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Rat Owners: How long has your pet rats lived?

Thought about 2 female pet rats which were a minor over Three years old after they died, and thought about 2 male rats which were 2.5 years old when many people died. I recognize have HALF A DOZEN female rats who are 4.5 many months old (I consequently hope they make it to 3 years old or maybe beyond) That is just outside curiosity:) my earliest 2 subjects kenai along with koda have been around ONLY TWO.5 years once they died.my rat hikaru was about the same age when they died.i even now have her brother who will be THREE OR MORE in decemeber plus 4 some other rats who are 1 year old In the usa I feel pretty sure the relationship expectancy is definitely more.The average in britain is TWENTY TWO months, plus my at best lived for 23. I bought my primary two from the responsible breeder whom knows plenty about test subjects, but has been very hazy about the place that the ones your lover was supplying me ended up from.Coming from what the girl said, I think one of them was the pet look rat and something was selectively bred by the woman’s.It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Should i get a gernbil hamster or guinea pig?

i’d like a rodent that will plays a whole lot and is friendly nice playful. i would certainly say a hamster or guinea pig.relating to had a new hamster and also a gerbil.both are generally great nevertheless the hamster is much more playful in addition to friendly. Depends altogether on what you long for: Guinea pig: Takes more time to get accustomed to you, but can bond extremely well. Upkeep and cage is more expensive. Not just a particularly fun animal. Diurnal- active from the day. Gerbil: Extremely active and fast, hard to touch therefore. Friendly, though can bite outside curiosity and also nerves. Very entertaining to observe. Crepuscular- lively at daybreak and dark. Hamster (Syrian): Generally slow and semi- inactive. Extremely friendly, although spooked without difficulty. Bonds actually with it can be owner, yet can switch nasty in the event that mistreated. Nocturnal- active during the night time. Hamster (Dwarf) I discover that a dwarf hamsters character and mannerisms are nearly the same as the gerbil’s, except quite possibly nocturnal. Of course this is just the particular species in general- You can receive lazy and also inactive gerbils, just as possible get energetic and confident hamsters. Well this will … Continue reading

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I have 2 rats in one cage?

….and i have one foodstuff dish while in the cage, i got wondering basically should fit two food dishes within the cage that they dont combat over the item or anything it can be just our curiosity, like if you have suppose to become a dish for each rat or something similar to that make sure you and thanks a lot:) P.ersus.any great rat web sites are pleasant. Nah, you possibly can put just one, maby feast them twice daily though, at nighttime and each morning, (since many people share they may not each have a equal total… dapper.com.au WILL BE BEST RAT SITE!!! You DID ask for some rat internet site.The #1 answer did not include which! How big ‘s your cage Just like any animal, have enough food and extras. Hd need a bowel to be able to eat outside of. Also have treats for them. If you, have a bathroom with newspaper for the ground, door shut so as to exercise while in the daytime. Along with a wheel, loads to take and beverage. My guinea pig operates around the entire day in the actual bathroom. She applies herself to sleep in the evening. Always deal with … Continue reading

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How many times in a day should i hold my hamster?

Could it be good to hold on to them all dayor just once or what My hamster does not seem to as if it when post hold him.What a few pointer do Now why on earth would you plan out times to support your hamster Well, when anyone first acquire your hamster you need to just let them get used to your hand in the crate for only 10 minutes at this time (because they may be still changing to everything).But after some weeks you can start to keep the hamster a little bit (but permit them obtain down whenever they want to).Based on the hamster, I’d personally say in relation to 10-15 moments of managing per session needs to be good.You are able to hold these people multiple times a day, just impart them with breaks between just for them to use the restroom along with eat as long as they want for you to.Just never bug these people before noon, because they are nocturnal plus waking all of them up creates them grumpy.I’d declare hold them a little (or at least let all of them sniff your own hand) at about 4 or 5 PM (assuming they’re not … Continue reading

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Help with position of baby musk turtle basking platform, read description?

Should my stick-on basking platform be with the edge in the vivarium or do you find it fine in the centre Its only he never continues.it; instead this individual sits over a plant and also the filtration.Please support, thanks a large amount:) you must try movig the item around into a coulp involving differnt places within the tank to check out if when called he’ll get in it there of course , if he doesn’t then your dog probably just doesn’t want it. hi i would just leave it with the edge so every time they get about it these people feel more secure with this glass on the side and in the back, just place it inside and give your minor guy that will explore it because gradually he/she could let curiosity obtain better advisors, they may just focus on their A COUPLE OF front ft on its but after a while they are certain to get on, its far better to depart it to provide he/she an opportunity to dried out their disguise, i set a bogus reptile place above the platform so the leaves strung down about it plus mine appreciate it some people get right under … Continue reading

