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My hamster is pooping out red stuff?

your lady was participating in in your girlfriend ball as well as i left for go make sure her and there seems to be tons associated with poop and a variety of them were crimson.they appeared as if little signs.but the lady doesnt own red nutrition! whats inappropriate with her My hamster has treats that are small red been lost berries.They really favors them, nevertheless it never converts his waste material red. It may possibly be maintain of a number of form (maybe solidified) and ought to see any vet QUICKLY. In addition to that, watch the woman behavior.She is eating plus drinking, suitable She’s active and has got human interaction Make sure her nutrition isn’t red, though. Check out this how does a person see with any belonging to the descriptions match up your hamsters indications: http://www.caringtogether.com/exotics/hamsters3.html Red poop could possibly be from nutrition coloring while in the food, but while you said NONE belonging to the food is definitely red, that’s not it. If if it isn’t just nutrition coloring, and is particularly blood, this is a very critical issue.Hamsters own sensitive digestive tracts and it doesn’t receive much to cause a problem.How is the consistency belonging to … Continue reading

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Can I feed my hamster carrot grass ?

Yes.Don’t over do it though, several grass, clover, or carrots greens per day is great.Too a lot lettuce or even leafy greens could cause diarrhea.:) Make positive it’s wash and feed all this the carrot grass you desire lol. meow.

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Can I give my guinea pig a bath?

Im obtaining a baby guinea pig in 15 days and i know they gets dirty after that droppings so i used to be wondering easily could supply it the bath Certainly one of my pals say absolutely no but one more friend pronounces yes consequently i just need to know Can easily You There is you should not ever provide a guinea pig a new bath so long as you adequately clean their own cage.Guinea pigs create a white fluid of their eyes that they work within fur with their front paws, this can be their organic conditioner.Once you bathe them you wash this out and damage their little skin. If the guinea pig should have diarrhea you can bathe it using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.Use cozy water remember their organic temperature can be 101 to be able to 102 so you want the lake to be that warm and not much warmer.Rinse out the many shampoo in addition to towel dry, then use your locks dryer on low give hold the idea 12″ from the guinea pig together with your hand among the guinea pig and also the dryer to make sure it won’t get to hot all of which … Continue reading

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My female hamsters bottom smells?!?

lately my hamster ( Lilo ) provides had a smelly buttocks, I recognize it appears to be weird but i will be worried! is niagra a signal of ilness MY PARTNER AND I keep your ex bedding definitely clean, change it every other day but she scents funny about her buttocks area! any help actually appreciated!:D thanks if your hamster features a wet however that means she’s diarrhea an that you must go to a pet store and get some powder to go on the food that he / she eats If their a syrian hamster next its probily just in high temperature, thats completely normal. she just crapped and exactly why are u smelling the woman’s butt.

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Help for my syrian hamster!!?

i wanted to help ask precisely what food am i allowed to give to be able to my syrian hamster, that is certainly safe to be able to eat day-to-day.can i give them vegetables and fruits everyday or maybe 2-3 moments week would it be safe for them to help chew muscle paper goes.how must know if my hamster will be healthy.many importantly HOW YOU CAN GAIN PRESENTLY THERE TRUST! your syrian hamster preserves on scratch me as well as sometimes chew.he perceives im a cat or like i would endeavor to eat him.pls assistance! i got searched about them but i would really like to here your anwers! bless you alot! okay, first REALLY DON’T give him a lot of fruits & vegetables because it may bring about diarrhea, so 2-3 time monthly is fine..you may feed him or her sunflower seed products and hamster’s foodstuff mix..my hamster chews tissues for taking it to be able to his house/bed since some bedding then it is typical.. your hamster has to be active through the night and sleepy for hours on end so actually he can be healthy.. you ought to follow all these steps to be able to tame … Continue reading

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I have had my rat for awhile now?

Okay we have had this rat for bout Several weeks…and the lady just commenced to diarrhea its not as bad precisely as it was the past time however what could seem the challenge can it be that there exists not another rat so she is having difficulty..she wont well then , i’ll pet your girlfriend so its sorts of hard to acquire her helpful to me..i sit my surrender there along with let her smell me and riff my hand nd equipment but thats about so far as it receives..i have got a way where we can get your girlfriend out which i must use future and examine if that will help…but whats inappropriate with your girlfriend i simply have one rat and i’d like to see to obtain her someone for being with the woman but it is hard enough to obtain her familiar with me.!! help Trust me while i say this particular, sweetie, getting a different rat can help her bond on hand.Two rats together may scramble to your attention.Having somebody with her might most likely make her feel additional comfortable in addition to she could be more trusting of additionally you.I suggest you will get her … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my hamster?! Please help! Urgent! :’(?

