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Question about my hamster?

Relating to a hamster plus iv possessed her intended for about A FEW months today, i gone into my personal room nowadays looked throughout her competition and post seen very little white baseballs all from the corner of her cage i was just question what these were some just one please support, im worried somethings wrong with her Could them be uric acid from your urine Hamsters are generally desert animals and get very centered urine.And in addition they like to always pee within the same next corner.Some people today put any container inside the peed throughout corner and also rinse it every single day to maintain odor down. Hmm…just like the other poster indicated, if jane is a long-haired hamster she is likely to be shedding.Usually, she may be doing a little something to the woman bedding inside a certain way.It might join in on her food or maybe she’s creating a digestion dilemma.Could everyone describe that balls just a little better I’m going to check to see when it’s edited later… ETA:That is certainly really unusual.I’ve never discovered anything like that.Maybe it’s virus of the actual kidneys.Perhaps there is certainly something within the urine that will solidifies…. OKAY, … Continue reading

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Get rid of mice stink?

So I have two pet mice.(I think they’re the two males, they both mimic they have sausages however no eggs) MY PARTNER AND I clean your cage any 3-4 a short time but these people stink.My father makes me personally put these people outside (we carry on the next floor of your apartment consequently cats along with other mice as well as rats can’t find my mice).I became fine using that however now it is really winter an I have been noticing water droplets indoors their upper chamber of the cage.The weather’s very cold and their bodies heat is making errors form inside of their dens doing everything stormy so I’m worried they could get ill.My pop let’s them at home if they are not stinky though, so what’s a good way to get rid of the smell I utilized to have a couple male mice we retained them within separate cages nonetheless next to each other and they helpful to smell CONSEQUENTLY BAD! I do think the difficulty was they will both employed to spray that will mark your location as the territory.We certainly not tried this kind of but if you put them in separate cages and also … Continue reading

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My Gerbil Food Has Bugs In It!?

Our Gerbils had been running Suprisingly low on foodstuff.We posess zero decent puppy stores exactly where I live, so Thought about to visit wal mart to order a SHORT LIVED gerbil food.I went with the Wild Pick hamster as well as Gerbil Combine by 8-10 and ONE PARTICULAR. Unless you know, I opt for any corn sunflower seed products peanuts along with pumpkin seeds through the foods we purchase.Good…While I used to be doing that I located little bugs inside food! They were about 3 mm long and so they had wings! POST only found 2, but I usually do not want to be able to feed this to our gerbils.Also some of the food acquired holes in the container. The condition is, is the fact that I mixed a number of it along with my various other gerbil mix we had kept, so they might get accustomed to the brand new food.That said, I can’t feed my own gerbils their particular food.. I’ve thought we would freeze All my gerbil foodstuff.Will that kill The many bugs plus eggs Also types of bugs were they If they came in touch or whenever they were consumed by this gerbils can it … Continue reading

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I think my guinea pig has mites, what should i do?

Mites generally live under your skin layer and sprays from your pet store *will not work*.Mites is a very considerable problem plus without therapy your guinea pig will die.You’ll want to get your guinea pig into the vet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.A vet can treat the challenge. Also, you should take all of your guinea pigs to the vet due to the fact if you have mites, though others most in all likelihood do to be able to (if you’ve multiple guinea pigs, which is). take it towards vet to be able to confirm it is mites and treat together with ivectermin (in britain is some sort of spot in treatment), SEVERAL doses throughout total a single every 7-10 days and nights.if your current piggy world with others you’ll want to treat them in addition. Take your guinea pig towards vet.They employ a treatment labeled Ivomectim which often helps kill the many eggs in addition to mites. Beat it which has a hammer right up until it’s dead then the mites will leave…All the best!!! take it towards vet for getting clean.

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I keep cleaning my hamsters cage, but am still finding maggots! yuck! help!?

