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My pet rats have been sneezing all their life?

They are 13 weeks old, and still have been beautifully healthy.They sneeze as well as sniff at all times, I had been under that impression it was normal until finally recently.Are this rats okay One connected with my daughter’s rats (born in our house) sneezed in the day she was created…..so a great deal that your girlfriend name appeared being “Sniffles”!:-) She lived that they are over Three years old. I’d say nothing to worry about. While it could be some kind of respiratory contamination, I imagine that it’s far more likely that it is the substrate that you’re using, especially if many experts have going on since you brought these people home. Certain wood-based substrates can be very dusty along with irritate your own rat’s lungs.I would certainly suggest a person switch to some paper-based substrate as an alternative to woodshavings.Also, any form of scented bedding/substrate, report based and also otherwise, can be very irritating to rats’ respiratory procedure.So, once more I would certainly suggest you switch to help an unscented, paper-based bedding/substrate. I hope this aids! Take all of them to vets to receive them sorted out. Maybe they will havea cold. thats usually a sign of uri.get … Continue reading

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My guinea pig is not keeping it’s head staright.it is twisting towards it’s right side.what happened to it?

It sounds like it includes an hearing infection and ought to see some sort of vet quickly.If you can not get the pup there That will night make sure you hold the warm to be able to hot cloth within the ear provide to move the contamination out.Hard bet is always to get your ex to a strong exotic vet quickly though. could with had a smaller stroke..or carries a bad headache or possibly neck ache..I would keep an eye on it and when it will get worse take to the vet to see what is wrong… i would not know hello there but i do know you have to take him on the vet! the vet can help you and tell you wants happening and so they can assistance him much better than we can easily! All the best .and hope your piggie is definitely ok!:).

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Rat Owners: How long has your pet rats lived?

Thought about 2 female pet rats which were a minor over Three years old after they died, and thought about 2 male rats which were 2.5 years old when many people died. I recognize have HALF A DOZEN female rats who are 4.5 many months old (I consequently hope they make it to 3 years old or maybe beyond) That is just outside curiosity:) my earliest 2 subjects kenai along with koda have been around ONLY TWO.5 years once they died.my rat hikaru was about the same age when they died.i even now have her brother who will be THREE OR MORE in decemeber plus 4 some other rats who are 1 year old In the usa I feel pretty sure the relationship expectancy is definitely more.The average in britain is TWENTY TWO months, plus my at best lived for 23. I bought my primary two from the responsible breeder whom knows plenty about test subjects, but has been very hazy about the place that the ones your lover was supplying me ended up from.Coming from what the girl said, I think one of them was the pet look rat and something was selectively bred by the woman’s.It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Guinea pig over grown teeth need help asap?

We would like help shortly.I experienced a guinea pig ( Penny ) who seem to had a couple over grown front base teeth.She also lost loads of weight.The girl hid this specific from us as guinea pigs commonly do.It had not been until i cleaned the woman cage we realized precisely what had occurred to the woman teeth and just how much fat she possessed lost.Pdsa wherever very unhelpful whenever it got to making when you need it appointment.So most of us took her to a private vet along the road.Her the teeth where attached and remedy given nevertheless she had more teeth inside back and a possible contamination.She would need to go returning when your lover was sturdy enough to go under sedation.Sadly Dime died that night at couple of years old.She appeared to be always a beautiful guinea pig, this was her very first time that in problems. Now i’ve her child Snuggles.She’s nearly not one but two.I have got realized this also problem in her jaws except them her entrance top tooth, one provides broken andf the other has overgrown.Nancy under excess weight as she is still recuperating from her last trip towards pdsa vet.I tend not … Continue reading

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Just got a guinea pig a few days ago from pet smart, keeps itching and sneezing?

i got your pet 2 days ago..I’ve observed he scores his back a lot and clears his radio stations or w/e…plus he sneezes rather often…could the following be mites or maybe something we’ve experience by using guinea pigs but never had this challenge. Sadly them sounds both equally like mites plus an higher respiratory contamination.You can easily either consider him returning to the pet store in order to an exotic vet.I won’t be expensive to relieve him only the workplace visit that will be all around $35.00 and the price of the medications which could be around $20.00 every single.You is going to be given a good antibiotic for your upper respiratory including a different medication for any mites, it can come within 3 pre-measured doses to become put at the nap belonging to the guinea pigs fretboard.You have to clean this cage and every little thing in them with each and every application in the medication with shall be 10 cays a part. Your guinea pig has mites…which also can invade it can be ears.Another problem is usually a vitamin D deficiency..which in turn also bring about skin annoyance…flakes…hair loss and scabs will result.giving the guinea pig lemon slices … Continue reading

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Something Is wrong with my Chinese Dwarf Hamsters?

