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Is it okay for me hamster to only eat the corn in his food?

Is niagra okay His meals are “Carefresh Complete”.It’s Pellets, dry out corn, dry out peas along with seeds.When i give your pet his foodstuff, I combine some corn inside it A’s well as being the other food.About a couple of days later on, all the corn all of us gone, however the other issues are nonetheless there.Is niagra okay that will he takes only your corn Now i’m worried that plainly take away the corn your dog won’t eat his foodstuff.What regarded as a do Btw he or she is a Robo Hamster if that aids. Actually, dried corn just isn’t very healthy for rodents & might lead to health complications.Also, if the little guy is *only* feeding on corn, he has not acquiring balanced diet. Whenever we were giving our rodents the commercial compounded food, I’d actually opt for the corn & give food to it for the birds exterior.A *bit* of fresh as well as frozen corn is actually fine & your rodents adore it (including our Robo girl), but any time your hamster is actually finished with his corn really don’t give him more right until he’s eaten a number his some other food. You might try … Continue reading

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My teddy bear hamster has basically lost all her hair now :(. Her skin seems really dry and she has scratched?

it a lot that she’s patches involving skin lacking and sores.I dont know what to do…We changed the bed linen incase the lady was sensitized.We placed vitamin declines in the woman water.She has very balanced diet.If your lover had mites the other hamster in a different cage might have them simply because we change their cages from time to time.She provides this ball on the girl back..i dont recognize if it has the normal and an element of her vertebrae because your woman had frizzy hair before thus we wouldnt associated with noticed similar to that. she’s almost COUPLE OF…help. We put a pinch of vegetable acrylic on her in order that she might hopefully damage less.:( I recognize on your dog i was told to apply lotrimin at the same time but I will be not sure along with your guinea pig staying so smaller what they will say to complete.I find out benadryl is usually used intended for animals at the same time.If you could have done all the other cage transforming stuff subsequently it has to be in their energy, something with her meals are irritating the girl to itch that way.That is horrible to your pet … Continue reading

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I have a Mississippi map turtle, very young. You can still see its egg tooth. I cannot get him to eat pellets.?

I had been instructed in order to feed him pellets because which will provide an balanced diet program.But WE cannot have him in order to eat the particular pellets.Any idea I bought some dark-colored worms on the pet retail store, they proposed them.He ingested those right away.But now I’m concerned your dog won’t have a balanced adequate diet. map turtles are for the most part carnivorous but they are doing eat A FEW vegetation seeing that juveniles.you can test offering your ex romaine lettuce as well as anacharis (aquatic plant).for finish guide upon diet and also other care info look into the website, good luck M.B. http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/Care/caresheet-northern_map.htm Hi! Pellets have to only be 25% of his diet anyway.Try smashing them up so they are compact enough for him. The sleep of his / her diet should be made up of such things as blood worms and dried out shrimp.Once he or she gets rather bigger you can also give him feeder seafood. Wish that allows!

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How do i take care of a baby snapping turtle?

Instructions Stuff You’ll Need * Terrarium Crud Native plants Worms Crickets Warmth lamp A SINGLE. * 1 Get a nice huge tank.A terrarium ‘s best because getting upset turtles love to swim plus bask while in the sun.Babies are proud of 10-gallon tanks, but per inch many people grow, you’ll need 10 extra gallons regarding water.Considering that the turtles can grow up to SOMETHING LIKE 20 inches, consider purchasing a 100-gallon container. * 2 Fill your current tank and also terrarium together with natural plants from your area where by you identified the turtle.Make the basking area outside of large rocks and fill up the other tank using water.Don’t put small decorations within the tank.The turtle could only mess with these, and may mistake these people for foods. * 3 Place a new heat lamp covering the area with the rocks.(If people put your terrarium outdoors because you live in a very warm, sunlit climate, this task is unnecessary.) Flip the light off at night and back again on throughout the day to simulate sunlight. * 4 Feed your current turtle balanced diet.Within the wild, many people eat equally meat (insects) as well as plants.Make sure you provide them with … Continue reading

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Help with my first bearded dragon?

Hello there! This is actually my very first time that ever aquiring a bearded dragon! We getting him originating from a friend that along my mothers friend and he’s 2 years old.Answering almost all these questions would be helpful.Thanks! JUST ONE.how long are they known to reside for ( not it really things i’m ready to be presently there for the whole life) TWO.what can they eat in case they consume insects when will i gutload these and type the pests they have.( do you know the insects some people eat) 3.do they like to be held Is it okay to hold them and how often can these people be held and Will some people be skitish or even held enough 5.What will be best substrate YOUR FIVE.how major do some people get HALF A DOZEN.do they are required water or is it possible just spray them and in addition they will obtain water out of there skin 8.Do they like to climb SEVEN.How would you tell right now there sex in addition to at just what age are you able to tell NINE.Do they will smell 15.What would have been a balanced diet 10.Do that they bite/scratch in addition … Continue reading

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I’m Planning on getting 2 tortoises for Christmas this year, so I can breed them. But I need information?

