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Is this cage good for a robo hamster?

Can be a ferplast Paula hamster crate good for just a robo hamster and also not, I’m hoping to get it within October. It must be fine. NO! It’s a wired wire dog crate; never make use of a wired cage for just a dwarf hamster.Try something that is definitely mostly/fully solid walled.For example http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=4189258 http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=3135687.

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How to introduce young female rats?

Soon, I’m having two women hairless test subjects (One is blue then one is silver) there’re eight several weeks old, Let me be presenting them to help my 2 female ebony hooded girls which can be ten-twelve several weeks old.Are going to living while in the Ferplast Jenny.Are going to coming using a large parrot cage i will workout on to introduce them using.How will i introduce these individuals Gives thanks. The very first thing you would like to do is definitely quarantine.Don’t begin introductions for as a minimum 2 months after becoming your different rats, so you can ensure make don’t possess any illnesses they can pass towards your older test subjects. Once you possess deemed these folks both nutritious, you can start the introductions.Take this rats to help neutral territory (a put neither list of rats is before, so neither visualize it as “theirs”).Your bathroom, bathtub, or small room usually is helpful for this.Place all those meals together and let them explore eath other.I could possibly suggest having someone else there to look at with a person.Females generally introduce properly, but since there may be four subjects, you might want another pair of hands just in case any … Continue reading

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Would rat harnesses fit on panda hamsters?

dont appraise just tell i skepticism it, but the truth is can invest in hamster harnesses — http://www.amazon.corp.uk/Ferplast-Hamster-Harness-Collar-Walking/dp/B001N03RBA/ref=sr_1_1ie=UTF8&qid=1317136755&sr=8-1 and i make use of a harness on my hammy and it also doesn’t harm him simply because i dont move on him, its just a method to have floor time together with him correctly:) you will see the above harness upon my hammy throughout my myspace vids (youtube.com/tashaturnbull) this picture upon amazon is just not very obvious. Take it easy:).

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Is this cage big enough for 2 rats?

the actual Rat / Ferret Starter Kit is it big more than enough for 3 rats thanks No, if it really is the you with sizes of 23″L a 12″W times 18″H.Test subjects require COUPLE OF cubic legs per rat.I used on the list of rat ring calculators, also it calculated the actual cage wasn’t even significant enough for starterst adult rat as a result of width.The calculator MY PARTNER AND I used can be as follows and also the Rat/Ferret Beginner Kit I utilized to get the internet: http://www.rattycorner.com/odds/calc.shtml http://www.ideas-4-pets.com/ratferret-starter-kit-2750-pen-p-3326.html I want to put ferret cages are usually 1″ line spacing.This can be too far apart regarding rats, so ensure that the cage you receive is 1/2″ or perhaps less. Absolutely not.Your subjects need at the least 2 cubic legs per rat, and they also need living space to ascend.So very little, you’ll have to find a bigger crate. Several good options really are a Furet XL (2 subjects max), or maybe a ferplast Jenny (5 girls or FOUR males max). I lately got some new child male subjects, and WE needed a fresh cage regarding them….These kinds of would most be significant enough to get three males….Several folks … Continue reading

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What would you recomend for a Gerbil cage?

I want to secure a new Gerbil parrot cage for my own Two child boys My personal budget is around 60$ good or take a bundle. I do not want your aquarium because thought about one in advance of they’re horrible to unclutter and that regarding offer hiking area. I was thinking why not a two account rat parrot cage or along the same outlines. Usually a good cage we have heard these are bad but my gerbils adore to climb as well as stuff. On earth do you guys include any ideas Or perhaps send me personally a connection or the photo for a cage as well as maybe i’ll that it:) Thanks my Gerbils tend to be small at this point but i’d prefer a live time crate:) well there is certainly cages such as Ferplast Topy.its rather small nonetheless has bars and then the bottom level bit that you can put sawdust intended for them to help dig.check out it online images or maybe something. One of my buddy has gerbils referred to as Rod as well as Stanley in addition to Hiccup.Because there are three analysts they get 2 layers, it is actually half aquarium style … Continue reading

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