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Whats wrong with my gerbils? They are psycho!?

Consequently we took vacation so when we came up home probably our gerbils has been dead and buried inside the back on the cage.It had blood including a few wounds on their face and body.My organization is assuming one other gerbil harmed it… Anyhow, in the next few months our different gerbil became a growing number of mentally annoyed.it would certainly scratch it is eyes in addition to ears continuously until this bled in addition to hardly take anything.Eventually additionally , it died. What had been wrong with my gerbils Ended up they insane I’d two cats and kittens in my own house yet they couldn’t see the particular gerbils significantly because most of us kept the particular rodents up high from the the cats. First. Did some people know 1 another for some time or did you simply toss one of these in there right before you proceeded vacation In the event that one was a newbie towards territory, it’s likely make just fought because the newbie had been considered a trespasser and also wasn’t trustworthy. Then again, if they were old pals…well, mishaps do happen.It’s not likely true any particular one gerbil killed other, unless you didn’t give … Continue reading

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My gerbil is shaking and wobbling when he moves and hes cold and has his eyes closed what should i do?

i am only 13 and i’m sure my gerbil can be dying hes 3 years old right now and we dont know what direction to go i tryed to feed your ex but your dog wont consume and this individual cant switch alot support me pls:'( Unfortunately, your gerbil may be dying.They don’t live extended periods if POST remember properly.Take it to somewhat of a vet if you want a good examination. Not much that you can do unless you can aquire him to somewhat of a small animal specialist vet inside next handful of hours.They’re probably unwell, likely succumbing. You can search to go his water bottle magnified to his or her nest community so this individual doesn’t should move an excessive amount so that it, and you also could give him a few applesauce….i’d personally also place him below a warm lamp and also place a heating cushion under his / her tank (only if he’s in a glass aquarium, don’t fit a station under any plastic wire dog crate! ) For a second time, beyond in which he requirements a vet. how unhappy.take him into the vet and make the cage when comfortable that they can.you likely … Continue reading

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My one year old gerbil is changing colors?

Our gerbil that’s one or perhaps so years of age is modifying colors.Your woman was constantly all dark brown with arbitrary black hairs however now, her face is starting to become almost orange and the same peculiar color is appearing with spots upon her backside.Don’t receive me completely wrong, she appearance frickin’ sugary! But Now i am just worried that something is inappropriate or she’s showing clues of growing old and demise.I enjoy her completely and I don’t desire her to have sick.Her name is Penelop:) Regards very a lot! Yes, there’s nothing to concern yourself with, and indeed your gerbil should look shweet! Its simply just her aging ladies go by way of that program! Nothing to be concerned about!

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Is anyone familiar with bloating in hamsters?

I’ve truly had a lot of hamsters more than my time, and I realize serious bloating often develops shortly just before death.My personal little sweetie is definitely 2 many years old–senior, I know–and continues to be pretty sedentary but otherwise seeming rather comfortable in the past month.Suddenly she’s swollen up for a balloon, and I don’t know where to start.I’ve tried to deal with it when constipation with other old hamsters i always knew ended up near demise to apparently no influence, and POST wish there seemed to be something more I could do.I would love to even understand what’s happening with her today.Is it a growth Her kidneys Small intestinal blockage I have no clue.Any aid would truly be treasured. So remorseful to hear of your respective hamster.As this is a female POST suspect some sort of closed Pyometra.You can find two sorts of pyometra seen in the hamster.It comes with an open pyometra, plus a closed pyometra.Pyometra is often a condition on the womb in which the womb results in being infected.Sometimes it is caused by way of a bacterial illness or hormonal and also structural changes in the uterus cells lining.Pyometra is a condition that may affect … Continue reading

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Deer mouse and fancy mouse?

ALRIGHT.I use a deer computer mouse that We have had for 2 months now.After i got it, it appeared to be still a new newborn– POST weaned that, he’s incredibly domesticated in addition to has the own set-up (cage, controls, etc.).It has not known whatever else.Lately, s/he’s picked up very stressed (I haven’t had the opportunity to play for it as often), and I’m sure it incorporates a lot related to boredom in addition to loneliness considering that mice are much sociable creatures. Is it possible to get a new fancy mouse on the pet retailer and propose it that will my mouse to keep him/her organization I’m not even sure what exactly the making love of our mouse is definitely (which turns me that will another question– how to tell).Personally i think very bad for the mouse and get thought regarding releasing it in to the wild, but it becomes cruel. TFM is an excellent duck forum by using complete facts including photos on sexing rodents.The website is while follows: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/sexing.cfm That the mouse is often a buck, he cannot possess a cage-mate because bucks can and complete fight until eventually the demise of just one or both of … Continue reading

