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Is my rabbit ok :( ? and what can i use to ware down their nails?

my rabbit who will be 14 days old will be gone slower eating the woman carrot although my various other rabbit which can be the similar age as well as being a girl at the same time, is eating as common.i give them away apple shrub branches to ware affordable their tooth and every little thing.though is definitely my rabbit ok cuz i am not shure.you should help oh that will i work with a stone or perhaps a plank regarding wood or even what else to ware lower their claws please aid.you dont should answer together questions.i will chose a best solution when i see one and it also gives a person 10 more points thanks It could possibly be because she’s a malocclusion.Lots of people prefer taking them for the vet to own the tooth trimmed lower.Some people can do that in your house with Toe nail Clippers.(See video clip link below).Stones are very good for putting on down bunnie nails (see site link down below for clipping).WE clip the rabbit’s nails and the pretty effortless.Wear a few thick devices, put these on the back and also have someone put their paws.(BEWARE after you cut these individuals they … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my guinea pig? And what can I do to help?

The other day my guinea pig had been eating hay after which you can suddenly the girl stopped consuming and started out making these kinds of movements for instance she was throwing upwards, and she can’t have anything simply because she are unable to chew the item.She desires to eat nevertheless she aren’t able to.I tried to test if she’s something caught in the woman’s tooth or perhaps something however I aren’t able to really since she won’t allow me to look throughout her lips.It doesn’t could be seen as she is any agony and your girlfriend breathing is actually normal.She retains scratching inside her mouth with your girlfriend front paw in addition to sometimes along with her back paw like she’s trying to help scrape something away from her tooth.She efforts to consume carrot nevertheless takes only really little bites after which you can spits the item out yet again.Sometimes your woman chatters her teeth along with makes a decreased moaning good. What may just be wrong I am worried related to her:( Please help Sounds for instance something is actually stuck or perhaps has cut the within of your girlfriend mouth.Is she drinking I recommend a vet visit … Continue reading

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Can I feed my hamster carrot grass ?

Yes.Don’t over do it though, several grass, clover, or carrots greens per day is great.Too a lot lettuce or even leafy greens could cause diarrhea.:) Make positive it’s wash and feed all this the carrot grass you desire lol. meow.

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Can my hamster eat these things?

I was thinking about setting up a little indulge for this hamster rather than him eating similar food. We’ve used cucumber and also weetabix, is he out loud to eat them NOTE:I have got a dwarf hamster. The cucomber may kill your ex boyfriend i considers so i’d personally use your carrot or even something other than them instead but i’m not convinced so it is usually ok i will look that up within a mintue and decide if it is usually ok:) Hamsters could eat almost any type of plant.They’ll eat viruses.It SERIOUSLY ISN’T recommended to give them away human food if you can not want it to acquire ill but I offered my hammie coca diet coke and your lady loved it and also went a lttle bit hyper. Yes, it’s okay to feed your hamster a lot of stuff. Here i will discuss the record: http://www.hamsterific.com/HamsterUniversity/FoodList.html Weetabix plus cucumber are generally fine, in small volumes. Vegetables= 2-3 times 7 days at the most Weetabix= Smaller peices once or twice a calendar month is plenty.

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Why won’t my baby guinea pig eat during the day? I got him a couple days ago.?

I got my baby pig literally a couple days past and throughout his crate, I put a bit hut construction for your ex boyfriend to get to sleep in.He will stay in his / her “house” for most of the time unless WHEN I bring your ex out as well as play with him.Once i am dwelling, he can come out about his personal here and also there and munch as well as drink, but is not when I am away.There was some day I had been gone for your day while I became home, your dog was nonetheless in his / her “house” in addition to he had not touched her food or maybe water.Help! He is not sick is usually he Should never baby guinea pigs be running all-around and looking at and eating as much as they can one am and so scared! Its a great sign that at the least he eats while you are there! I might try placing his food bowl close to where your dog hides so he can reach their food without venturing to far away from the hidey pin where this individual feels safe.See in the event this boosts things.My piggie … Continue reading

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Why did my hamster just bite me?

