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A Guinea Pig question?

Hi i was wondering if your could employ tree leaves rather then hay, considering i cant get any in europe.Or possibly could i use cardboard boxes or Hamster bedding DO NOT NECESSARILY USE REAL WOOD SHAVINGS! A number of Guinea Pigs will be HIGHLY sensitive to the idea! Hay will be good, shredded document, mulch, anything that is soft and so they can eat for the reason that WILL eat it! For bedding you can use hamster home bedding (no pine or cedar) and also a cardboard bedding. For diet the one thing which could replace hay is actually fresh grass however it ought to be fed with unlimited amounts much like with hay.You also must make sure it had not been treated having anything. if ough are meaning to the bedding after that u may use wood shavings, and also shredded news paper nevertheless wood shavings are way far better, i include used like horse hay for the bedding as soon as b4 plus it was really messy in addition to went everywhere in my own back yard you incorporate the use of riped in place news report.

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I just ask how can i tell when my guniea is pregnant not dieing. can somone tell me how to tell when shes preg?

Ok how one can tell any time my guniea is definitely preg.And when a few pointer take your outside the cage.I enquired this b4 but sumone maintains blowing ” up ” my things telling myself stupid stuff who has nothing related to guniea.So could somone just tell me how to tell whenever she’s preg. i simply answered your current last guinea pig answer turn back and seem im maroon5luva of which answer through kendra is usually stupid:P well u will realize cuz oughout can look the children inside and also u can know jane is not dieing as soon as u get up and notice her not necessarily dead with every one of these babies dieing alongside her google in how the guinea pig may possibly look as well as act when she’s pregnant..

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Hair loss in guinea pigs?

considered one of my guinea pigs around per month old is losing tresses behind her head along with ears, should my partner and i be worried It might be mites, but hair loss can suggest many points.You should get your whole guinea pigs to a vet quickly (if you’ve gotten mites others probably complete to).It is crucial they discover a vet quickly. http://www.guinealynx.info/hairloss.html I’m estimating skin mites! Take her towards the vet! yes! take her to somewhat of a vet b4 that gets worse.

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What would make a better pet, a monitor a tortise or a red tail boa?

On the whole because I understand there are a variety of tortises along with monitors, what would be your most interactive and acquire and pet to obtain.I know encourage have several requirements and they are comppletely diverse animals most are just the particular three we have narrowed it because of.i can certainly meet space requirements. I know i need to do a good deal more homework than that b4 obtaining a pet. I’ve find out about blue-tongued skinks, and We have talked into a guy this owns your pet retailer, and this individual said they’re on the list of tamest reptiles you will discover, and you can really form an association with these people.A tortoise would really end up being an easy-to-handle puppy.I consider monitors tend to be pretty acquire, and snakes, I believe, would be sorts of squirmy, heavy, and/or not easy-to-handle (but We have never experienced a snake for any pet, so don’t pass my opinion). i would opt for a savannah monitor they arent education though although make fine pets in the event you get all of them as new borns and deal with them over a daily basis monitor.

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Have a desexed male recently shaved, live on gold coast qld, just had a dose of comfortis tab, notice a red l?

observed a red-colored lump in the center of tail, appears to be he may be biting them, he includes had popular spots b4, but to the side associated with his skin.have place benadine on it really is there a thing else we can use.this individual still includes his urge for food and the nose is usually wet.any advice would be appreciated.thanks jo This is a reptile area, but absolutely take him towards vet quickly.Better that they are safe than sorry.Hope your dog gets far better.

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