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What size cage is suitable for 2 guinea pigs?

We have 1 Guinea Pig and I want to obtain another guinea pig to get him(or her).But 3rd thing the actual pet store said he/or she was a boy nonetheless i don’t believe so how can i tell Minute thing is usually:Is this cage huge enough It is super dog cage here are generally websites that will serve u and remember never put and son and girlfriend together unless u really want a useless female with 3 months http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm http://www.guineapigcages.com/ It’s difficult to make sure a guinea pigs gender every time they are babies.But and here is a connection: http://www.ehow.com/how_2067537_determine-sex-guinea-pig.html I didn’t want to explain…. Very little, it’s not really.Have you heard of a C&C crate This is a good website to get more info at that: http://guineapigcages.com/.

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Im going to order a guinea pig cage?

alright my mother said i could order your c&c cage online in amozon considering that its much cheaper presently there $31.00 yeah preety awesome and big for my guiena pig and as it pertains should when i start buyin items oh and easy methods to tell my personal mom i would like my parrot cage at my room your lady thinks it might stink but we’d clean it adequately so she hopes to put the item outside in addition to i dont desire that therefore plz helpp and where we leave its freezin generally snowing and raining guide stupid right u can’t make use of a c and also c parrot cage for outside narrow models look great they will be inside cages, and gp’s should be outside inside the snow C&C cages are not built to get outdoors, because if this can be a rainy in addition to windy day it is going to blow the cage about!!! and a person’s piggies will probably be gone:( So I’d REALLY try to convince your mom that you’ll clean it often & very well!! If you simply can’t convince your girlfriend, you must either get hold of hutch or perhaps don’t … Continue reading

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Are guinea pigs good pets?

I am 15, in addition to very accountable.I want to buy a pet, but MY SPOUSE AND I can’t have a very bigger puppy, like the dog as well as cat.I truly wanted the rabbit, but came to the realization that due to my following school things to do and the fact that I’m leaving behind in 2015 regarding college, they wouldn’t be the most beneficial pet to me now, around I hate to express it. So I am looking in guinea pigs.I did plenty of research with food, care, cages, ect.I plan to rescue 2-3 young older people or older people (between 2-5 decades hopefully) from a shelter.I’d create a 2×4 C&C cage that has a loft.I’ll play with them before institution for 20 minutes, in addition to after classes for 2-3 several hours or thus, if which is enough.Despite the fact that I did research, I haven’t been able to learn what having guinea pigs is admittedly like. Are they will affectionate Is he loud Is it worth any time and money Take place they take action and Are you ready for major professionals and con’s of them Please don’t tell myself they foul odor, I’m getting tired … Continue reading

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How to clean a guinea pig’s cage?

I know how to clean that…but what kills almost all bacteria as well as stuff Other than hot water Vinegar/water solution is great regarding an animal cage.Pour water into a bottle halfway after which you can pour 1 / 2 vinegar.Spray it to the cage then wipe it using a rag, scrubbing any troublesome spots.Longing for you .the aroma of vinegar will be too strong, wipe the areas where by you sprayed which has a wet gauze. if it is just a c&c ring, don’t use water due to the fact water is not really good on the coroplast. If it is just a normal ring, get your spray bottle with the dollar keep, and fill up half in the bottle by using warm h2o, and also the other 1 / 2 with WHITE WINE vinegar. The key reason why i capitalized white is because there are several types of vinegar, (apple cider vinegar, homemade wine vinegar, grain vinegar, ETC) and the only one that works is WHITE vinegar.so usually do not go purchase apple cider vinegar as an example, and anticipate it to operate.:) All the best! x A mixture of water along with vinegar should do just as … Continue reading

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hi everyone we have been searching for c&c cubes 4EVA, post looked throughout 2 focus on shops, 3 k-mart suppliers and heaps of reject merchants and yesterday my father had to visit bunnings consequently i thought to go support him out, then we saw some sort of storage Indication and we thought maybe they could have c&c cubes plus they did, you will discover only 6 in a pack plus there $13 every, so there not inexpensive but at this time there cheaper in that case store acquired cages the squares can be a bit big in order to only apply them for those who have an personal guinea pig yet there fantastic and i like them, oh plus they co0me by using connectors but in order to make the second level you may need Cable jewelry so yes thats where i bought mine:) Um…<3 In the event you knew something about geography you then would are aware that Adelaide is at Australia, and we lack Walmart the following:S I happen to be telling loads of people quite possibly avaliable throughout Bunnings- where I am aware it belongs to the only locations where you possibly can buy the actual cubes … Continue reading

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Recomend c&c cage with pet cats and dogs?

there so hip! i imagine my guinea ahould find spoiled to get one! nonetheless it is safe and sound around young dogs and kittens and cats also previous dog, so what on earth u think we need answer by way of 1 pm tommorow EIGHTEEN sep 2011 Yes, you require a C&C cage to your piggie.A store bought wire dog crate is excessively small for just one.Even the best ones you will discover.And yes it really is safe all-around puppies and also cats.You just need to get added grids to raise it off the floor (it also gives you storage place underneath).And on the safe side you can make a best of grids hard so the particular kitties can’t uncover them. here’s where i obtained my competition: http://www.guineapigcages.com/ A C&C cage is not safe about dogs plus cats, unless receive one which has a top.The Midwest Guinea Pig Environment Plus is suitable though, because doing so has some sort of roof And it also has extra level area.The competition is EIGHT square ft, but it is possible to combine 2 and allow it to be 16 sq .feet.Here is the url: http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/category/default.aspxmaincatid=27&subcat=4&submenu=0&catid=142 I have a very dog plus a guinea … Continue reading

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My guinea pigs are flying at each other :o?

We have a small baby guinea pig and i recently tried in order to introduce these folks and immediate flying at each other, i went on the bath towel and segregated them.POST cant retain both until they find along:( You need to help i love them equally with my heart. We have a d and d cage and for one week i had them simply seperated it’s true i set them together in a very play pen they need never already been in. Please help My brown guinea pig is usually dominent but she quit right away for your new a single and my personal other guinea pig that isnt dominent is the one flying for the new guinea pig It can be normal for one to assert its dominance.She’s most probably doing them b/c the baby is fresh.If they’re just barbering both then the obviously careless situation.He’s different so they need to get used to each other.If you have a larger c&c wire dog crate and put grids in between so they can still see oneself that would be a good thought.Just monitor them once you put these folks together, otherwise they don’t become familiar with each other. if … Continue reading

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C&c cage cheap on ebay?

OKay dad said probably for my own birthday:I A COUPLE OF months away ans he said he was gonna get hold of top 0_0 we has catz:) ya their cheap about ebay.

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Bed sheets for hamster/mouse bedding?

Hi, i seemed to be wondering(so dont yell on me in the event im wrong) if you ever would be able to use like bedsheets for your bedding from a hamster or maybe mouse cage.i know you are able to with guinea pigs from the c&c and so i seemed to be wondering if ?t had been ok for mice/hamsters providing you clear it every couple of days and be certain it isn’t eating the item and its not like un ravleing and also anything, i became just questioning if it was ok you can once they dont take in it, but it has the extremely likely which they will take it..You are able to buy hammy bedding in every pet retailers:) No – they can choke regardless. You need to use an appropriate type regarding bedding. “Pine in addition to cedar bedding must be avoided.Both discharge phenols and also acids which might be toxic for you to small animals.Using pine or cedar bed linens will significantly increase chances of respiratory in addition to liver challenges that can lead to death.Unfortunately most pet save employees are usually clueless relating to this and attempt to drive pine in addition to cedar … Continue reading

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