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My painted turtle is not eating; he like twitches when food is near?

it’s weird.he appears to be he wishes to eat that but exclusively lunges on it, won’t eat the item.Hes quite active and i hava a filter, heater, basking light source and turtle meal I’m eating him…iv got him to get 4 days to weeks now and he nevertheless wont eat almost anything! What is definitely he performing! It’s too early to panic and a lot vets won’t be associated with any help.What you might try is definitely slipping a few small earthworms in the water.In the event it will not eat worms, start seeking a reptile vet. You might take him towards vet, it might be a problem along with his eyesight, nonetheless it could furthermore be for the reason that hes still getting used to her new household.You might also want to try another type of turtle meal, like this floating pellets, dry out shrimp, or even live meal to curiosity him. Take him into a veterinarian.

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My local pet store has a small water turtle in a cube biorbe tank, is that ok?!?

I went to my area pet shop, highly seasoned people, they kept a smaller water turtle from a small fish tank, i subsequently went per week later still there, ended up being looking very good.I dont evoke a normal water heater and also uv light fixture or dried up place for them, turtle seemd to control.How have they It is dependent upon the form if it has the a gentle shell the ok basking turtles for instance RES, PTs, and the like need dried land and also UV bulbs Pet shop animals usually are only residing in short time period spaces.It’s alright, due to the fact someone have to buy that pretty soon, turtles are generally a thing of curiosity.If these are highly knowledgeable, I can not imagine all of them doing anything that will be unhealthy for the turtle.My two turtles were in a small habitat with a number of other turtles once i bought these people, and I have had all of them for almost annually now and they are perfectly healthful. At the finish of your day they would probably take the turtle to the back of the shop where they might have some sort of tank … Continue reading

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Could I house my fire belly toads with a rough green snake?

We have owned bad green snakes in advance of and presently own 3 firebellies.the two live in an exceedingly similar atmosphere and eat the identical thing, crickents.I know you can house newts and also green tree frogs along with firebellies.At any rate, if there were enough meals and area, could they will coexist BTW this can be just from curiosity. probaly certainly, but post dont know if the toxins in the toads will probably affect the actual snake.the snake definately wont consume it because of the frogs could lift it has the head upward and show off its shiny colors exhibiting the snake its poisones as well as snake wont bug it whatsoever.only thing to view for is definitely the toxins with the frog rubbing contrary to the grass as well as ground acquiring toxins around which could hurt it but idk.ask that pet save people to check out or also, wait for another reply to help probably not advisable since snakes take in frogs along with fire bellys are usually poisonous so if the snake will get curious, its likely it could die.

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I found a small lizard in my backyard and was wondering if anyone knew what it was?

I came home and found a small lizard in my backyard.I live in southern Alberta, Canada and the lizard is a sort of greenish yellow colour with black markings on it and had kind of slimy skin.I know nothing about lizards so I’m just asking if anyone could identify it out of curiosity.Thanks! It’s a salamander, not a lizard.Lizards have dry skin and I am unaware of any found in Alberta, Canada, unlike tiger salamanders, which are quite common there. http://www.biology.ualberta.ca/courses.hp/zoo301.hp/a-tigrinum.html What you found is a salamander as Madsnakeman has already stated.There is only one lizard species native to Alberta but being in the southern region, you do have a chance of seeing it.It is the Short horned lizard.There’s a photo here http://naturealberta.ca/alberta-natural-history/amphibians-reptiles/mountain-short-horned-lizard It could have been a Five-lined Skink Scientific name:Plestiodon fasciatus It could be it I’m not sure, check out this link and see if it matches your reptile. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plestiodon_fasciatus If it doesn’t, let me know at:acoders.info@gmail.com very hard to identify

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Do your horses like Jolly Balls?

This trainer doesn’t use them, but I got wondering in the event that any of one’s horses play together and such as them Also I recognized they acquired scented people (bubble gum, green apple, peppermint, along with blueberry).Have almost any of you tried them I possess a blueberry.I picked it because in the store it absolutely was the one which had this strongest smell in my experience and MY PARTNER AND I though that may interest our horses much more.I stay clear of any food almost entertainment because my farm pets are fantastic big fatties that don’t need anylonger calories:) http://www.reddit.com/photos/50762668N03/sets/72157625171660424/ Are photographs of my horses playing when using the ball.Sorry there’re so poor, but Thought about to have them from included in the house.My horses play tug of warfare and drive away with it.Sometimes they like to hit another horse inside the head when using the ball! The insufficient black deer also looks forward to playing soccer for it by himself.He basically does quite a few decent baseball handling all of which will pass that ball from his hind legs around his top legs, after which you can back all over again. Sometimes this ball shall be crushed totally … Continue reading

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