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Does anybody else get SO SAD when their rats die, but keep getting new ones?

POST sometimes are not aware of if rearing them will it, but somehow they need to really always be.But i are not aware of.Every time We have a bit of guy stop functioning (or find sick and look really dismal like he’s dying), WE get SO upset plus cry hysterically.But we always finish up buying 2 more new borns to cheer upwards the compromised sibling left behind.But your sibling always eventually ends up dying not to much time after his brother (i constantly get boys) therefore then now i’m left with all the 2 for you to raise again.After possessing rats within the last 9 several years i’ve as a final point broken the actual cycle as well as lost my last rat for dinner.(he was alone who don’t get despondent when the brother kicked the bucket, but this individual died YOU month following his frankly anyway, and so suddenly).It’s this sadest thing on the planet, and I’m relieved never to have to undergo it for a second time.But concurrently i ENJOY rats much and I recognize when my spouse and i see many cute children I won’t have the ability to resist.But whenever they die i feel like it … Continue reading

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My hamster is two years old and has a tumor, should we get her surgery?

This hamster is couple of years old, we required her on the vet the other day because i was noticing a little something bulging decrease in the woman stomach.The vet reported that she’s a tumor the scale of any water package cap.She furthermore said that marilyn and i could receive her surgery, or in the event that we found she appeared to be suffering, we ought to put the girl down.Heather (my hamster) continue to looks productive and good, but not surprisingly, she is not really exercising all the, and is actually having digestive system problems (which is improving from the antibiotics nancy on).Have to respond to the vet through tomorrow, so i highly recommend you help us decide how to handle it! Thanks. Don’t tune in to the individuals who say so it isn’t of great benefit, it’s too costly, they’re not necessarily cats in addition to dogs, or anything else.Just simply because are smaller sized, does not mean they’re just less deserving of living. WE do recommend removing that tumor.Lots of people will say surgery is actually too risky on hamsters, but I realize tons of individuals who have had tumor removals upon old hamster, a few even … Continue reading

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I have three female gerbils. My friend gave me her male hamster and I was wondering if I can put them together?

Your girbils tend to be about annually old, this hamster is probly practically two.If they can choose together, do Need to worry related to them mating Gerbils and also hamsters are unable to produce offspring since they are different race.However, you still can not house them together. Hamsters tend to be extremely sole animals and can fight and make an attempt to kill anything that invades its space.Different species ought not be mixed.They will fight in addition to kill oneself, not to say it will probably stress all of these books out.The hamster has to be kept separated constantly from the actual gerbils. On the side notice, gerbils and hamsters own different construction and eating habits needs, so there isn’t any possible way you can house these individuals together with out making one particular or both equally suffer. Best to not mix several species:) It can be of absolutely no benefit to them, since they cannot communicate together anyways. Yeah similar to the person over said, they won’t have babies because Hamsters along with Gerbils are different species.Its as being a goldfish mating having a seahorse, the item just won’t happen. Don’t ever put your Hamster with some other pets … Continue reading

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I need some help choosing an incubator for ball python breeding?

I won’t be breeding until eventually my ladies are set, which will probably be a couple seasons away and it’s going to be my brand new breeding.I’m by using time to receive prepared and now I’m deciding on an incubator.I don’t would like to make it myself – I’m offered to spend out and about on a little something thats of great benefit.I want a good, reliable incubator which regulates heat and water well.Altogether I will be procreation ten females it would have to accommodate at the least that but hopefully additional come after breeding seasons in the foreseeable future, if We have more handbags, i won’t have got to purchase an innovative one.Also, I really don’t want an enormous one :like something that accommodates a large number of eggs — just something to allow possibly 15 clutches might be.Any guidelines welcome.Thanks earlier for any allow you to can produce. Well there isn’t truly any smaller incubator that may hold 12-15 clutches.I only have 4 aftermakert cluch possibly this holiday season and i start using a reptibator.But they are small and they also only put about 3-4 perfromance cluch and charge about 250 dollars.You greatest bet would be buying along … Continue reading

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What are some species of small monitors?

I want to eventually get yourself a monitor so I’d like to see to make-up my mind what is the best one I’d prefer so I will researching the care they’re going to need.I’m sure that this tree video display units and timor monitors are really small but exist any others I believe the savannah can be another tiny one nevertheless they glimpse stocky.I want one with a skinny shape look, such as the tree displays.Thanks before hand for a person’s help. Look in ridge butt monitors (ackies); there’re dwarf monitors, only developing to with regards to 2ft lengthy and slender. Boscs usually are still rather large and bulky animals, potentially developing upto 4ft lengthy. The minutest species connected with monitor will be ackie observe (Varanus acanthurus).Some people get regarding twenty-four in .in period, similar in size to a bearded dragon. Sorry to say, that tank is as well small pertaining to even some.They require a tank of at the very least four paws by a couple of feet by two toes.If you are prepared to purchase a larger enclosure, there’re great and keep. You may also post a person’s question upon www.BidAnswer.com/yahoo along with obtain a $5 benefit for … Continue reading

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Is my parakeet going to die or is he sick?If he is sick ,is it very serious ?

