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Any snacks for a hammy?

What snacks can one give my personal hammy He has a charcoal teddy endure called Oscar:D i understand you can grant them corn flakes :but what exactly else Thankss:D My hamsters possess always Dearly loved piece involving shredded cheese.You will be able to present them a couple but test out out how they are doing with 1 piece primary! Good chance experimenting having new hammy ingredients! (: Like the primary answer mentioned yogurt drops are a favorite regarding hamsters.They are like 5$ a new bag.But unless you feel for instance spending money locations cheap snacks you’ll be able to give it you most likely already have in your house:Cheese, lettuce, apple, banana, mango(my hamster, Theodore loves mango! ), mineral water melon, carrot, tomato, peas, frequent bread, broccoli, cantaloupe, for example.A hamster can pretty much eat anything at all besides java, chocolate and various foods that contains caffeine plus theorobromine.Just remember these are generally snacks thus don’t give it in your hammy extra then Two times a full week, especially your fruit that could cause diarrhea(wet-tail) that may be deadly with a hamster or properly plus quickly curable.Hope that helped! here is often a HUGE record: http://www.hamsterific.com/hamsteruniversity/foodlist.html POST also yes my … Continue reading

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What fruits and veggies should my hamster not eat?

Which are specifically harmful them and ought not be given to them Concerning a Theodore bear hamster Fruits Apple mackintosh (seedless) Banana Blackberries Blueberries Cantaloupe. Cherries Cranberries Grapes(seedless) Lychee Mango Melon Peaches (no stone) Plums (no pits) Raspberries Raspberry Leaves (helpful to get diarrhea) Strawberries Veggies Asparagus Bean Sprouts Bok Choy Broccoli Cabbage (Limited amounts) Carrots Cauliflower Celery Chard Chestnuts Chickweed Chicory Clover Corn within the Cob Cucumbers Dandelion Leaves Endive Natural Beans Kale Parsnips Peas Radicchio Romaine Lettuce Spinach Squash Great Potatoes Great bell Peppers Switzerland Chard Turnip Drinking water Chestnuts Drinking water Cress Zucchini Beef and Proteins foods Cooked Soil Beef (Rinse properly in warm water to clear away any grease) Cooked Chicken or perhaps Turkey (Steamed or baked) Reduced Fat Holiday cottage Cheese Species of fish Cod (Cooked taking away bones along with skin) Grasshoppers (Pet Shop) Mealworms (Pet Shop) Crickets (Pet Shop) Bread(whole grain no whitened bread) soaked in use ( Lower Fat, Skim, Soy) Offspring ( boiled or perhaps scrambled) Simply Tofu Simply Low Fat Yogurt Canine Biscuits (No Garlic, onion, or perhaps onion powder) Monkey Chow Science lab Blocks Some other foods Buckwheat Baby Food(low sugar no onion as well as garlic) Cheese (mild … Continue reading

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Things to feed ornate wood turtles?

our turtle hasnt recently been eating spinich as well as cucumbers.He includes eaten watermelon but he / she hasnt got anything previously 2 days i want differet what you should feed him execpt spinich or cucumbers.Ps they wont have meal worms Species including Ornate Wood Turtle will probably eat earthworms, redworms, crickets, and in some cases mice.Once or twice a full week these turtles likewise eagerly take in a salad composed of chopped and shredded fruit and veggies.They usually are especially keen on kale, zucchini, squash, mango, cantaloupe, banana, plus apple.Dust this specific salad liberally on every lastly or next feeding having a high-quality calcium and multivitamin natural powder mixture In captivity, they greatly well about Mazuri, greens, fruits, plants, crickets plus occasional worms and pesky insects.Unlike alternative semi-aquatics, Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni might be fed possibly on area or from the water. Omnivores.Tests and range their diet program.Mine appreciate cooked bare chicken, shrimp, are living earthworms, mangoes, strawberry, dark leafy veggies.This is not a finished menu, experiment in addition to see what yous enjoys but offer a variety, plus something fresh weekly. Supplies a daily eating habits of worms, meal worms and/or crickets.Feed the ornate wood turtle your fruit plus … Continue reading

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Bearded Dragon not eating veggies? HELP!!?

My beardie is about 3 months old, and I got him 1 month ago exactly.I cannot get him to eat his veggies at all Everything is correct in my enclosure, heating, food, ect. Thanks for any help.:-) With such a young dragon, most of his diet should be feeder insect.If you can get his to eat a few pieces of veggie a few times a week, that would be a win situation.Have you tried some (human) baby food? Get his to taste some and then slather it on the veggie you wish to feed and see if he’ll eat it feeding by hand.If you can get him to start licking the baby food, cram some veggie in when he starts licking.Over time he should see that veggies aren’t so bad and he should start to eat them normally, and you can still use the baby food as sort of a “topping” to the bowl of veggies that you offer. A 3 month old Bearded Dragon is quite small so make sure the veggies are chopped very fine, also if you give your Bearded Dragon lettuce make sure it is Romaine Lettuce..for 2 reasons…1-they seem to like it better than a … Continue reading

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Red Eared Slider hybernating in California climate.?

I was given a Red Eared Slider last June.She has been living in a small pond outside all summer.This is a fenced in yard and she gets out of the pond and roams around the yard.Her diet has been a combination of turtle pellets, feeder fish and occasionally fruits and vegetables (zucchini, cabbage, watermelon, cantaloupe).I empty the pond and change the water every 2 weeks because it gets too green and slimy..(I probably should get a fountain pump, but electricity to the pump has been a challenge).And she has laid about 4 or 5 eggs in the pond even though I bought about 100 lbs of sand for her to use. My question is, does she need anything special to hibernate here in northern California, since it will not be “freezing” but it will get cold and the water temperature will drop. They will sleep for the whole winter if too cold.

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Chicken treat questions!?

So We have 4 hen chickens and I would like some brand-new treat tricks to give these people.they appreciate cantaloupe vegetables, cucumbers in addition to yogurt.But which is pretty much it.Also, Should I hand them over live and also freeze dried up meal worms Meal worms– in any event, but they will like stay best, I believe. Oatmeal is often a nice handle too, cooked properly or waterless. You can give them more or less any vegetable scraps out of your kitchen– the protein dish scraps far too.We allow ours pineapple rinds, melon rinds, pumpkins once Halloween…pretty much anything.They will love the idea. do not impart them with potato skin its a new poison for you to them make sure they have enough fresh waters try offering them cracked corn or perhaps sweet feed My Nans chooks helpful to go nut products over extensive leaf spinach, lettuce, cabbage, carrot covers, anything eco-friendly really.

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