For the past week your lady had what did actually look including diarrhea throughout her bottom level and tail, but the woman poos throughout her parrot cage were wholly normal.It absolutely was NOT wettail! Nevertheless, we identified her now with blood all about her bottom and butt (to my home it seems like her tail is ripped/split – but is not to any person else around my family) it isn’t related to her menstrual cycle, and she’s not with child.She will be sleeping slightly greater than usual and it is drinking considerably more! Can’t receive her towards the vet tomorrow as it is Sunday and perhaps they are shut — although we will take the woman’s on From monday, but when peace of mind, has any individual else had concern and understands what that is/has just about any advice! Regards so, a lot!:’-( I’m i’m sorry, i need ideas of what else getting besides “wettail”.Related to Your Hammie senses better RAPIDLY!!!!:-( I am just just gunna expectation that she’ll be well.Tell the woman i mentioned hi.And no, i’ve under no circumstances seen or been aware of a hamster getting this. Im sorry to say this but There’s no doubt that … Continue reading

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Guinea pig urine question?

I’ve a men guinea pig.He could be still quite young.Whenever I fresh out their cage, I notice that their urine is really a brownish, orange and some light red.Is this normal Regarded as a be worried Hmmm this can be mean a pair of things.You:Do ough feed him Much red capsicum and after all ALOT in that case that is it, just how long has it been taking place and 2:this has happend if you ask me before and it may be bladder rocks sadly that is certainly blood, i might suggest taking him towards vet regarding X-rays, if he could be still pretty young they could remove your bladder gallstones but theirs a chance they can come back, one of my pigs had to get place down for this reason.I would reccomend a vet while u can easily, oh and also does he or she wheek many for no reason similar to when they pees Ok then i advise taking him towards vet for any check upwards, he must have Capsicum plus Cos as well as Romaine Lettuce plus carrots day after day to keep healthy the cup connected with vegies.Everyone and greatest wishes I imagine that’s diarrhea. I’m … Continue reading

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Can hamsters eat cucumber?

might my dwarf hamster take cucumber considering the skin in addition to seeds must i wipe that cucumber I don’t realise why not, although probably generate is smaller sized, like lower it. I nourish my syrian cucumber, i cut off the bluish skin as well as cut an extremely fine cut, then slice that along so its just like a large matchstick minimize in fifty percent, he seems to savor his cucumber, when i don, t wish to over give him for you to much vegetables. Yes cucumber is actually fine yet remember to not ever feed it an excessive amount of as it is going to give ones hamster diarrhea/soft barstools.I might take the particular seeds out easily was an individual.2 slices of cucumber twice a week is plenty of. yes, but not much of it, these have a substantial water content and excessive will end in diarrhoea.I’d personally cute any slice off and cut which slice in to quarters along with give a single quarter sparingly as a treat:) enjoy! Yes.Cucumbers possess pots of vitmamins with them.

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What’s wrong with my guinea pig?

She is 2 years old, and concerning another which always forces her about.Today MY SPOUSE AND I finally divided them.But she wasn’t eating, as well as drinking! possibly before WHEN I separated these people. She used to have many fur in addition to was quite healthy and chubby as well as squeaked a whole lot.Now your lady just is situated around, doesn’t squeak, barely eats or drinks.MY PARTNER AND I gave your ex a bathtub, (which your lover hates in addition to usually tries to jog out of your sink), but this occassion she only laid right now there. Her eyes are generally still healthful looking in addition to her body is correctly fine, nevertheless shes sacrificing her fur.she’s EXTREMELY skinny, far too.unhealthily lanky.im fearful.is your lover dying whats drastically wrong with your girlfriend and how can i fix it btw, she has diarrhea:( P.S all of us already tried to attend a vet appeared to be they only take silly cats along with dogs. So you receive on the device and help make calls until you find a vet of which takes guinea pigs, it may mean it’s important to drive with a different town and a few miles … Continue reading

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