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My guinea pig occasionally gets one or two small scabs on his back, what is that?

I have 2 child guinea pigs, ( a new 3 month old, and also a 4 thirty days old) you seems for getting scabs although i by no means see him or her scratching while he’s throughout his operate (8 until 8 ish).The opposite is continually scratching but there’s no signs associated with anything.They don’t look like in virtually any pain or distress.I gave them a few ‘Spot On’ therapy about 30 days ago which usually stopped the actual scratching, but the scabs have been there.I likewise gave all of them a bath last week which got gone the scabs, although I picked him way up today and also noticed COUPLE OF scabs about his back towards your ex boyfriend bum, i picked out them off as they seemed to be loose nevertheless he laughed and said it appeared to be sore once i stroked it by squealing fully and nipping our finger.WHEN I also totally disinfected presently there run, cage, toys and there boxes they need in his or her cages while i bathed them.Should WE use ‘Spot On’ again, or will probably it just simply clear up It feels like you have got mites.Spot On can be a … Continue reading

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