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Is my syrian hamster pregnant?

I actually determined this hamster a short time a get near my personal house, plus i discovered someone shed it.I brought the girl home along with asked close to, no-one maintained it, so i was thinking of keeping them.Anyway, the very first day my partner and i looked to find out if it was before a guy or female, and we thought ?t had been a lady, but my spouse and i wasn’t definitely sure how you can tell.The following day i considered again along with she seemed bigger, so my partner and i thought maybe i was wrong as well as its the boy but then i read on the internet that expecting hamsters accumulate extra bed linens and meal and thats what exactly its already been doing, additionally , it sleeps a lot, so currently i’m baffled, and need ideas of whether we’ve a kid or the pregnant female its easy to tell weather their a son or not necessarily; boys use a massive lump arround as well as under their particular tails as well as girls will not, also seem underneath for the wholes, if you experience 2 holes reeeaally nearby then its a lady, if theres … Continue reading

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What should i do if my female hamster bites my other female in the cheek?

Howdy, my female hamster just bit my other female in the cheek, what regarded as a do to be able to it MY SPOUSE AND I can’t get her for the vet, in case you say kill the girl, i will probably report you because I will be NOT PREVENTING my hamster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn’t be worried in any respect.You really have no need to do whatever.Hamsters battle and bite simillar to any alternative animal.So no worrries.Although if it happens frequently you might want to independent them therefore it doesn’t receive tooo violent and also deadly. no, absolutely no, no, absolutely no, no i’m sorry, however the other answers are wrong! Hamsters tend to be solitary dogs, meaning in which if it isn’t alone, they will kill eath other. Even dwarf hamsters combat! if it is just a Syrian hamster ELIMINATE ONE WITH THE CAGE, AND DISTINCT THEM WITHOUT DELAY. if it is just a dwarf, remove one of these, and look at introducing these individuals carefully once more, so them to could acquire along. all the best:) alter:WHY REMAINING DO YOU HAVE 2 SYRIAN HAMSTERS WITH EACH OTHER! Just keep it be for some time, and if it happens again, … Continue reading

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What could possibly be wrong with my sisters hamster?

My own little sister has a female hamster, and i have a masculine.They not long ago mated final tuesday.Everytime my spouse and i pick your ex up she has a quite difficult pulse meaning allow me to feel it through your girlfriend feet.She has a cardboard tube and also she is at it along with i chosen it up plus the whole esophagus vibrated as a result of it.What does one think is usually wrong Assist. Sending praying, hope she’s okay! Sometimes my own hamsters do that, feels like they’re shaking, maybe she’s just scared not a single thing wrong having my hamsters and yes it always stops after a few years.i wouldn’t be worried about it until it receives worse or perhaps doesn’t enhance.Then see a vet.

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Why does my hamster bite me?

This is a male Russian Hamster which was born within our house however it bites and also scratch me next time i put my own hand around it.Relating to even tried to give some treat as well as got an additional female hamster nevertheless still articles me.I’ve possibly held it which includes a glove but it surely bites hence hard it hurts.What must i do.I highly recommend you help. Some hamsters just simply aren’t community creatures allowing it to just hate human phone.Putting your female hamster which includes a male, even so, is not a good idea.It will cause him stinging you more as a result of a dominence issue as well as process associated with nesting.Also you may be with countless hamster babies which often can kill that mother. how long brand new had it while you first have it you need to let it get used to its surrounds.don’t generate sudden industrial noise or activities as this can frighten the particular hamster.when your own hamster seems calm just put ones hand in to the cage gradually and let the brisket come for you, maybe hold a food and find out if it requires it away from you.. They … Continue reading

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Is it possible to keep 2 hamsters in the same cage?

If they’re Syrian hamsters (the huge ones using the cute expression), they’re going to fight to the death, it does not matter if they’re male or even female. Whenever they’re Campbell’s and also Winter Light Russian Dwarf Hamsters, you’ll be able to keep all of them in twos or categories safely, but if they’re male-female, you’ll end up receiving babies, who can mate together AND his or her parents.So don’t do it.Also, the female can get territorial should you introduce these people in the girl cage.Whatever method you employ, put the girl in the cage. Whenever they’re Chinese language Hamsters (AKA Chinese Dwarf Hamsters), they might fight. & Roborovski’s Dwarf Hamsters will certainly live extremely happily in same sexual intercourse groups:) HAVE TO ADD:even when brothers or sisters are most often living with each other without squabbling, they might start fighting.This might happen late during the night time, so you might want to check these people for reduces.If they’re just bleeding, by any means, you should separate these people, 2 distinct cages, immediately A males and female hamster could TOLERATE dwelling together, to get breeding.The moment the female is pregnant or provides her little ones, she will end up violent … Continue reading

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My female hamster is overweight?

