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Nicotine dissolved in water can kill hamster?

now i’m a student student and were having this specific experiment, I must inject this nicotine at his mouth when a day plus observe him…i recognize its an experiment buti’m slightly scared simply because i dont want it to die:( Why have you been performing this type of sick terrible experiment The results of nicotine have been completely extensively recorded.On top of the the results you become won’t be applicable to be able to humans considering a hamsters product is different after that ours. Almost certainly he can die. Hope you need to do too. If you did in which in my own country this rspca if you live in england call them they’re going to have it removed even mankind die as long as they eat cigarette so yes it will die thats discusting..bad hamsters.

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My guinea pig occasionally gets one or two small scabs on his back, what is that?

I have 2 child guinea pigs, ( a new 3 month old, and also a 4 thirty days old) you seems for getting scabs although i by no means see him or her scratching while he’s throughout his operate (8 until 8 ish).The opposite is continually scratching but there’s no signs associated with anything.They don’t look like in virtually any pain or distress.I gave them a few ‘Spot On’ therapy about 30 days ago which usually stopped the actual scratching, but the scabs have been there.I likewise gave all of them a bath last week which got gone the scabs, although I picked him way up today and also noticed COUPLE OF scabs about his back towards your ex boyfriend bum, i picked out them off as they seemed to be loose nevertheless he laughed and said it appeared to be sore once i stroked it by squealing fully and nipping our finger.WHEN I also totally disinfected presently there run, cage, toys and there boxes they need in his or her cages while i bathed them.Should WE use ‘Spot On’ again, or will probably it just simply clear up It feels like you have got mites.Spot On can be a … Continue reading

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Is there anybody wanting their reptiles to be re-home?

WE live in the united kingdom and was a lizard fanatic.I mainly focus on tortoises, nonetheless have knowledge with snakes, beardies in addition to geckos perhaps others.I ended up being wonder if anybody ended up being looking to shed their reptiles and looking for a new home for them as I have set-ups intended for reptiles and would love to expand with my collection.Would appreciate if there was anybody attempting to pass on tortoises yet other reptiles could well be great very! Thanks. Thank You!!! I are actually looking almost everywhere for somebody to adopt my dogs off this hands as I’m moving the following month for operate and I can’t take them together with me.I’ve 3 Diamondback Terrapins in addition to 2 Environmentally friendly Anole lizards.I aren’t able to take all of them with me since it would basically be a lot of hassle.I might be content to give them for you along utilizing their tanks and most of their items.I live in england and i need to hand them over a brand-new home. ADD- I live in Edinburugh, Scotland You however want them madi dollar- in which about in great britan do an individual live for anyone who … Continue reading

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Where is the best place to buy a snake rack?

on the net or common location I propose Boaphile Plastics Or Animal Plastics http://www.pro-racks.com/ include the best definitely:) they will sell in england and us states:).

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How Much For These Paddock Boots?

Well I will be Cleaning released my tackiness room and noticed these paddock shoes. http://www.reddit.com/photos/61419002N07/5592989240/ http://www.reddit.com/photos/61419002N07/5592989236/in/photostream/ http://www.reddit.com/photos/61419002N07/5592989226/in/photostream/ In which says “Marlborough Mand Inside England” http://www.reddit.com/photos/61419002N07/5592989222/in/photostream/ http://www.reddit.com/photos/61419002N07/5592989216/in/photostream/ These declare size 5 VARIOUS 1/2 but i’m sure they tend to be more like size 7. How much is he worth What does one pay with regard to them what is a catchy description Thanks!!! They are nice quality as well as firm not anymore exists. UK Dimension 51/2 is just like a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA size 7. How to define they valued at -the samee as any other second give paddock trunk – whatsoever someone will probably pay.Try done auctions with Ebay to determine where selling prices go. They ought to fetch a minimum of approximately a low-cost import pair is innovative.

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Where can I meet every dog breed?

Is there a location that breeders check out and get meet in addition to greets with regard to different breeds or maybe something We’d love that. At the all-breed canine show. If you are in england, you could go to the Discover Dogs Part at Crufts.Alternatively additionally , they hold the DD working in london, I feel in November.However, you will be able to find a lot of breeds during Dog Displays, even when some aren’t represented having an gain access to, and people may simply be little.In the uk, not many breeds possess classes on every Tournament Show, and in a show including Crufts, the Groups will be held on different days to weeks, the demonstrate lasting about 4 a short time – so should you be overseas in addition to ever thinking about coming for you to Crufts, you’d have to ensure you embark on the morning the breeds you are interested in, are appearing shown.Aside from the Locate Dogs area where virtually every breed incorporates a stall, on each day. you could visit a doggy show.

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C-Sections and English Bulldogs?

I’ve truly gotten inquisitive about the particular breed of dog, though MY SPOUSE AND I doubt Consider the good ever own one besides a recovery.When I’ve looked over breeder’s internet websites, they will consider “previous litters” the female Bulldog includes had.But We have also read that almost all of Words Bulldog (90% MY PARTNER AND I think) needed a c-section.Will it be common regarding breeders that will breed his or her female to get multiple c-sections during her life just to have canines Isn’t that will surgery really hard on doggy, especially considering she’d likewise be sanita the pups They really don’t always need a c-section, this will depend on your dog and the particular breeder’s inclination.Most breeders don’t need to risk burning off any canines or mother during whelp, concerning many breeders getting rid of a doggy or mother is improper.But in spite of this I know many breeders in england that will never do your c-section, but you undoubtedly must be very well-informed and there when using the dog when is having a baby. An important problem in such a breed, that currently we have no idea what leads to it, is anasarca or while it is more … Continue reading

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