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Why won’t my baby guinea pig eat during the day? I got him a couple days ago.?

I got my baby pig literally a couple days past and throughout his crate, I put a bit hut construction for your ex boyfriend to get to sleep in.He will stay in his / her “house” for most of the time unless WHEN I bring your ex out as well as play with him.Once i am dwelling, he can come out about his personal here and also there and munch as well as drink, but is not when I am away.There was some day I had been gone for your day while I became home, your dog was nonetheless in his / her “house” in addition to he had not touched her food or maybe water.Help! He is not sick is usually he Should never baby guinea pigs be running all-around and looking at and eating as much as they can one am and so scared! Its a great sign that at the least he eats while you are there! I might try placing his food bowl close to where your dog hides so he can reach their food without venturing to far away from the hidey pin where this individual feels safe.See in the event this boosts things.My piggie … Continue reading

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My guinea pig lays in the same corner of her cage all day and won’t get up and move please help!?

She is about 3 years old, and lately won’t get rid of this minor corner regarding her crate, and I understand that jane is not expecting. Any time you will find there’s behavioral change like this in a person’s guinea pig this means it is very ill and should see a good exotic vet, never have patiently lay this lengthy, so you need to do receive her to an unique vet shortly. shes ill or depressed.when when i first became my guinea pig he would sit within the corner of his competition (which signifies he has been depressed) i obtained him a pal and the been 8months considering that and this individual hasn’t performed it after that.so might be she needs an associate or jane is very ill.i would take her with a vet to receive her examined, if that vet states theres nothing at all wrong, name just state shes frustrated. maybe consider her away and allow her manage around to the grass jane is prob just bored and they also love running on type grass, i make my expecting a baby guinea pigs function around with grass cuz its good for them.

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Is my guinea pig gonna be okay? i’m worried ?

Recently i got your guinea pig.The lady I bought him out of said he / she was “healthy boy” he or she acts really healthy.He eats a lot of his pumpkin and broccoli.He wines water only through the night.He’s quickly and skiddish.They’ve very nice.And my buddy told me every one the domestic pets you buy in the place Managed to get him they finish up dying I don’t think this.But I am just starting to fret My associates usually erroneous on your ex “facts” so would you think he’ll be good Or regarded as a be worried It is wise for taking a innovative guinea pig towards your exotic vet for your well infant check, the vet will dsicover things that you simply and I’ll never see and so they will use a good begging record on your guinea pig in case it will get sick so it makes it easier for them to manage it when its sick.You ought to take that in yearly for the well look at.Anyway with this if ones guinea pig does possess a problem the actual exotic vet can catch it so you can treat the matter and and then relax.There is a bit … Continue reading

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Pregnant guinea pig food?

My personal guinea pig is pregnant along with due quite soon, We can feel the actual babies spewing.What vegetables and fruits should POST feed her Could also I nourish her banana remember, she’s now having to not exclusively feed himself but nurture your little ones so make sure she has plenty of vitamin C! timothy hay is great and for that reason is alfalfa hay.alfalfa is generally not wonderful for adults because it’s fatty but it surely does possess more vitamin and mineral C in comparison with timothy hay and its suggested to give food to babies alfalfa anyhow.remember precisely what she feeds they at present eat.after they’re born mama might stop having alfalfa.vegetables and fruits are often great in the process:romaine lettuce, BELL PEPPER (!!! my personal guineas adore it), apple company, orange, banana, broccoli.with that said, these ought to be as doggie snacks and structure in compact portions to prevent fiber strands along with stringy what you should get stuck inside their teeth in addition to what definitely not.also every single guinea pig features his/her personal tastes, therefore it depends.even so, remember that there is certainly such thing as excessive vitamin D, feel totally free to dual her … Continue reading

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How old you do you think one should be to start breeding guinea pigs?

What on earth do you say your responsible age to begin a caviary would have been a responsible, dependable, loving, age Thanks, and also just thinking here! (: There are way too many undesired pets around and this also includes guinea pigs.Why we know would you would like to add to the problem It is best to research this particular more.Head to animal animal shelters and you are not selected. You will need to wait till their a minimum of one year older, rodents don’t live long to allow them to breed at a young time.If you have the occasion to handle, clean upward after, dozens of baby guinea pigs, then you definitely should, usually i would not recommend reproduction.It’s also very hard to maintain baby guinea pigs, they need special attention, you cant simply just let the mom do every one of the work.But if your guinea pigs usually are really aged, like next to elderly never breed these individuals but in case their 1 through about 4 or 5 then you’ll be able to breed.Expectation this assists! You don’t sound like you will be ready along with responsible enough to begin breeding animals child Guinea Pigs. You need … Continue reading

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I need a guinea pig expert or breeder help.?

Hi. My womans guinea pig will be pregnant in addition to her stomach just droped as if it just currently showed how much time does the guinea pig have when they show. I have got another question. I fit my female around my reproduction male with regards to 2 months.I Was taking your ex out becasue her as well as the male had been eating each one others hair.Why ended up being that.after which i placed her in with her friend she was with prior to that along with she started to acquire agressive tords other one And why is the fact that. Please no-one write about here if you don’t are responding to my issue.Because i simply want a new answer post \dont want use of saying you ought not be mating guinea pigs.Well you shouldnt become breeding pet dogs you shoulndt possibly be breeding any thing and humans.becase Actually thing has a chance regarding dieing. once they begin to show you’ve got aboout 4 weeks left, guinea pig pregnancies very last about 15 weeks. eating that hair known as barbering they certainly it either simply because are uninterested, or just because they could. you need to keep your … Continue reading

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My newborn guinea pig has a deformed feet. Can it be cured?

My personal guinea pig is definitely 1day older.The front feet are turned around.It additionally didn’t eat. Hold him as much as mom and so he gets a number of the first dairy as it is necessary for his health, then visit my People Tube internet site and check out Bottle serving baby guinea pigs! & 2 In a I give you the formula I bought form my own exotic vet in addition to mine would very will on it. Some situations their feet do not have enough room when it’s in companion while using rest of the litter inside uterus plus the feet find bent and so they will straighten out and about in a little bit of time, as well as some times they’re just a birth defect, there is not a way of knowing without having seeing them. It sounds like he includes club foot.This might be fixed by very soothing massage every single day to straighten his / her feet.Sadly, if they are not feeding when called he’ll fade away and perish soon.It is possible to syringe supply him together with guinea pig method that expert petshops offer.However, if they are too weakened now he might not … Continue reading

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