Truly purchased this 2 tiny dwarf hamsters about my birthday that has been august 10.they’re both equally females for the reason that store just sold 1 gender apparently given it messes with the breeding or perhaps something.so MY SPOUSE AND I guess the hamster can’t be pregnant cause there are no male hamsters in the store anyhow.I concept she has been pregnant at the start because I read something thus if a person’s hamster advances weight speedy then she is pregnant.and she’s.when MY SPOUSE AND I first received them these were the exact same size.and now she’s gained some weight.but she also has this little red factor around the woman anal/vaginal area i always noticed next time i picked the woman’s up a week ago.she didn’t will have this.it basically seems as if her “vagina” ripped somewhat…I signify they battle sometimes bbut the mom considers they’re humping…if they fight as well as hump and also whatever WE didn’t feel she could rip upwards a vagina just by fighting….or perhaps humping.and also I imagine they harmed their base by battling cause theres a little red Make on the feet that looks like a very little dry reduce.please support me.and the vet … Continue reading

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Symptoms of rat asthma (20 characters)?

I recently bought a 5 week outdated female rat (albino) and ever since she continues to be coughing up a rage.I consider its asthma because she only sneezes along with coughs when active…If nancy just lounging around her cage there isn’t a sign regarding coughs or maybe sneezes.So Do you find it asthma What are the symptoms And also what can one do to support her using breathing It is more often than not that she’s a respiratory contamination.They became common within rats.You will only end up being hearing the problem when she is active, but it’s likely that it really is there continuously. To assist her breathing can be done things such as hold her in the steamy bathroom/put the humidifier simply by her ring, or give food to her quite a small darker chocolate chips.But to truly repair the problem, she needs to venture to the vet as well as be apply to antibiotics.Vets usually use doxy in addition to baytril to take care of respiratory difficulties in test subjects. Additionally, remove whatever scented through your room (sprays, surroundings fresheners, incense, scent, etc).Check out the bed.Cedar plus pine tend to be bad.Carefresh might be too dusty.Aspen will likely … Continue reading

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Can i give my hamster a walnut?

We’ve a walnut woods and has been wondering plainly could no problem her one Your hamster want it! I feasted them in order to my hamster a lot because we certainly have a woods too.just create shure u take this shell away and will not give her many a time.For more info .on hamster food check out the site below: http://www.hamsterific.com/hamsteruniversity/foodlist.html Yep! Regarding to crack heli-copter flight shell and you also won’t need to worry about the germs as well as bacteria cause it had been protected through the shell! if anyone take that hard covering off subsequently your hammy may love this! you dont need to worry regarding any contamination to the nut cus the protected through the shell.Get pleasure from! Yeah! You ought to probably crack the covering though…She will love it! yup.

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My female hamster smells bad ?

your smell comes from the put where the lady pees, and we saw as soon as transparent whitish liquid originating from the exact same place anyone informs me what’s intending on There can be nothing wrong with all your hamster.That robust odor means nancy in high temperature.You must also notice that after you take her beyond her wire dog crate and furry friend her she will freeze.By this I mean that she’ll stand absolutely motionless and she will put the woman rear up inside air using her tail straight way up.When MY PARTNER AND I notice this my girls are usually in heat I be sure to use some sort of towel while i hold these folks otherwise of which strong scent will move to my own clothes. Female hamsters procede with going into heat often, about just about every 4-5 days.Females generally become sterile and clean (no longer capable to get pregnant) involving 12-15 several weeks.They will still go straight into heat for your rest of the lives, despite if they are usually sterile.They’ll even accept a males and let mating that will occur. lol thats home furniture of at this time there pee silly I recognize what anyone … Continue reading

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Little bit of white crusty stuff on guinea pigs right eye. HEELELPPP!?

Now his inhaling and exhaling is great hes over eating fine he drinking he or she is 815 grams hes in relation to 7 many months old as well as his smell is okay its merely on 1 eye but it just wiped immediately.I feel its with the fluid some people use to completely clean their eyes as it was only one tiny little bit of WHITE brown crust area on 1 eye.Just wanna doublecheck my spouse and i dont assume its any respitory contamination just want another opinion guinea pigs form a liquid around the eyes sometimes, so inside diameter say this may be the idea, if they was sneezing coughing etc after that id think it was a respiratory virus, but if he really does develop any longer crust or develop sneezing along with coughing i’d take him to your vet! My rabbit had a similar problem, unfortunately we required her fit to sleep finally because it turned into an abscess, which eventually distribute to the girl brain.I’m not necessarily saying the guinea pig features this but it is just a possibility as figuring out how my rabbits eye started off, for now treat it using a warm … Continue reading

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