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My baby red eared has a swollen cheek is there something wrong with him?

her left cheek is usually way bigger compared to other along with its very hard so im afraid theres a thing wrong by using him PLEASE HELP! Swollen “cheeks” are usually inner hearing infections.This condition ought to be addressed with a reptile vet.The inflammed area must be drained of puss after which you can the turtle will surely have to be don antibiotics for some weeks.If absolutely nothing is done about the infection it can, and typically does, become systemic and it will cause the turtle’s demise.Here’s some good places to look for a lizard vet local you: http://www.herpvetconnection.com/ http://www.repticzone.com/articles/reptileveterinarians.html It’s a strong inner ear infection as well as the puss could possibly get very really thick along with waxy.IT’s a strong abcess at this point.He will probably have to acquire that opened by your vet.They will get really big along with painful.I used to open these people myself but I was trained to undertake it as a rehabber.Once it is really open as well as the puss is usually removed many people heal in place really immediately.

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Is it illegal to kill a rattle snake?

Hmmm lets see since everyone who answered my questions before about the dogs were so hurt that I wanted to kill it without havong to pay anything… Anyways how do you feel,about killing rattle snakes? Cause I take my 22 and blow them in half.I wonder if yall get offended by this since everyone is animal lovers here. It is not illegal in most places to kill a rattle snake, but it may be illegal for you to discharge a gun id you live in a residential area.But I would avoid other means of killing it because they can strike pretty far, really fast and even dead you have to be careful because their fangs are still loaded. Some places have free services that will remove the animals for you.Talk to your local animal control to see what they suggest. Personally I wouldn’t kill them, I would have someone come catch them, but I dont fault you for killing them if they are on your property.You have to protect yourself, your family and your pets.But if they are off your property you shoul leave them alone. Good luck! The New Mexican Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake (Crotalus willardi obscurus) is an endangered species … Continue reading

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Infanticide in ducks?

Precisely what would start a mother duck in order to drown most of her ducklings Unless you saw her take action I must say she wasn’t the reason for their demise.It is very likely that they followed her in to the water and also couldn’t emerge before these people became waterlogged and drown.It could also have been a predator of some type.I do not know which kind of set up you might have, but if its in your pond, after that sometimes large fish, turtles, snakes and also other normal water animals attack them.My greatest guess however will be that that they became waterlogged.

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I found a little dead bird, is it dangerous to touch it?

good, i dont observe any causes of his demise, but i can love to try out it.regarded as a or should i burry it Most fowls harbor parasites such as fleas as well as lice, and these will stay with your body for quite a while.But whether a warm, live body arrives, such as you, they may quickly start to the idea.So just be familiar with this likelihood. In the event you still want to play by it, you really need to expose that to getting stuck temperatures for some hours for you to kill over parasites.Then it should be safe to take care of. Use gloves in the event you must.Birds may carry an array of diseases, and several can often be transmitted to humans simply by touch, such as avian flu (I think).Just apply plastic or maybe rubber gloves and a face covering as a surgical cover up, and you ought to be fine. Do NOT touch that will bird! Whether you see a grounds for death or not it could actually have died from the disease so you could snatch it by simply touching the idea.If you should, use gloves and a bag in addition to BURY … Continue reading

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My fish is dying. How to make death very easy for her? Plz help…?

I am just 100% confident that she is gonna possibly be dead within a day or maybe two.Today, she’s suffering plenty.So, what may i do so that, she dies very quickly with a reduced amount of pain.I noticed somewhere we should set her inside bowl total of water and fit it the actual freezer.She’ll slowly slumber to demise.I’m not sure about this specific.What can i do.She’s resting sideways and her face have popped out a bit more.I know nancy in loads of pain.Plz help “I observed somewhere we should set her throughout bowl total of drinking water and put it your freezer.She’ll slowly slumber to demise.” Never employ this method, it’s painful for your fish (having for you to sit as well as wait insurance policy coverage fluids into their body little by little freeze).I might suggest clove oil, you can certainly usually locate it inside the herbal portion of any supermarket or normal health grocery.After this fish is put less than via that clove oil from the water (it’s gills should nevertheless be moving) many people add something like vodka (Im undecided why vodka specially is and so popular) in order to fully public court its natural functions along … Continue reading

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