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A Guinea Pig question?

Hi i was wondering if your could employ tree leaves rather then hay, considering i cant get any in europe.Or possibly could i use cardboard boxes or Hamster bedding DO NOT NECESSARILY USE REAL WOOD SHAVINGS! A number of Guinea Pigs will be HIGHLY sensitive to the idea! Hay will be good, shredded document, mulch, anything that is soft and so they can eat for the reason that WILL eat it! For bedding you can use hamster home bedding (no pine or cedar) and also a cardboard bedding. For diet the one thing which could replace hay is actually fresh grass however it ought to be fed with unlimited amounts much like with hay.You also must make sure it had not been treated having anything. if ough are meaning to the bedding after that u may use wood shavings, and also shredded news paper nevertheless wood shavings are way far better, i include used like horse hay for the bedding as soon as b4 plus it was really messy in addition to went everywhere in my own back yard you incorporate the use of riped in place news report.

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Theres a lost baby mouse in my back yard and i think its injured!! what do i do?

when i saw the item limping by simply my shed and one of many legs can be all twisted and so i tried to support it by way of feeding the item some bead and i gave it some water at a syringe (i assume it sipped it) what a few pointer do we dont want it to expire:( You should maintain it just about every animal deserves another chance.get a shoebox position the mouse inside there and complete a splint begin feeding the idea and allow it mineral water.check with it to assure its breathing when it is sleeping.with the splint you require toothpicks or even popsicles and also tape if you cant create a split the leg could turn normal in a very few days i expectation it survives I would maintain it identical way believe manage a family pet mouse.Feel free to use a black-jack shoe box as well as put bedding inside.Make use of a beanbag for any temporary pickup bed.I would likely leave foods and water out 24/7 as well as every hr or not one but two feed it which has a syringe.If you notice that he/she can be walking which is getting more … Continue reading

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California King snake?

There was this California king snake in my back yard.I caught it but i didn’t use my hands.Would it be okay if i handled it.Also would it be okay if i kept it.Please no rude answers. Well, if have a HUGE desire to keep it, you can keep it.Calif Kings are common as pets.Though they are usually captive bred so there is less chance of parasites and disease, the risk is your choice though! Also, make 100% sure is is a Cali King.Maybe take it into a specialist, or post pictures since there are many informed people on this site. If you do plan on keeping it just be aware that it will probably not adjust to pre killed mice, since it is a wild animal.You will need to feed it live prey.So if this bothers you let it go.And you will need to ready many many many care sheets about this animal.It will also cost you some money.You will need a tank, heat source, substrate, etc.So make sure you have some extra money. Yes you can handle it.King snakes are usually docile, BUT since he is wild I cannot promise he will not strike.Just be careful.But do not handle … Continue reading

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Snake aggression question..?

yesterday in the river swimming to shore I found what I think is a bull snake.I didn’t even know we had them in our area!(Wi)They get an average like 6 feet and are constrict their prey.*Im checking my back yard from now on!*Hes gotta be not older than 2 months (they hatch in Aug-sept) and its about as thin and long as a pencil.Very docile too.He seems to like just curling around my wrist and chilling.(heat!lol) anywho – Hes literally ‘constricted’ my fingers twice this morning.Is this a sign of aggression? I cant seem to find any articles on this on like yahoo or google.Does he want to eat me or just trying it out? Should I stop the behavior?, I did.I just simply removed him – ooohh it felt creepy! Thanks again! Bull snakes DO NOT eat insects.They eat rodents.A hatchling bull snake can easily handle a pinky mouse.They can eat something larger than their head.The constriction is just it trying to hold on and has nothing to do with aggression. Yes, it could be a fox snake, which is a type of rat snake.They are also rodent eaters and will not eat insects.If you have a photo, I … Continue reading

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Have some Budgie Questions HELP?

We have never experienced a puppy bird before, but We have totally chop down in love with these.I did my investigation but I’m still a bit confused with a few of these question.Also I have plans latter to build a big cage from the back yard so they can fly close to.Thank you for facilitating. ONE PARTICULAR.I need to get two hen because oftentimes I’m out your front door for a bit, should POST get a couple males, not one but two females, or maybe one or maybe each, I want them for being as noiseless as possible A COUPLE OF.I know that will put a sheet within the cage to keep them quiet each day, but how would you keep these quiet whenever they are within a big cage within the back yard SEVERAL.Good providing tips, any you are sure that of 4.How in order to convince my personal parents which will get budgie 5.The cost to buy a budgie, and also the cage 6TH.What can it cost 30 days to have got budgies (approx) with all the food, gadgets, cage, for example. SEVERAL.Any various other tips I will likely need to have a budgie Thank-you on your help … Continue reading

