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My guinea pig has weird stuff on its fur. What do i do?

my own male brownish agouti guinea pig that is almost 1 year old maintains getting this particular white crusty things on their fur.We may not be sure if it’s a scab or even not It is definitely hard and also the only way to lose it is usually to cut them out nonetheless it keeps re-occurring.Also it is mostly around his tail but it did surface once a little higher in place.What could it be and just how do i treat it It appears like his grease gland is actually impacted, stroke a soothing cream with it to help soften it, let this set for about 3 hours.rinse with Johnson’s the baby shampoo, and try this ever Two to three days until eventually it starts to fix, if it does not heal after a few treatments take him in your vet to receive an antibiotic ointment to help remedy it along with. It is helpful to cut that hair associated with right about the affected identify, as the opposite hair typically covers the actual spot at any rate, it just clarifies that it’s easier for you to heal. Technically, guinea pigs do not own fur, they need hair.Kittens and cats … Continue reading

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My dog chewed the padding off one of her back feet. Why? And what do I do?

I have a one full year old mutt doggy.Around lunch break today, WHEN I noticed your lover was licking your ex foot.After i examined this, it looked fine during the time, so I recently discouraged your girlfriend from eating it.I traveled to work just the summer more several hours and returned home.Around about supper, I took her out in store the powder room, and WHEN I noticed your lover was jogging funny within the grass.She didn’t really have any difficulties walking for the sidewalk, but if we got into the grassy spot, she wouldn’t walk about her backside right feet; she simply hopped all over.I picked out her upward and believed both connected with her back again feet plus noticed which they felt numerous.The appropriate one seemed becoming a little tiny bit swollen.After i looked from them, the best portion of the padding with her returning right ft .was taken out.It’s also late to consider her into the vet, so POST currently get her bandaged up w/ three-way antibiotic ointment on the woman wound and also a cone all around her neck to counteract her via eating your bandage (which isn’t really quite functioning; she remains to be able to … Continue reading

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