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Is it ok to feed my hamster Rachel Ray chicken dog food naturals as a treat?

Like one piece 1 week about the size of some sort of dime (to guide ware affordable her teeth) Yes, that’s fine.Rodents like hamsters and rats can easily eat the majority of foods provided that they are certainly not processed and/or contains sugar and such.I supply my subjects and hamsters meat and puppy treats everyday and many people love the item. yes, my partner and i feed our hamster anything including chocolates doesn’t harmed her. no give the hamster bird.they will be vegetarian.allow it some sort of baby carrot. Why don’t you use some sort of wood stop or a type of things and purchase them at the pet store instead _.

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Can I give my rats dog bones to chew on?

I know I’m allowed to present my test subjects the Greenies for dogs. But I am just wondering if i can give then any kind of ol dog bone. I know they might chew hen bones unlike most wildlife. My rats have it all Salt Licks Wood Chews Nearly anything you mention I prolley have got lol O: But Internet marketing just interested can they need dog our bones O.O Like Internet marketing talking the little white ones Just some kind of dog bone fragments really actually Get real they provide chicken and also stuff they are able to have dog food exclusively certain kinds (Innova Senior citizen chow POST get, VERY GOOD) Although Yeah lol Canine boens correct eh xD SOME KIND OF DOG BONES Yes, rats can eat almost everything, it’s the reason they’re thus resilient.Try to keep away from anything with a great number of chemicals, do you general tip with family pets though, helpful in reducing there’s actually no stops. No not simply any your bones.If you’re looking your rat to have a longevity don’t unnecessarily give them things treated w/chemicals. I have given your rat little baked meat soup bones to keep his enamel worn … Continue reading

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Can I feed my rats dog food?

Howdy, until I receive cash, (Thursday), I have to feed the Rats and Mice a food I have here.I are deprived of enough money to fund rat or perhaps mouse food today.I has been wondering whenever it’s o .k to supply my rats gravy locomotive I feed my rodents littler stuff. While pet kibble is definitely fine to be a treat, it shouldn’t be the leading source of the meal.I actually cannot say in respect of the quality of the certain brands as we are purely the rodent household.You can give your rodents unsweetened cereal for instance Cheerios along with Rice Krispies.Also you can add cooked/uncooked oat meal, rice along with pasta.Fruit and veggies as already mentioned are very good, but limit the exact quantity; Too much will give these diarrhea.Bird seed should you have it is usually good to increase.For different ideas, please see the following: http://www.eatonrapidsjunkbarn.com/rats/rat_diet.htm http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/diet.cfm Dog your meals are fine (if fed as well as grains and veggies) although gravy train is really a low good quality food and also I could not personally nourish it in order to rats (or dogs).You can feed together rats along with mice numerous veggies and grains, several fruits, and … Continue reading

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My hermit crab eats air? need help with humidity too plz? preferably hermit crab owners?

Thus my hermit crab (butterscotch) good she simply just recovered via mites any time she was molting thank god she is at a seprate tank with the others now that nancy back using the others she would go to the wall of the glass fish tank and rests there as well as eats air i recognize i may possibly prob can better considering the humidity staying u cant get it to remain up from proper amounts plz help about that to plz nonetheless why measure she achieve that it seriously confuses me personally because during 9:30 one time i go to bed every night she’s sitting there and feeding on air plz post cant discover any thing on the internet about that so plzzzzzz help will there be something i’m doing wrong here post change its food plus two pots and pans of water every day and spray it along with clean decloranated waters.And the whole thing but nothing at all seems to support wit this specific plzzz help is this possible jane is carrying meals there Crabs may drag food into corners to acquire privacy.If she is small getting that this chunks she rips off of are so tiny … Continue reading

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What dog food should I use since Orijen isn’t available anywhere near me?

I would like to get started feeding this dog Orijen dog food, however it isn’t purchased anywhere next to me and shipping fees are extravagant.I need to feed this dog the most effective and healthiest nutrition.Any tips Are merrick, Fromm, as well as wellness companies comparable alternatives Doggiefood.com stocks it and also shipping is just like FOUR.95 I apply nature valley prairie doggy food.if you find yourself looking suitable dog food you intend to avoid unnatural fillers including corn, numerous grain and no real various meats.The simplest to find a dog nutrition that suits you plus your dogs life style is to find a pure dog super market within driving distance Google this.Natural canine food suppliers have test packets pertaining to like 55 cents to help you try out a kind until you get one for ones dog loves.Most Doggy food destinations even have got raw nutrition diets for ones pets.here will be website for that brand involving food we use you will will present to you in your town where you can buy it Fromm is an extremely good foodstuff to feast.I’d pick out Fromm above Merricks as well as Wellness any day.I under no circumstances fed Fromm nevertheless … Continue reading

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How to feed chihuahua?? What do they eat? & How often may i give her a bath?