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Ive called so many numbers perhaps animal control and nobody wishes to help.we ultimately got recreation area police for you to answer along with theyre gonna send anyone but you know what, I happen to be trying and so hard to save lots of it and after this i discover, they’re visiting kill the item.The bone fragments is sticking out of it is leg and its merely a BABY! and thryre gonna KILL that.Please inform me another I can call and so then that wont die.Dont state animal control because right now there apparently isn’t one in the vicinity of us.AID!! The deer is actually suffering.That fracture is definitely severe.As soon as bone protrudes throgh pores and skin, it is definitely exposed in order to germs of which invade this tissue.Fluffy tissues are usually torn aside.These kinds of fractures are generally challenging to face in humans no one can linger asleep in traction, with one on one antibiotic perfusions encountered the break site.It is just a painful and long recovery, requiring close to the clock health care and sometimes multiple surgery,, and cooperation throughout in the patient.A deer can’t be kept like that.The anxiety and stress would be enormous, and … Continue reading

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My Dog wants to run and I dont have a fence… What should I do?

This chowchow Lucille sooo want to run around in the backyard but I dont use a fence.She’s usually obediant along with follows me but whenever she percieves another puppy she would like to go find it, practically nothing stops the woman.This creates a challenge because every place in the back yard has yet another dog.I cant obtain a fence for the reason that I rent and you can find too considerably rocks as well as trees to acquire caught onto put her using a chain….She keeps attempting to see the dog next door that’s a the german language shepard nonetheless when the lady went in yard had been, the german born shepard attacked her.Now i make sure the canine isnt available before I get Lucy.I pondered a distress collar nonetheless I dont wish to be cruel.She is an extremely good pet and I’d prefer to allow her work but POST dont want her right out the yard. Also I have a rented duplex and I dont contain the funds to look overboard but there has to be anything Allow me to do pertaining to her When MY SPOUSE AND I rented POST made any temporary section fence.I constructed 4×8 casings … Continue reading

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What is the best harness for a 10 pound terrier?

I’ve a very energetic teen terrier combine who won’t go on a lot of walks, though I prefer to change that soon (he gets most of his exercise in the back yard).If we do go around, he is all over the place and I plan on training him to not pull a lot when many of us walk.I was thinking of getting him your mesh generate by Petco so he might be more comfortable, but I’m afraid the fact that mesh may well rip where the straps usually are sewn in case he pulls an excessive amount.I has been also thinking of getting that Leading Easy Walk Pet ” tame “, but am undecided if that is the best choice to get a small puppy.I had been also organization just getting a version of those standard akc harnesses you decide on in Focus on, though I’m not sure how comfortable that could be for him.From a experience, what harness don’t you think would be best for my pet I do not want any harness that may hurt your pet, but POST don’t desire a harness which will break either.Thanks in your help. The nylon uppers harness could be the best, … Continue reading

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Why is my boston terrier out of breath often?

This 4 year or so old men boston is not overweight or even underweight.He or she is primarily the inside doggie, that offers the freedom from the back yard during the day.I a short while ago noticed that she has been expressing some unusual behavior.He or she is out of breath alot.Walking out of one side in the yard along with back typically has him away from breath.Continue night, his / her stomach woke myself up using some strange gurgling industrial noise. We have a vet scheduled visit, but feel seriously considering gonna the TWENTY FOUR hour vets.I am scared.He or she is relatively young and really should not be having these sorts of problems.In the western world eating, he still is known for a healthy urge for food, no vomiting, dry out nose, and I truly can’t think of anything else.Any ideas as to the reasons my dog is out with friends of breath BYB is back yard breeder.Get your pet checked intended for pneumonia Have you had him in heartworm medication could have cardiovascular illnesses if from the byb.

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Pros and cons of fostering rescue dogs?

hello there can people okay in around the pros and cons of fostering your rescue pet.We use a lab of our personal and rescued a new lab originating from a very negative situation (starved and beaten using a daily basis)…kept in a wire cage about the back yard and these like..i claimed this 20 times as well as nothing was complied i settled 50 in addition to brought the woman home using me however since the micro computer chip papers are not given in my experience the guy reported your ex stolen as well as after any vist for the vets your woman was recinded from all of us and paid to your ex abuser.The point of the story will it be has produced me look at fostering various other dogs in addition to pups…long-run and brief. I employ a animal clever 3 calendar year old….ONLY TWO cats…2 rabbits that have indoor in addition to outdoor cages determined by weather along with a run.Relating to a labrador who’s a 10ft extended by 5ft huge by 6ft excessive run plus kennel outdoor for when we finally are not really home but she has the run off my family room and kitchen … Continue reading

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