaper, after that put the fleece bedsheets, you will use whatever bedidng you want though I set … Continue reading

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Charlie, my pet mouse, has something wrong with his eye.?

MY SPOUSE AND I gave him or her wood shaveings besides CareFresh home bedding he began to ich non stop! I switched the bedding returning to CareFresh although his left eye continues to be like virtually completely closed! What am i allowed to do You don’t have vet in my area that could take rodents!:( How extended has he / she been off the wood shavings It could possibly take months to clear up.You could rinse their eye together with saline resolution.Any “mart” style or retailer will have it.It can be found in the pharmacy department.I will be extra concerned if both eyes were shut as it could specify a frosty coming in.It can be done an item of the fire wood bedding through before had the perspective or poked it through which it acquired irritated.The saline solution may help rinse released debris, and preferably soothe this eye it can advance more immediately.Otherwise, the exclusively other thing you can do is simply just gently erase it using a moistened cloth give to loosen upwards the goop.If their eye doesn’t get better inside a week, any type of vet can give you animal antibiotic eyesight drops if seems like infected.They carry … Continue reading

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My hmaster doesnt chew on her chew sticks?

So i bought my hamster five the various models of chewsticks as well as a mineral block.I get her chewing the mineral block although only sniffs that chewsticks.The chewstick i bought were apple company company tree divisions, wood together with bark, and also wood bandaged in pieces of paper.I furthermore took this liberty for you to snap a branch off with the local apple mackintosh orchard pertaining to her!!!! Just about any help tips I realize, my hamster would not chew at wood sometimes.So WHEN I give her carrots they’re good for her in addition to her your teeth stay simple.FYI:The particular carrots are usually raw.Have got a good daytime. ive tried using everything for getting my hammy in order to chew with something some other then her cage however he simply wont! but they will often meet your needs exactly…i applied his fire wood with the apple company and placed small costs of simple peanut butter to generate it stench yummy, i wedged them with the cage cafes that he liked to chew with (this worked but not for long) when i tried other chewable games like bathroom paper tubes.Now we find the great thing to do is usually … Continue reading

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Guinea Pig toys????????

I can leave the new piggy alone for the weekend, leaving Friday as well as home Sunday.What usually are some harmless toys allowing it to make and also buy that will keep her, she doesn’t use a name nevertheless, entertained for the weekend Hey nited kingdom, guinea pigs like to chew bring about there pearly white’s are constantly growing!! Get some fire wood sticks regarding ur pal to chew on, this will keep the girl happy along with busy.Timthoy hay and baby carrots is likewise something that can keep the girl happy in addition.:) You absoutly can’t leave a guinea pig alone for the long, you have to find a neighbor, pal, sister, just anyone that can come in once a day as well as give the idea some supportive, food, and change water.Even if thee were a safe solution to leave plenty of food to hide that time there can be the normal water issue, they’ll knock this bottle journey cage, it happens so quite simple, or your ball while in the sipper pipe can keep to either available so each of the water dumps to the cage and also shut therefore , the guinea pig is unable to … Continue reading

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Does a hamster’s cage smell a lot?

I am thinking of getting a hamster in addition to keeping your cage throughout my bedroom.My friend who have a robo hamster states that hamsters stink up your own room even if you clean the particular cage every week.Is that true In case it does smell, can anyone open the particular windows for making the smell escape Thanks I should know.:) No!!! Through my expertise, they dont fragrance…they will probably smell a little if a person dig top of your head into that cage and also smell the idea.but should you open that window, additional aeration (air quality) signifies better fragrance.So yes, open that window.But should you clean it every week, they’ll not smell considerably.Like excellent little.Still, there appeared to be once used to do not thoroughly clean my hamster crate for TWO and 4 days…Why all around health did definitely not smell definitely bad till 2 many days 4 nights.Still I simply have 1 hamster in the cage, thus not smelly.maybe your own friend has 3 hamsters and up in a cage, thus smell a good deal.But from my practical knowledge, the odor never occuppies the whole room prior to.Even in case you go close to the cage, no … Continue reading

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My Ball Python has some Aspen wood ships stuck in her mouth, she seems to be struggling.?

Can she resolve this their self, and possibly there is anything Allow me to do Happens to my crawl morph shot python every occasionally.Normally they might get this out themselves.But what Need to do occasionally, because the spider morph isn’t the very best striker and misses; is Need to grab him or her and function some comfortable (85 degree) normal water around his / her mouth to be able to soften the aspen plus help your ex boyfriend.At primary he had not been to excited about me doing work, but now that this features happened 2-3 periods.He knows Setting up well in addition to doesn’t offered as big on the fight.But when it’s sticking out you can test to have it with your hands…just for instance you did. you really do not have fire wood chips throughout her parrot cage, i’d select the lizard carpet type bedding (I can not recall your name, but it’s quite simply a brownish or efficient sheet) chips and also reptibark is usually abrasive and find stuck as part of your snake’s oral cavity. Glad in order to hear you still have them away. Many people say to never feed about loose substrate just for … Continue reading

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Are my geckos heated right?

I recently got undertank heaters for cages and maybe they are the accurate size.I appeared to be told Allow me to have merely the warm mats on in the evening without any bulb if the temp within the floor is around 90 levels.But right now the geckos are sluggish.They both went to their favourite hiding locations (in the middle, just over heat sleeping pad region) and are now sleeping, which is actually weird because normally these are more active in the evening.Advice please do you’ve leos if you are, they usually are picking regions which they feel is actually comfortable.relating to arboreal geckos and i recently keep my room from room temp, since when i own cresties.but im not familiar having leos.my guess what you ought to do is actually put a piece of drift wood at the heat mat.then for the reason that wood absorbes quite a few heat, the geckos will warm-up on this wood.intended for tree dwellers, just simply put your hide (either any hollow record, or your repti cave thing on the heat sleeping pad.not on the pad, given it has your posibility connected with burning that gecko.that the fire wood is hollow will insulate the … Continue reading

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