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A Guinea Pig question?

Hi i was wondering if your could employ tree leaves rather then hay, considering i cant get any in europe.Or possibly could i use cardboard boxes or Hamster bedding DO NOT NECESSARILY USE REAL WOOD SHAVINGS! A number of Guinea Pigs will be HIGHLY sensitive to the idea! Hay will be good, shredded document, mulch, anything that is soft and so they can eat for the reason that WILL eat it! For bedding you can use hamster home bedding (no pine or cedar) and also a cardboard bedding. For diet the one thing which could replace hay is actually fresh grass however it ought to be fed with unlimited amounts much like with hay.You also must make sure it had not been treated having anything. if ough are meaning to the bedding after that u may use wood shavings, and also shredded news paper nevertheless wood shavings are way far better, i include used like horse hay for the bedding as soon as b4 plus it was really messy in addition to went everywhere in my own back yard you incorporate the use of riped in place news report.

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My hamster always wants out! Help?

Our hamster’s normally been quiet but from the moment she got out of her fish tank once, your woman always wishes out! MY PARTNER AND I take the woman out, engage in with the woman, put your ex in the woman’s exercise golf ball, but each time i place her instruction online her container she wishes out all over again.I tried using putting the woman’s on the bed that will let the woman run all around, but the girl keeps wanting to jump there are various edge.Managed to get her some sort of playpen, but the girl just chews around the bars wanting to get released.When WE don’t require her out of her container, she get’s seriously frustrated and starts eating on the woman house (there’s absolutely nothing left of it yeast infection! ) along with everything in sight.It’s weird because that particular time of which she acquired out, she seemed to be scared in order to death next time i found the woman.I will not why the girl suddenly seems she’s some sort of rebel.When will i stop the woman’s from carrying this out I’ve been considering getting the girl a greater cage. I really know what you mean.Our … Continue reading

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Ipod touch or hamster supplies?

What one should we buy while faced having a situation similar to this Hamster is just not tamed (so you would feel disapointed and believe you don’t have point purchasing hamster stuff) Hamster witout a doubt has every one of the stuff it requires. Love it if more want to order new houses hard, new foods bowl, brand new toys. Love it if more want an ipod touch. Or even i might buy some sort of handphone pertaining to myself too. I was saving this $100 pertaining to 7 weeks and thought about can’t bear to find out it disappear altogether just when you purchase hamster items. You are aware of i ended up saving this capital coin by coin.sigh…Which one You really don’t have to spend large sums involving money to keep your hamster content, there’s no reason why you cannot buy your Ipod itouch and see that your hamster obtains what it requires too. Forget every one of the expensive tools and toys within the Pet Buy, they are available mainly that will tempt hamster owners rather then being worthwhile for the particular hamsters independantly (think brightly coloured playthings – hamsters have very terrible vision with regard to … Continue reading

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Would my gerbils enjoy a ride?

Could they simply scared or maybe would they love I carried them around for their carrier intended for five moments or hence, with quite a few hay as well as a little field to hide in if they get spooked. Yes, no, why or why not A…ride Don’t you mean within a car, on the bike What Usually, it’s flawlessly fine to sling them around as part of your hands, as long as you do not own them out for more than 12-15 minutes during a period until they know that they aren’t purported to potty past their cage and they also know them to can believe in you.Until they’re familiar with you, you must just put them in addition to play with them right they always their cage just in case they obtain spooked so that you can put them instruction online their residence instantly. Update:No, that is definitely alright. Really, there are loads of idiots to choose from that would certainly ask if it had been ok to take them on a bike trip.Because an individual added points you appear much wiser than most of the people on this page. That they like hopping about because these are … Continue reading

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Bed sheets for hamster/mouse bedding?

Hi, i seemed to be wondering(so dont yell on me in the event im wrong) if you ever would be able to use like bedsheets for your bedding from a hamster or maybe mouse cage.i know you are able to with guinea pigs from the c&c and so i seemed to be wondering if ?t had been ok for mice/hamsters providing you clear it every couple of days and be certain it isn’t eating the item and its not like un ravleing and also anything, i became just questioning if it was ok you can once they dont take in it, but it has the extremely likely which they will take it..You are able to buy hammy bedding in every pet retailers:) No – they can choke regardless. You need to use an appropriate type regarding bedding. “Pine in addition to cedar bedding must be avoided.Both discharge phenols and also acids which might be toxic for you to small animals.Using pine or cedar bed linens will significantly increase chances of respiratory in addition to liver challenges that can lead to death.Unfortunately most pet save employees are usually clueless relating to this and attempt to drive pine in addition to cedar … Continue reading

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HELP I need cheap rat litter?