Managed to get a chihuahua for my b-day..early treasure he he or she & she’s 3 many weeks old..What food ought to be a buy MY PARTNER AND I heard they will eat many different stuff..but what exactly & the way often may perhaps i awful her I feast my Chihuahua Orijen doggy food and give the woman a bath about once per month unless your lady gets grubby… I don’t wish to be rude but these are generally really fundamental questions that you can have learned long before buying a dog.your dog isn’t really a model and requirements loots connected with commitment.I’d suggest you begin doing quite a few proper investigation on pet dogs and specially chihuahua’s.buy a number of books about the breed adn upon dog training generally speaking. well its really hard to understand what food to acquire cuz u could dwell somewhere that we don’t so i dunno that brand oughout will just have to attend a pet shop and ask them and we would wash about 1 time a month Chihuahuas take other chihuahuas, in particular the loaded Taco Bell chihuahua animals.*smh Seriously Both of those questions may be answered significantly better by your vet. … Continue reading

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Question about Vegetarian Dog Kibble?

To start with, I am never ever endorsing this particular diet or am I thinking about feeding my dog that, it’s purely away from interest. Minute, I am aware that WHEN I already requested this, but I did not receive the answers I had been looking regarding, so I’m asking again. Now, it’s really well organized that most dogs are essentially carnivorous. Which basically relates to the knowning that dogs usually do not posess suitable digestive digestive support enzymes to break up whole place matter.(Kinda for instance humans, but we now have the physiological components which necessitate undigested plant matter and w/e) At any rate, when delt with into kibble, would that not split the bonds inside the plant matter therefore make the item useable nutrients Like I am aware of why these people couldn’t simply eat like carrots everyday, but as soon as it’s broken down….does any one know in case that causes it to be useable energy Just in case so, would some sort of dog be capable of do in the same way well upon that as a top quality meat established kibble (This is additionally assuming the nutritional info resembles a prime quality meat primarily based … Continue reading

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Any good dog food you would reconmend?

I utilized to feed the dogs Purina A single.but i would like to change the food now.my best mate told me to attempt beneful.so i did.my puppies love the item, don’t obtain me inappropriate but next time i check the particular ingredients that said “Chicken by product”.upcoming time post should understand what the particular ingredients express.so these days i seeking a various other dog food without any “by products”.almost any you propose that’s beneficial, and dogs would love Beneful is rather yucky puppy food. What you look for is a new dog food who has some kind of meat both “chicken meal” or perhaps “lamb meal” or maybe “beef meal” since the first compound, and is totally devoid of such things as corn, soy, wheat along with grains. I give food to Taste with the Wild, your grain cost-free, high excellent dog nutrition.I own 6 smaller dogs and something 30lb bag lasts me a month.(my pet dogs are 4, 8, NINE, 11, 10 and TWELVE lbs each) My pets eat Lifes Large quantity.Here is actually some advice on this.It is often a Premium, honest dog meals.No recalls. Lifes Prosperity Premium Health Food is constucted from select materials, including high-quality poultry … Continue reading

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Science diet or eukanuba, which is best for my dog?

We have a trial science diet plan package and a sample eukanuba package.I don’t know what post should continue on buying regarding him.We didn’t obtain puppy still though nevertheless what regarded as a give your pet eukanuba or science diet program. Both could make a impact.Ask your own vet with regard to guaranteed responses.I consider science diet plan is veterinarian endorsed so that may be a great way. I don’t take care of Science Eating habits, even even though I’m any vet technical.Usually the primary ingredient is actually corn.I believe the 3rd ingredient for any dog food needs to be a good supply of protein, for example chicken, bulgaria, pork, bunnie, venison, for example.Dogs tend to be naturally carnivorous so animal protein is significant and various ingredients like fruit and veggies.I would opt for a brand by which 80% or more of the particular ingredients listing is full ingredients that will don’t sound like a biochemistry experiment.If it is just a choice between the 2 main brands over, I would opt for Eukanuba. I would avoid each brands.Dogs are carnivores, significance, the primary ingredient of their meals needs to be meat for example chicken, pork, and bulgaria.Avoid awful quality grains … Continue reading

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What are the best kinds of dog food?

Concerning a three yr.previous chihuahua.I love him more than a mother could love her child.Critically.So I would like the best food for him! So you need to give my home nutrition truth and what exactly is truly the best.He is not going to eat the particular crushed upwards, mashed moist food.Along with he’s fussy about hard food.He or she likes the chunky meaty damp foods.I merely want him being healthy. Pick your food that’s formulated for small breed dogs.Examine the elements list…the first ingredients must be protein and you also should be able to understand 80% belonging to the remaining portion of the ingredients.If everything looks manufactured or reads as a chemistry play with it…stay at a distance.Holistic foods usually are pretty balanced and be willing to invest.Any food bought from a superstore or Wal-Mart can be cheaply created and usually has extra fillers as compared with nutritious components! In inclusion, if you will find a dry dog foods, it is significantly better for their particular teeth as compared with wet b/c it helps scrape off of tartar.Since your pet dog is discriminating about dried up dog foodstuff, you may always major it together with raw, cut ” up ” … Continue reading

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