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Baby Rat injury question, PLEASE HELP!?

this baby rat is approximately 2-3 several weeks old along with his bad little body was scratched by my personal older man rat because of the little a single got beyond his wire dog crate and took theirs, SO currently my small man incorporates a huge gash at his tiny body in addition to its certainly not bleeding yet we washed it away and decide to put him in the nother parrot cage CLEAN with only a towel, but my concern is, will he / she be alright without his or her mother to get a whole day or more what regarded as a do Depending about his age, it might be best that will leave him along with his mom.She might help keep your wound wash, and keep him hot and provided.If that babies will be three days old, they might probably consume solids.Or you’ll be able to put mom within the damage baby and a few siblings inside towel parrot cage, then set her using the other pups…change that mother via cage to help cage every single six several hours.He demands mom and/or brothers and sisters for friendliness though.The hand towel was a better plan because the particular … Continue reading

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Is my syrian hamster pregnant?

I actually determined this hamster a short time a get near my personal house, plus i discovered someone shed it.I brought the girl home along with asked close to, no-one maintained it, so i was thinking of keeping them.Anyway, the very first day my partner and i looked to find out if it was before a guy or female, and we thought ?t had been a lady, but my spouse and i wasn’t definitely sure how you can tell.The following day i considered again along with she seemed bigger, so my partner and i thought maybe i was wrong as well as its the boy but then i read on the internet that expecting hamsters accumulate extra bed linens and meal and thats what exactly its already been doing, additionally , it sleeps a lot, so currently i’m baffled, and need ideas of whether we’ve a kid or the pregnant female its easy to tell weather their a son or not necessarily; boys use a massive lump arround as well as under their particular tails as well as girls will not, also seem underneath for the wholes, if you experience 2 holes reeeaally nearby then its a lady, if theres … Continue reading

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When will my mouses babies open there eyes and when can I hold them?

we were holding born ONLY TWO days past on friday and my personal mouse in no way stops feeds them.I really want to support them in addition but i are not aware of when We can. Mice will likely open their particular eyes any time they’re concerning 10-14 days and nights old.Most rodents are okay about individuals handling their particular babies, given that the mommy trusts an individual. The sooner you are able to handle these individuals, the far better pets they should make.At the following age you ought to start management them immediately. PS- When your rodents open their eyes, it wont be prolonged until they’re while in the ‘flea stage’ in fact it i EXTREMELY hard to carry them.So be extra mindful (and hold them with the cage so once they jump, these people wont acquire hurt)! Wait until finally their eye balls open in advance of handling these folks.This you can do when the little guys are about ONLY TWO weeks old. While *some* mice can be ok along with people management their children sooner, mice might be very restless mothers & it’s best not that can put the children risk. Not ever before, do everyone involved … Continue reading

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Tips on syrian hamster pregnancy?

my syrian hamster will be pregnant, any tips okay 1st baby syrian hamsters will be only in the mom for 16-18 a short time 10 days after the mating she will start to get decidedly with child her abdominal will get bigger and the girl nipples will become to become more conspicuous.female hamsters will require extra food through pregnancy.higher protein food items like tofu, boiled ovum, wheat germ(to ad towards birthing) could be added on the diet.usually do not bother the woman for 3 weeks when she has her new borns so not any cleaning your ex cage toughing your ex or your girlfriend babies you’ll be able to only fit her food and waters in.separate the infant hamsters from the mom a 25 days so place the boys while using dad along with the girls considering the mom because at 15 days old they are able to mate.when you will discover about 4-5-6 weeks they will go to help there innovative home everyone:) listed here is a website you might check released:http://www.hamster-zone.com/hamster-reproduction/hamster-pregnancy.html your welcome! today my personal hamster acquired 2 children! or much more but my partner and i only discovered 2 however she was dew to get them … Continue reading

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My mouse died and I dont know why?

WHEN I purchased 2 female rodents from petco simply 8 days ago.This was my new owning mice and POST loved them much and had lots of fun playing with them everyday.Today I woke way up and found the little one (who I thought was a baby) useless.She have a hunchback posture, but otherwise seemed very good.She ran around and had energy just as her sister.I’m thus sad the girl died in addition to confused concerning why this suddenly transpired.Will the opposite one obtain sick as well And just how soon should i get a different companion I’m worried a different mouse is certain to get an infection through the old you if ?t had been something contagious.Any advice can be great.Gives thanks. I’m hence sorry this happened.Mice are delicate & it can be very achievable that the ones you have had a number of undetected ailment.Her hunched returning suggests the girl wasn’t good & your ex small measurement *may* possibly be another indication, unless your woman was simply very fresh. Bring her to Petco and explain just what happened.Since the lady was to you for within 2 days, they’ll probably provide you with another computer mouse, not that you could … Continue reading