Ok so I would like a affordable odor controll smooth to walk and sleeping in nonetheless inexpensive litter to utilize in my own rat cage Kay-tee Soft-Sorbent Earth-Friendly Bed linens, its odor control & risk-free. That costs in relation to $6 at pet-smart. I avoid using commercial litter so it is consequently expensive.I fit lino around the floors plus shelves associated with my competition and just provide an abundance of places to hide.Numerous cardboard boxes give them things for you to chew, search through and hurt, and tunnels as well as pocket hammocks gratify their need to dig.If you prefer, you can provide a new digging box with Carefresh or perhaps something equivalent (in this kind of small amounts, it’s certainly not too expensive). Lino is usually super great because: – it is really smooth underfoot – it truly is nice plus cool throughout summer – it’s actually a one-off cost (you any longer ! replace it simply because they don’t eat it) that’s relatively inexpensive (I got 2 metres for a lot less than $20) – it truly is ridiculously easy to completely clean (just remove it down with a cloth) – aging smell so it doesn’t process urine … Continue reading

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What toys do dumbo rats like?

The boyfriend and I got a dumbo rat last night and i am wondering what sort of toys have to we obtain for your ex, besides the ones at the particular store (we have become some store bought people too).Ones that marilyn and i can find in the home, things you can easlily make. My women LOVE report towels.They like to shred it, move the item around, make nests away from it.I’ve furthermore found construct y like for you to chew upon “Pet Pretzels”, they’re twigs that seem like pretzel sticks.I can’t remember this brand, nevertheless we obtained them in Pet Wise.They furthermore like anything they might climb with.I’d suggest small cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes (as long as being the diameter is big adequate that the girl can’t find stuck) and old socks.Consider, if you might have only acquired one rat, you’re likely to ought to be part-time enjoyment for your ex also.Rats became social bugs and don’t do very well as your solo react.Think in relation to getting your dumbo a friend sometime in the near upcoming. Digging bins.My girls loved these..you allow it to become with land and your lawn seeds. Some people love doing some fishing for … Continue reading

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Please help me its urgent hamster transportation?

Relating to a close friend in banglore that’s giving us 2 hamsters and also an aquarium to keep the hamsters in though the problem can be i are now living in mysore which is a 3 hour journey i’ll be comming in a bus so it could be a bit of bumpy can one give us any concepts Please guide me -thank you they shall be fine within the bumpy vehicle, i buying my domestic pets by bus at all times.i highly recommend you fit them within small cardboard boxes or maybe plastic containers make absolutely certain YOU POKE HOLES TO ALLOW THEM TO BREATH.the holes end up being big sufficient so air can come in yet small enough so that they cant munch their way out.put the containers from the tank as well as cover that tank that has a big tote to hide them considering your banned to bring animals for the bus (make sure its open so they can breath) all the best on a person’s trip and also enjoy the hammies:) Okay so you will be taking your bumpy trip to now there and an extra chance right Thus just store your cage steady using your … Continue reading

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Are hamsters comfortable in clear plastic houses?

Perform they however feel safe It would be cool to view him in his nest, but I’d like to see him joyful.I just simply saw these folks and has been curious. they are generally comfy in the dark but also , they are very curious creatures and adore to look close to and see whats taking place around these individuals.it aslo depends on YOUR hamster can be:) Hamsters may feel safe within a clear cage, however i suggest you have alternative activities in generally there too.Lots of bedding, mini houses (you can buy them or even make these yourself, but steer clear of anything plastic.Try and stick with cardboard or material which often hamsters is unable to chew about.If they chew cardboard boxes, it’ll go soggy for their stomachs.If they chew nasty, it continues hard and can be sharp which might cause bleeding) and things hide around. For making a tiny house, what a person basically need can be of bathing room tissue, a lunchbox (or a little something else for you to mould the particular paper onto), loads of water plus a board pertaining to spillage.Soak the tissue inside water, mixing the idea up a lot, until it can … Continue reading

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My hamster goes into a corner and sits for a while sometimes. Is this normal?

I recently got an 8 four week period old Wintertime White Hamster called Bella.So far I’ve acquired her with regard to 2 days and nights.She quivers oftentimes, but your lover does let me pet her a little now. As well, before POST handle your ex, I wash my poker hands with many Dial “gold” soap.It aromas nice, and also sometimes Bella nibbles with my fingers (not some sort of hard or maybe really delicate nibble, although medium).Is that a result of the soap She’s just simply not employed to her surroundings yet.Don’t worry:) Create a little cardboard boxes box with regard to her that will hide within and she will spend a lot of time in in which.My very first two guinea pigs put in all of time in their own boxes once i first became them, today they’re pleasant, social, and also sweet! She’s nibbling to just study who you are.Don’t bother about that.Honestly she could be Eating or even sleeping so you just you should not realize this. It feels like she’s frustrated because she hasn’t found a pedophile vampire-hamster however.

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