Last week I visited clean my hamster’s wire dog crate and found a bunch of maggots within the hammy’s potty aspects of the crate!! Of lessons I fully freaked away and cleaned the entire cage.Therefore gross.That has been 6 days to weeks ago.I went to check the particular cage once again today because now I am just ridiculously pranoid, as well as AGAIN! Maggots! Its really yucky and I am just worried in relation to my hammy’s health and fitness.She doesn’t eve decrease to the end of your girlfriend cage now days, she stays on the 3rd rate.I’m seriously worried, technically this is certainly my son’s hamster as well as he can be devastated in the event anything taken place to Buttercup.Can anybody tell me tips on how to prevent he flies coming from laying much more eggs, leading to the maggots With thanks! When an individual dump available the saw dust clean the bottom with glass cleaner or anything that could kill virus.Then be sure you kill the particular fly.And should the fly includes laid every eggs on you hamster notice a ball, then what you need to do is slice the mound with scissors, squeeze the particular bump … Continue reading

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My gerbil has…….?

this.gerbil features a giant dark-colored nall originating from his abdomen, could thos become a cancerous growth, what can be it My guinea pig always get these, and WE took him for the vet plus they said it is from a mosquito sleeping their ova on him or her.They asked cut it, pinch it ( and so the eggs turn out ) and put a band support on your pet. If the actual ball can be pimple form, then she has a fragrance gland unknown growth.You need to take her towards vet, and in addition they will clear away it to suit your needs and a person’s gerbil:) Possibly may just be, call the particular vet a good have these check him in case.

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Do you like this pen/coop?

http://www.amazon.company.uk/Wentworth-Large-Chicken-Poultry-Rabbit/dp/B00538JYYM/ref=sr_1_3ie=UTF8&qid=1317502643&sr=8-3 Yup! Its fantastic for rabbits or maybe chicks. for simply 114 us dollars yes! if it has the for hen chickens then when you sell the particular eggs you may make twice the maximum amount (seved also) You will one for your lot cheaper.But without a doubt.

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Extermination help?????

Extermination help We are trying to exterminate this Cockroaches which infested our own electronics, what accomplish we really need to buy like roach bombs I am aware an exterminator cost lots of $$$ and sprays usually do not work properly, any strategies please help we are moving released and most of us want your new area clean from those challenging things >.< an exterminator stands out as the most successful, phone a number of for a few price estimates. you have available roach barriers, sprays, gels, insect bombs. roaches are quite difficult to clear out, they demand multiple solutions as simply no method may kill this eggs from the roach’s.the eggs will hatch inside roach’s that you cant achieve or eliminate and you’ll have to retreat once again after a couple of days so the child roaches do not complete the life cycle all over again. This will be pet area…

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What would i get if i bred a het albino to a het lavander albino?

so let me start breeding ball pythons quickly and we’ve MANY selections, but i like albinos a lot and we can get any 100% het albino as well as breed it to some 100% het lavander albino i simply wanted to understand what we vould get as well as if this works we can get a new het dream cicle (albino by pied bald) you would likely get most of 50% feasible double het albino lavender albino You wouldn’t get a single visual albino, you’d have all likely hets that happen to be worth just as much as plain good old normals. Technically 1/4 of which will be normals.One more 1/4 almost certainly het intended for lav albino, one more 1/4 probably het intended for albino, along with the remaining 1/4 can be het to get both albino as well as lav albino. You can not garantee something though, you can not tell the several between the actual hets and also normals, and albino is a great common gene so that they aren’t value anything more than a normal. There is not any point because breeding in any respect.If you enjoy albinos much then obtain a visual. ” regardless of … Continue reading

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My Leopard gecko laid an egg but not in dirty! please help me?

their my siblings damn gecko! and all my job is usually to feed this but when i see a strong egg all of a sudden.please explain to me precisely what i have to do.what is definitely incubator plus what should go in it what type of moss or maybe dirt and jane is in the actual tank that has a male leopard gecko too. remember to help meh, in the event that ur not then DNT TAKE SOME TIME COMMENTING! leave this egg in there when using the female take a mans out and also put him in the container-just get away from the egg be yet watch your mother 2 be sure she won’t eat it(they occasionally do)-take your gecko & retain him within the other container to ensure that he can’t emerge but might breathe, give these folks both the level of food and also water along with try COUPLE OF make that males container much like the other geckos, leaves inside so it could sleep and also walk upon them, do this specific until the brother becomes home & then obtain new container 4 the male(unless you have an more tank after that just put the male … Continue reading

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