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Advice of guinea pig breeding?

My organization is thinking about choosing to guinea pig breeding, I retained pet guinea pigs for about YOUR FIVE years, so have many experience. I would really like to realize the risks Every tips What amount expensive is actually it Anything I would need Bless you:) What could you do having 8 babies Typical litters average 3 to 4.We retained rescue litters regarding 5 along with 6.Dress yourself in all end up being boars (males).Are you made ready to separate boars at 17 days into distinguish cages A boar might get his mommy pregnant since 3 several weeks old.Are everyone prepared to manage any fights requiring splitting up of teenagers as any analysts mature–within a few months Have you got adequate parrot cage space allotted and made (see Guinea Pig Cages pertaining to cage measurement requirements). In case finding good homes have been easy, rescues wouldn’t ought to exist.Shelters would not be killing animals on a daily basis to help make room to get more.Think you will have friends that could want 1 Then how about we they get one witout a doubt Every likely pig you must “give away” is actually one pig who remains in the shelter or … Continue reading

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My female guinea pig is bigger then my male guinea pig?

The lady beats your ex up while he wishes to mateShe is 10 weeks and they’re 9 many weeks.She is definitely pretty big for the woman age and they’re a tad smaller.She’s an abyssinian guinea pig and they’re a clean coat.How can i get the woman’s to adore him Count oneself lucky that jane is resisting him or her and INDIVIDUAL THEM SIMULTANEOUSLY! You are managing a huge danger breeding some sort of sow in that time.If your lover got bred today, she could well be at concerning a 50-50 probability of passing away during delivery knowning that risk increases with every month that goes over.If some sort of sow hasn’t littered for initially by enough time she can be 10 many weeks old, raise the risk increases.At a year it is higher however and increases from at this time there.Your plant would kitten at earliest at the year old which would have been a really ridiculous idea! Why remaining are anyone putting the sow for drinking and driving to generate mutt guinea pigs Breeding is really a serious enterprise and ought not be performed lightly. That a boar and also a sow will not get down, there is definitely … Continue reading

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Is my guinea pig pregnant ?

i obtained a womans guinea pig from your former breeder Month ago and i have noticed that she’s gotten wealthier and dislikes the girl stomach appearing touched(she liked it whenever we first bought her). may she end up being pregnant some of our nearest cavy savy vet is actually 4 working hours away. any help is actually appreciated probably indeed, they receive pregnent effortless.In 6TH weeks time you will know anyway.If she is she will deliver birth their self, no fuss, just keep a close eye on the woman’s if your lover does include pups. One particular minute any fat guinea pig, up coming 6 puppies or and so! Good luck Emma It sure appears like she is definitely.The pear shape is often a sign that jane is at the very least 5-6 weeks time along, if not further.It really is good in order to hear which the person you have it from can be a former breeder because no responsible breeder ought to ever market a expecting a baby sow or one that had any possibility whatsoever of being pregnant without telling the modern owner. Likelihood is that she will have a normal pregnancy as well as run only … Continue reading

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Questions about bringing guinea pigs indoors?

MY SPOUSE AND I live in the united kingdom, and my own guinea pigs reside outside in the shed (with microsoft windows, dont be anxious! ).I hear they are ver susepctible to the cold, my buddy was ridiculous enough that will put his outside from the spring and it also died.Mine usually are not going similar way! We have a the baby short hairs calico referred to as rory, i used to be thinking regarding bringin your ex boyfriend in initial (Around middle of the october) when his coat is incredibly short and he could be only any baby.I also have a great swiss boar these people :Luther, he or she is more adapted to the cold so i became going that will bring the pup in Round the beguining regarding november.We have a several questions: 1) Will there be any anomalies to my personal plan 2) Will this cage be fine for my own baby pig, it could only possibly be til this beguining with March: http://www.zooplus.company.uk/shop/small_pets/hutches_cages/guinea_pig_cages/100_cm_cages/213718 3) Tend to be guinea pigs noisey during night 4) Would they head my tv on pc being with all evening (sorry, cant rest without this! ) 5) Perform they create big … Continue reading

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Okay to have a male and female guinea pig together?

They’ve around 3 years old.I want to have another pig intended for him, and I recognize not to buy a male.It’s okay for any male as well as female to be together, right Along with she (or my personal current male) shall be altered to prevent any toddlers. If he or she is neutered and you wait A FEW weeks submit op that can put them collectively, a sow would be a fine cage mate.Before 6 weeks you will find there’s small chance he will still end up being fertile which means you want that will long your wait.You always would like to neuter the particular boar rather then spay the sow.The boar neuter operation will be a lot simpler, safer as well as cheaper than the sow spay operation yes post guess will have them fine but you know what the hilarious part is always that he keep rumble strutting (look it through to google or even wikipedia) all of which keep wanting to mate as he may possibly mount the girl but zero worries should they are altered the bank fine yet watch for this!!!!!!!!!!! Yup! Which is fine! They’ll end up being fine, but alter the male, … Continue reading

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Im thinking about buying a boar(s) to mate with my sows?