I was just keeping my hamster and also letting your pet roam all-around on my personal chest but stroking him together so they couldnt simply jump off of me (so I know it wasnt because We were holding your pet too tight) when out of the blue he bit my blank arm:he’s simply ever little bit me as soon as before however it wasnt really a bite ?t had been a nip and thus was this kind of.And I’d just feasted him offered him mineral water and afforded him the carrot AND an item of wood to help chew therefore please no person suggest the because im neglecting your pet! But i do not know why they would chew:S soon after he does it i was so furious i placed him and shouted halt and he looked quite scared then i put him instruction online his crate and bought him some sort of ‘time out’ that is basically my family not using with your ex boyfriend anymore consequently hopefully he’ll realise just what exactly he have was incorrect and he / she wont do it again which my spouse and i doubt could happen tbh.But he usually knows to not … Continue reading

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Am i a bad hamster owner?

we give him fresh water every some other day, clean his or her cage every week, he has a huge cage! play having him if ever i might & allow him unique food every day and treat in the evening and he or she always incorporates a toy and also wood that will chew with, and to get his wheel..it’s really a ball which includes stands to he is able to run from it in their cage. many thanks! Well, it appears like you really look after him, nonetheless I can’t honestly resolution this issue without more details. By way of example, if you employ Pine as well as Cedar bedsheets, that isn’t good.They want harmful phenols of which harm this respiratory process.Use unscented Aspen or perhaps Carefresh (but possibly not carefresh basic that has pine and cedar throughout it). -Use Hazel Hamster or maybe Carefresh Finish hamster meal.Avoid low-cost quality food like Kaytee. -The smallest cage size for any species of hamster is definitely 360 rectangle inches (measure length of starting times width of base). Oh yea, and could I put, fresh fruits and vegetables every day is really a bit significantly.2-3 times weekly is loads, and with small … Continue reading

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For the sake of sleep and resting, please some one help me?!?

my cavy is killing me she’s up 6TH.22 WAS sharp really morning and won’t allow me to sleep as well as shouting and squeaking during my mid-day nap, I just need ideas of the direction to go:( she’s really nice but I hardly understand why the girl can’t okay sleep.my human brain is losing its performance *_+ The concern is how to define you not doing on your guinea pig that it needs, as whenever a guinea pig is usually content it’s quiet.My guinea pigs have grown great related to allowing me personally to sleeping at just about any schedule I want.The thing is to line the eating schedule all over your rest schedule.When you always consider an day nap then impart them with their newborn carrot and a few one on on one occasion just prior to lie down to sleep.That might also be a good time to help refill his or her hay.For truck bed time POST give mine the third 1/3 with their daily veggies of course play together a tiny bit before going to bed, they have a very heart full of love along with a tummy rich in food so they really are down for … Continue reading

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3 1/2 year old guinea pig barely eats, is balding a bit, etc?

Concerning two A FEW 1/2 year old guinea pigs, together females, and one of them appears to be sick. We does separate each of them as you is healthy and stored biting the sick you, also the lady wouldn’t take unless only.I do not know if warmth plays the role on this, but it is really really scorching.. So this particular guinea pig appeared to acquire stopped feeding on and drinking the maximum amount of 3-4 nights ago, a common thing your lover would complete is get one bite of any carrot…Well currently today she besides doesn’t eat or take, but she’s getting skeletal, has quite a tiny bald place on the girl right aspect, she smells really really terrible (the fur under your ex mouth as well as stuff is wet), and merely recently the girl eyes water a small amount…She does still work around, attempt to climb the particular bars belonging to the cage, generate little squeaks in this article and now there, and headbutted dishes surrounding the cage…When she isn’t undertaking those she type of curls ” up ” in one of several corners belonging to the cage plus rests presently there and doesn’t answer nothin all … Continue reading

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Is this how I should be taking care of a rabbit?

So I truly would like to make certain because our bunny previous away 15 days ago:( This can be my guidelines. ONE PARTICULAR, I get out of bed 7:00 ‘m A COUPLE OF.Before POST do everthing else I feast them, wash there plates. SEVERAL.Clean that snout to the water package, fill the lake bottle up with bottled water. 4.Make positive there competition is wash. 5.brush there fur. 6TH.give them a couple of veggies (carrots) SEVERAL.pet them. 6.Talk to them. 9.hold them for any bit. TWELVE.I acquire there mess in the bedding in case its time to clean there wire dog crate I put them in the separate competition. take the very best off. get the many materials out Obtain my minuscule broom in addition to dust pan. get the many bedding out. rinse that cage with difficulties. dry it which has a towell put fresh aspen bedding in to the cage. position the top backside on then put the many materials back to the cage get fresh food placed it in to the bowl. put fresh bottled mineral water and put it in to the water package well initial i drain all theyesterdayr through yesturday released. Then I obtain bunny … Continue reading

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