I really need lots of infomation about tortoises!! I need to know about hibernation, their diet, what size they need to be for you to breed them how much space they need, how much profit I would get from the babies, where to get them from, where to get the enclosure from and all sorts of info like that.So if your a tortoise expert then help!!!! The answers to your questions depend very much on what type of tortoise you are going to get, red foots and leopard tortoises requirements are much different to spur thighs, Herman’s or horsefields so first you need to choose a species and then you can check up on there housing/feeding requirements as for breeding most tortoises will not lay eggs for quite a few years they need to mature first, so get used to looking after them as pets before you think about breeding. try www.tortoise trust.co.uk they have all information on all breeds of tortoise. They have these really awesome information sources available these days.They’re printed on paper, and they’re sold in a wide variety of stores.You can even find them online! They are called ‘books’. You should not consider getting a pet … Continue reading

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What substrate should i use…?

I already know what substrates are good and bad i was originally gonna start my bearded dragon out on paper towels and then upgrade to reptile carpet but a lady told me that reptile carpet gets moldy because it soaks up moisture.so what should i use instead or if i should just use reptile carpet anyway? Reptile carpet does get moldy.But many keepers who use reptile carpet actually take it out and wash it every week or two, so mold isn’t really a problem.Mine gets moldy sometimes, but that’s understandable because my reptile is a tropical and high-humidity species. My suggestion is to try it out.It won’t hurt.:) sand newspaper paper towel repti carpet is fine just don’t mist the cage they are dessert dwellers so only give a water dish be sure to give a balanced diet and proper lighting and good luck I would recommend Cypress bark.I use this for my tortoise and it holds humidity really well.

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D3 calcium powder for tortoise?

Hey I’ve been looking into getting a russian tortoise as my first ever tortoise.Of course with it being my first tortoise I’ve been doing crazy amounts of research but I’ve run into on problem.I live in a cold area of the United States and everybody talks about how they have out door pins for their tortoise…So if I use calcium spray on their food with D3 in it will it make up for them not being able to get light from the actual sun.(Don’t worry I’ll make sure to give them uvb and a basking light I just don’t know if they specifically need the suns light or not). Instead of adding a calcium supplement, it would be better to feed your tortoise a variety of greens that are high in calcium.Some choices are turnip greens, dandelion greens, kale, and collards.You might also put a cuttlebone in your tortoise’s enclosure as an extra calcium source.If you have a good UVB bulb, you won’t need supplemental D3. If you want to add a nutritional supplement, one of the best is TNT (Total Nutrition for Tortoises) from Carolina Pet Supply.It’s specifically formulated for Russians: http://www.carolinapetsupply.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=24&products_id=261 Well a UVB light and a balanced … Continue reading

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Do pet turtles get sick a lot?

Not if they’re being properly cared for. They require a lot of space in a warm clean environment with UVB.If you give them everything they need then they can easily live their whole life without any issues. They can get sick very easily if they are not kept well fed.Also make sure to have a good filter and keep the water well cleaned or they will get fungi infections or other skin or shell infections.If they dont have UVA and UVB light sources they will die from lack of calcium or shell rot.Hacthlings are even harder to care for because there more vunerable to sickness.Make sure they have a good basking spot for them and do not over feed or they will become obese and can lead to organ problems inside and they can die.They can also get shell rot so make sure everything is well maintained or they will get sick easily.Hope the advice helped if needed just wanted to help.:) If you care for them the right way and feed them a decent food for turtles , keep their tank clean e.t.c then they should be fine i have four and never have any problems Hi! What everyone … Continue reading

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My budgie is fifteen years old now!! Does he need…..?

…veternary help in any respect.!! Do they will normally stay this long We’ve noticed their one eye is more sleepy versus the other a single, although he’s still chirping away with all the other gulls and the head is always in her seed dish, he can be fine!! Your Budgie is already at the most notable of his life routine, but together with good care it could actually live an additional 5 several years, but please never be misunderstand at this answer, a fowl will only live for as long as it is within it’s power to try and do so, you’ve got given your own bird the well-balanced diet in conjunction with care and also affection, that numerous do definitely not receive, So POST wish it long and healthy and balanced life and good luck to everyone. Impressive!! 15 years for the budgie is definitely awesome, well carried out in taking care of that chicken.The average expected life of budgies is just about 10 several years.I wouldn’t are worried about the vision, hes already past his prime just in case he looks like fine don’t get worried about the item.Could you have to be from thumping it with cage … Continue reading

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