My parakeet, Greener, is often a 4 calendar year old u .s citizens parakeet.POST checked once school and also i noticed his forehead all soaked and dry, and he won’t feed on, not even his beloved snack, which is lettuce.Is this individual sick or is he gonna die.Is actually his Health issues serious and/or risky When inside doubt, head over to a vet. Sounds like he or she is vomiting so he’s an condition that only a vet can fix.Canker or maybe sourcrop…..all treatable.Megabacteria has the benefit of these symptoms and it is more severe, but manner in which you’ll want to find the bird vet.

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Do all adult parakeets get black markings on their lower face.?

Hi I obtained a budgie.He or she is a efficient parakeet and he has got very clear green wings which has a little gray, which tend to be his side markings.I want to know how old he or she is.I obtained him about a month ago.I am pretty sure he or she is still below 8 many months.I will deliver u even more details.Offers no dark-colored markings, his / her iris is actually pretty compact, you can see the engagement ring of her eye, but it isn’t full.He has the benefit of blue face stripes.His mind bars ur not going completely down to his cere.His cere is actually purple which has a little random world, but the color is not only dominate precisely as it should be for any male parakeet.He or she is very music, active takes and products, but I’m undecided if it is just a they for today, but he or she is showing signs of an male.Any techniques I want to know how old he or she is.Any answers would be great.Thank u! Hey! So basically, you have a wild ‘green’ parakeet. The most typical one you can find in the particular pet store. Orange face … Continue reading

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How Much For This Helmet?

Well We are Cleaning out there my approach room and ran into this charcoal velvet operating helmet using cover.plus its really little.how much could it be worthwhat is really a catchy outline http://www.flickr.com/photos/61419002N07/5593069548/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/61419002N07/5593069542/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/61419002N07/5593069538/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/61419002N07/5593069538/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/61419002N07/5593069536/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/61419002N07/5593069532/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/61419002N07/5593069526/in/photostream/ Thank you!!!!! It’s a full blooming helmet around good pattern, but it may not be ASTM-certified.You say some individuals small:if it is SO small who’s could fit simply a child, they have NO benefit, because infants must dress yourself in ASTM-certified headgear.If it’s going to fit a grownup, you might be capable to get $10 correctly; some grownups will dress yourself in velvet find caps when competing in under-saddle tuition. I i believe would never get hold of a used head protection; you have no idea of who’s head have been in at this time there and eventually the structure of the item becomes fewer effective immediately after falls plus such. Nothing. Used helmets haven’t any resale price. Nothing.We’d never get a used headgear.

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How do i ship saddles?

thinking about selling some saddles upon ebay for your friend although ive under no circumstances mailed everything so big/heavy, how a few pointer pack the idea and who regarded as a use can there be any exceptional support to set up box they’re all many types too. I get shipped european saddles utilizing UPS.Position the saddle from a strong common box just prolonged enough and also deep enough for any saddle to fit.Lay it in upside down (laying upon its horn, seat in addition to cantle) flip the fenders in addition to stirrups up in the saddle cavity.You normally takes some bubble wrap if you want and place it about the horn first to help keep it out of scratching.Tape common box well together with packaging tape and you ought to be fine.If it is just a large saddle, be convinced and examine outside sizing’s of box given it may find themselves oversize along with extra shipping and delivery charges.All the best! I haven’t shipped any, but managed buy one also it came from a cardboard box with shipment peanuts as well as was taped super good.You might want to find the sturdy box and acquire one set as in … Continue reading

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Little bit nervous.. and what was…?

Ooh.I’m a little nervous, I applied for a job for a strong internship in the horse stable/camp in the summer and got it! Now I must ensure I prove myself proficient (When I get stressed I tend to make very little, stupid blunders.) which isn’t so much bad as I truly want the actual internship, we all get ‘paid’ within free classes and riding/possible showing.Which would do magic to our riding, not to include would be good training as not alone do many of us work around the barn but I have to bike some miles to have there and also back- completely more than worth it.Anyway, not the concern, just me getting the ranting out.(: Legitimate: What appeared to be your first ‘break’ in riding (When everyone first definitely started to receive some wherever.) Or maybe time working in the barn Precisely how did them go Many thanks! Ten points towards most useful story/response. Well it really is only natural that they are nervous when trying to get something you desperately want.Just breathe once you work lol.You’ll figure out how to relax since time proceeds, and you’re only the intern.Just feel confident plus people will see you’re confident. I … Continue reading

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