Around Mid-October, I want to buy a boar or perhaps two for you to mate using my a couple sows.Through October Thirteenth, they shall be 8 months old.They are currently quite healthy.If it isn’t healthy throughout Oct., I’ll not take action.I wish to mate them to carry on the genes, in addition to lovely jackets, and and to sell these people (The one’s I recently don’t possess enough room for.).We have answered these questions below into the best regarding my existing knowledge.Please, ask just about any questions, for We have thought of countless, and possess great answers to all. 1) Do i have a good reason for attempting to breed (having pups would be fun along with similar reasons may not be good reasons) To place on his or her genes, in addition to beautiful jackets, and and to sell. 2) Must i have or am I made ready to spend what must be done to purchase genetically audio foundation keep (2 dog store pigs aren’t sound basis stock) Yes, I’ve previously got very sows, in addition to 2 boars would do properly, I consider.I get enough money. 3) Here’s I made ready to put my own sows at the … Continue reading

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My guinea pig occasionally gets one or two small scabs on his back, what is that?

I have 2 child guinea pigs, ( a new 3 month old, and also a 4 thirty days old) you seems for getting scabs although i by no means see him or her scratching while he’s throughout his operate (8 until 8 ish).The opposite is continually scratching but there’s no signs associated with anything.They don’t look like in virtually any pain or distress.I gave them a few ‘Spot On’ therapy about 30 days ago which usually stopped the actual scratching, but the scabs have been there.I likewise gave all of them a bath last week which got gone the scabs, although I picked him way up today and also noticed COUPLE OF scabs about his back towards your ex boyfriend bum, i picked out them off as they seemed to be loose nevertheless he laughed and said it appeared to be sore once i stroked it by squealing fully and nipping our finger.WHEN I also totally disinfected presently there run, cage, toys and there boxes they need in his or her cages while i bathed them.Should WE use ‘Spot On’ again, or will probably it just simply clear up It feels like you have got mites.Spot On can be a … Continue reading

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I Need Help With Guinea Pig Breeding?

I’m in 4-h while using cavy collection and needed to certain breed my guinea pig since Managed to get her.MY SPOUSE AND I tried breeding her at 8 several weeks but your woman didn’t have.Shes 10 months now and nancy back with all the boar.Can it be safe to help breed her now.She’s not have a litter box training yet and also i’m terrified for her life. Take the woman out right now, She should be to old to test to canine for once, all you’ll do is usually kill your girlfriend.I add not think that is what you long for to achieve for ones project, why managed you possibly not do far more research prior to deciding to put her in with that boar Anyone area within 4H the educate you to carry out your research before moving into anything, Please take her out now and if you insist upon breeding some sort of guinea pig frequently seek a breeder in your town that a person can a plant the of excellent stock from that may be protected to certain breed, than learn a lot more before attempting to breed this occassion OK, PLEASE Go onward and certain breed.But … Continue reading

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Should i breed my guinea pig i am sure about it?

this individual i ersus a young man i dont possess the girl still though yes you need to only when you researched plenty about this kind of.it is going to be fun i breed hamsters.and don’t pay attention to the rest of the people whom post irritating comments like “NEVER BREED YOU NEVER KNOW ANYTHING” as well as stuff of that ranking because when i posted this my hamster was pregnant in addition to i trained her many individuals were rude and my spouse and i saw on other parents questions far too. There will be definite risks.If the female is definitely new to breeding, she is required to be a below a clear age (I’ve listened to 6 months).You can actually lose the female and/or this pups.No dangers for the boar, while.:p If you do breed all of them, you ought to be there while she shows birth, in the event she rejects all of them, or possesses trouble.In the event of sexual rejection, you find yourself feeding these folks EVERY two hours for a few weeks.In the event of problem breeding, you receive her to somewhat of a vet, and possibly end up paying for a (dangerous) c-section.Then … Continue reading

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Should I get another guinea pig?

I obtained my guinea pig about four many months ago, and he has always resided alone.I determined that you need to keep two ones, and they does look a little lonely.I’m thinking of getting a greater cage so I could keep two ones, but the question continues, will he or she reject the brand new pig We have heard that will they’ll lock in to a furry battle to the death if they don’t including their different room special someone.I received him on the shelter along with he’s by now neutered, so that it isn’t an issue if I purchase a female. It is actually best to get several guinea pig.I can tell you from encounter that in case you do acquire 2 guys, they is usually friends eventually and out of the blue and intended for no reason in any respect, they can hate each other and WILL fight on the death.We have 2 traders and JUST ONE girl and I’ve 2 cages and keep the players apart.In the wild, guinea pig herds include things like 1 guy, 1 major female and about 8-9 various other females.It really is in their nature to become friendly to be able to … Continue reading

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