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Does anybody know of any good reptile shops in surrey?

i’d like to obtain a western hognose and want to know whenever any entire body knows associated with any where i will get one to get a decent price i am aware about tc reptiles Depends where you will be in surrey and what lengths you are prepared to travel, Ilive within sutton and there are numerous in the neighborhood in case you have transport, try out crystal construction reptiles about westow lane, south norwood, (crystalpalacereptiles.com) they always have a wonderful collection connected with snakes and i understand they include hoggies inside stock currently, I got mine from their store last season and their particular snakes are always healthy and balanced and usually the cheapest in areas, also it is usually worth giving rescues any try, you just never know, beaver water world within westerham (beaverwaterworld.com) are usually good and there is possibly an rspca relief in brighton, also try croydon reptiles along with your local pets in your house might possess them, if not they might be able to source you one, hope this helps; -) Not convinced about Surrey particularly, but in case you look inside Practical Lizard Keeping magazine they want shops marketed in now there from … Continue reading

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How can I control the temp of my snake’s heating pad?

I have been previously struggling with the heating challenge in this corn snake’s container.I started having a heat light fixture with had been emitting an excessive amount of heat.I attempted a heating system pad which was worse.So post resorted to somewhat of a, what There’s no doubt that is labeled, a rheostat.I plowed the lamp in to it along with barely switched the dial on to ensure the temp has been low adequate.My snake has to be too scorching cause he is never in that edge unless your dog just dined on or during the night time he explores the full tank. I listened to heat pads were improved for snakes a result of belly warm.I ordered one as well as hooked this up, even so the lowest placing is 75 degrees F.Currently i’m caught.How should i dial affordable the high temperature The rheostat isn’t going to seem to cooperate with the heating pad. Rheostats will be light dimmers, these people dim equipment and lighting.You have a thermostat to control your below tank heater I use ranco, http://www.reptilebasics.com/thermostats If you ever order from reptile principals, also have a infra reddish colored temp marker to adequately measure your current temps http://www.reptilebasics.com/thermometers … Continue reading

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What is a fairly priced and legit website for snakes?

I’m looking to buy a king snake or some type of hybrid snake that’s $80 or less.I would prefer an albino king snake like the one here –> http://www.generalexotics.com/images/Albino_Banded_Cal_King.jpg If anyone knows a website or store that sells these (besides petsmart/petco) for a decent price let me know!!! 🙂 http://bhbreptiles.com/ http://lllreptile.com/ Actually, my fiance has an albino california kingsnake listed on Los Angeles Craiglist for $75.If you’re in LA area (and I see you’re in California..?), contact me.(Sorry, couldn’t find out how to email you instead of posting here). Otherwise, Craigslist, kingsnake.com, faunaclassifieds, and even looking at other snake forums can help you find the snake you want. Petco/petsmart are over priced for low quality snakes. Check out Kingsnake.com or Faunaclassifieds.com for a plethora of any reptile you’re looking for from legit breeders. Bigappleherp.com

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What is an affordable brand of dog food (please read)?

I’m staying in your house for the initial year involving college to stay money nonetheless i’ll be out your front door my 2nd year.:) I’d like to transition my Wonderful Retriever with a more inexpensive brand connected with dog food yet finest quality possible because money is going to be…fairly restricted, not nasty but I’d like to see to save about I can easily.Right now he could be on Blue Buffalo, and truthfully i’m not too impressed by it anyway. Any tips of dog food that is affordable nonetheless not that commercial nonsense crap Diamond Naturals offers no whole wheat, corn or soy and I get yourself a 20 pound bag regarding $17 at the local feast store. Ever heard you have what you have the funds for Does your pet have special diet conditions that ought to be considered Most people prefer Bil-Jac in addition to Eukanuba in the higher conclude choices.These yes the maxium nutrition while using least waste material (doggie piles) Absolutely no stomach upsets, fuel or reduce stool.In saying that though, we have also had reasonable results by using Purina Just one and Pedigree from your local grocery store chains.Since when changing over any pets eating … Continue reading

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