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Do mice "nanny" other mouses babies?

acceptable, so only got COUPLE OF female mice, bred ONE, and this had children, would another female “nanny” them Yeah.My sis had a couple of mice this got expectant and the lady had 1 named Misty whom went in addition to them in addition to watched about them.She was much like the grandma from the babies.She as well had one named Cheyenne whom was kinda much like the aunt.It really is cute. well i do believe breeding is cruel along with inhumane but it might-however it might also have them and also attack them outside jealousy-so we would watch these people and separate the the particular attacking mouse-just watch slightly but leave them alone in most cases or the mother might abandon or perhaps eat them-NEVER acquire a infant or this mother or perhaps their residence or whatever there’re under or the mommy might have them-so just disappear the food & change water & just simply BRIEFLY test them the whenever you do this DONT grab anything these are under or maybe pick ANY from the mice up(mother, new borns, other mice)but like i stated breeding is definitely cruel. not indicating all can but once i had a new mouse … Continue reading

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What size cage is suitable for 2 guinea pigs?

We have 1 Guinea Pig and I want to obtain another guinea pig to get him(or her).But 3rd thing the actual pet store said he/or she was a boy nonetheless i don’t believe so how can i tell Minute thing is usually:Is this cage huge enough It is super dog cage here are generally websites that will serve u and remember never put and son and girlfriend together unless u really want a useless female with 3 months http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm http://www.guineapigcages.com/ It’s difficult to make sure a guinea pigs gender every time they are babies.But and here is a connection: http://www.ehow.com/how_2067537_determine-sex-guinea-pig.html I didn’t want to explain…. Very little, it’s not really.Have you heard of a C&C crate This is a good website to get more info at that: http://guineapigcages.com/.

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My Roborovski Hamsters Are Fighting Or Are They Playing?

Concerning had these kinds of two girl Robo hamsters for just a month now and they got along for a while.When I aquired them we were holding in exactly the same cage in the pet retailer.Now some people fight to get about SEVERAL seconds plus start squeaking.One sooner or later runs up to the petting zoo and also stays for the bit.During their own sleeping occasions they hug up next together and obtain along usually that they are awake.Could they be truly preventing or is he or she just using.Please guide ASAP! Thanks. Hello generally there! (: Uhm individuals who responded to before us are the two WRONG.You are able to put 2+ hamsters inside a cage, but being successful a possibility of fighting involving 2 hamsters which are living with each other.I get 6 hamsters plus 2 of them (Mochi & Zara) are usually in the similar cage.They fight, but not serious ample to injure and bring blood from eath other.They get to sleep together and eat along and many that great stuff.But precisely what you need to do will be get yet another cage/tank in case they do learn to fight certainly and try and kill one another! … Continue reading

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Have to many hamsters from overbreeding?

without doubt guys, relating to a 2b4 parrot cage in my personal livign residence and i’d a male along with a female and in addition they bred in to more hamsters and now i own like TWO.5 occasions the amt of hammies because before, as well as every TWO months post get not one but two red hampster ovum more.one passed away of retirement years and other one traped themselves under that wheel plus drowned. regardless, i appreciate hampsters nonetheless i are unable to keep all of them.they take food.where will i give them too at no cost for them to live You tend to be an badly informed prick.Hamsters should never be combined, and they just don’t rape both.They breed amongst each other.Rape is a term that is definitely restricted to humanity. That you place a female around a guy makes you anyone at fault.If males and females are together, they will probably breed.Simply.Take your entire hamsters for the local Humane Society in addition to cease proudly owning animals because you do not have a ******* concept. Properly looked after animals cannot breed, they’ll not DIE…And when you were any kind of owner you wouldn’t be wanting to just … Continue reading

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What is a good price to sell Fancy Rats?

I’ve a expensive boy rat with which has inpregnated our albino rat as well as the babies will be coming released fancy in addition to i dont know very well what price to sellf all of them for I wold sell it to get about 3-5 dollars to be a baby but once the idea gets older sell that for 6-10 dollars Well this will depend if the particular babies will be albino or perhaps not. Albino subjects usually price tag 3x the amount of a typical rat. You must wait until there’re born to discover the price tag. $10 each regardless of the they seem like u dont wish people to apply ur rodents for snake food do ough if ough sell them a rat to get $3 they’re going to use the item for snake food male — $5 woman – $7 male:$5 woman:$8 $5 to help $10 since they’re still babies.Cheers.

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