Therefore, my womans hamster is 12 months, and 8 months outdated.I love her that will bits and Personally i think so detrimental to letting your ex get heavy.I give her a great deal of seeds as well as cereal daily which WE realise ever since seeds usually are unhealthy in case eaten in order to much.I didn’t understand that, anyway shes possibly not lethargic or maybe anything, the girl eyes are generally bright and also clear plus she still has most her tresses.She extends on your ex wheel similar to 20 minutes every evening, maybe a lesser amount of.So she’s not to ever obese to never manage to function.We are just wondering if this will shorten the woman life, and ways to get her to not win weight immediately.I hope that we can get her to shed weight immediately so the lady doesn’t die owing to being any tad over weight.I hope you are aware of that this wasn’t deliberate, I really like my hamster along with want the best for the girl.So any flight ticket get the woman to slim down How fast it will take, and if it can lengthen her expected life.Thanks for those your aid! Reduce … Continue reading

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My female hamster seems pregnant and she doesnt let the other male hammy mate, does this mean shes pregnant?

The lady seems currently pregnant, she forms nests while in the corner by way of piling up bedding, she eats even more and drinks water…could she just be lazy Check the woman’s tummy.In case it appears bulgy subsequently she’s expecting.If she has pregnant, take out ALL guys immediately. Hamsters will be always lazy while in the daytime at any rate. If your lady was having a male, more than likely she is definitely pregnant.Once she’s pregnant, she won’t be considering mating yeast infection until that babies are born. So find the male outside of her cage prior to the babies tend to be born, because he is able to get the woman pregnant again following the labor and birth.And she is pregnant in addition to nursing as well, and it will not always be good with regard to her. sounds probable, look in interenet and also call furry friend store.If your lady does deliver little ones remove POPS immediatly, as he will kill these! Well hamsters build nests at any rate but when you are wondering call up a vets place of work and just speak to them within the phone about it and they provide you with advice for … Continue reading

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How do i know if my hamster is Syrian or Dwarf hamster?!?!?! pls help!!?

Pondered 2 hamsters, both equally male and also female.the pet look owner states that its any Syrian hamster.BTW i wanted a Syrian hamster.i researched about how exactly to realize if it’s a man or female Syrian hamster.while i saw my own female hamster, they have a males scent gland as being a male dwarf hamster!!! i have no idea if it is male or perhaps female right now.and when my hamsters tend to be dwarf, how do i know whenever my woman hamster can be a dwarf hamster! there is no much difference on the male Syrian hamster! i highly recommend you help my family!! its really easy to tell them a part.and people cant continue 2 syrians jointly, and for those who have 2 dwarf hamsters (1 men 1 female) they should be seperated unless you want loads of babies. the dwarf hamster http://pethamsters.company.uk/dwarf_hamsters/russian%20hamster%20info.htm the syrian hamster http://www.pamperedpetsltd.company.uk/Syrian%20Hamster.htm Oh, but there’s such any difference among dwarf hammies in addition to Syrians.Search engine pictures with dwarf hamsters and Syrians.In addition, just to get safe, maintain your male and also female divided.Dwarf hammies will not usually kill 1 another, but they’ll have new borns.Trust us.As for Syrian hamsters, they’ll kill each … Continue reading

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My female hamster smells bad ?

your smell comes from the put where the lady pees, and we saw as soon as transparent whitish liquid originating from the exact same place anyone informs me what’s intending on There can be nothing wrong with all your hamster.That robust odor means nancy in high temperature.You must also notice that after you take her beyond her wire dog crate and furry friend her she will freeze.By this I mean that she’ll stand absolutely motionless and she will put the woman rear up inside air using her tail straight way up.When MY PARTNER AND I notice this my girls are usually in heat I be sure to use some sort of towel while i hold these folks otherwise of which strong scent will move to my own clothes. Female hamsters procede with going into heat often, about just about every 4-5 days.Females generally become sterile and clean (no longer capable to get pregnant) involving 12-15 several weeks.They will still go straight into heat for your rest of the lives, despite if they are usually sterile.They’ll even accept a males and let mating that will occur. lol thats home furniture of at this time there pee silly I recognize what anyone … Continue reading

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Is anyone familiar with bloating in hamsters?

I’ve truly had a lot of hamsters more than my time, and I realize serious bloating often develops shortly just before death.My personal little sweetie is definitely 2 many years old–senior, I know–and continues to be pretty sedentary but otherwise seeming rather comfortable in the past month.Suddenly she’s swollen up for a balloon, and I don’t know where to start.I’ve tried to deal with it when constipation with other old hamsters i always knew ended up near demise to apparently no influence, and POST wish there seemed to be something more I could do.I would love to even understand what’s happening with her today.Is it a growth Her kidneys Small intestinal blockage I have no clue.Any aid would truly be treasured. So remorseful to hear of your respective hamster.As this is a female POST suspect some sort of closed Pyometra.You can find two sorts of pyometra seen in the hamster.It comes with an open pyometra, plus a closed pyometra.Pyometra is often a condition on the womb in which the womb results in being infected.Sometimes it is caused by way of a bacterial illness or hormonal and also structural changes in the uterus cells lining.Pyometra is a condition that may affect … Continue reading

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