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How to tell if a turtle likes me?

In the event he gives you take into account. well grace, you will probably know as soon as it speaks to your account in any language this only you possibly can understand.now thats love also it gets sexual and u can easily see its weenier (aka possiblity to have naughty time) <3; ) C=======3 <= the junk You are Crabman from Throughout southern california Earl.Or you’re April via TMNT. Reptiles don’t genuinely have the brainpower in order to “like” everyone. trust me personally dude of which turtle hates a person………………… if it dances whenever it recognizes you.

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A lizard fell in my head and its comes down please tell me what will be happen next to me?

when i comeing outside my kitchen’s i backyard fell this top of the head…..then its shows up down toward earth…plase reply me what will happen to my family next.i am very much be worried about that……….aid me upward any entire body u can/ Death can be next.R.I.P. Only several lizards like the Gila huge are venemous.That komodo dragon possesses saliva infested together with pathogenic germs.Dude, none in the garden lizards or perhaps house lizards ie geckos will be venomous.just have a bath and you may be fine A BATH TUB OK. Lizard have to have received traumas.care for her.Nothing wrong will happen to people unless bitten by the poisonous snake. Go for a doctor or perhaps call him right now! What the hell are you saying Do an individual speak Speech.

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My bearded dragon ate 50 crickets in one feed, is that ok?

ive read babies usuallly eat around 20-60 small crickets a day, but when i fed mine this morning it must have had at least 50.is that ok? i wouldnt have given it less, but it just kept wanting to eat them so i gave it more than usual They go through times that they want a lot of food and you should give him as much as he wants to eat, so you did perfectly well.You will see that he might skip a meal for a day or two and that is also normal.You can read up on their diet and feeding habits here:http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php?193-Bearded-Dragon-Diet dude thats wayyyy over feeding, 8 to 12 is fine for a baby and even an adult, if you overfeed them it will shorten their life expectancy and possibly other problems as well… dont worry mate if it eats let it no matter how many it has ,it will bring it on faster ,when it gets to adult feed it about 5 locusts or large crickets hope this helps

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How long does it take a red tail boa to digest food?

I fed my boa three fuzzies yesterday the lump still hasn’t gone down should I be worried 24-48 hours.Of course many factors – prey type, size, quantity, temperature all play roles. In most cases if you are feeding multiple items you are ready to bump up size.Proper feeding is one prey item up to 1.5 times the snakes girth.The right size prey item should leaves a small but noticeable lump. You should never feed your boa more then one prey item a feeding..your just asking for a regurge to happen or a snake that has grown to big to fast and unhealthy.Slow done dude..youll get to enjoy your boa for many years 😉 normally is takes about a day that i have seen(FULLY DIGESTED..for the people who think im wrong.) try adding more heat into the basking spot because thats how snakes digest..they lay in the heat.

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Female bearded dragon is not drink?

i have a female bearded dragon that for some reason doesn’t drink out of her water dish.why is that? You can’t watch her 24/7 so she may be drinking.How old is she? You should be misting her, not enough to make her wet, don’t soak her. dude beardies dont drink much but if your tht concerned wet ur lettace alot then when he eats he will get alot of water on him…..also get a lil turkey bastor that cn pull the water up and lure him with lil drops on the mouth Bearded frog is right.Mine always drank of of plants that I misted but eventually drank out of bowls after I put one up to his nose and he got the idea. beardies dont drink out of water dishes unless u teach them.and anyway i dont have a water dish in mine i just mist he occasionally and i make sure its food is wet

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How do you dock a 1 yr old dogs tail?

my one yr old hole was biten by wild horses as well as the broke his or her tail throughout half how do a dock off the part that may be hanging your gonna have to venture to vet to possess them take off the tail Did vet advise you on mending the tail too That can be cheaper.IF you’r inactive set in tail away from & you decide to do what at any time, at very least make a great apointment while using vet, do deed the day apointment thus vet can save dogs life along with finish the particular tail effectively, if an individual leave plenty of skin for the end. Of course you know if you do it your self it could be VERY debilitating! Just emagine what it will feel like if another person cut ones toe off of or children’s finger off.That is certainly what it’s going to feel like for this poor pet.If your tail just isn’t truly hanging get hold of a thread let it mend and keep your tail dude.it will be abuse! Nature as well as God your tail perhaps there is for grounds.It were ment to become taken off. It’s … Continue reading

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