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Can I keep a syrian hamster in a tank?

I’m getting a hamster now and each of the wire cages on the pet shop are over $50.They brandish this offer that is sold with the hamster where you become a EIGHT gallon fish tank, food, plus bedding intended for only $30. I’m intending on getting of which deal as well as ordering the wire competition online.The line cage will require about 7 days to acquire here, so can i keep your hamster from the tank until I have the other cage Yh! The petshop wouldn’t be executing the offer you unless ?t had been safe to do so! Just keep a well ventilised lid as well and wash the competition regularly.Have a book on how you can look right after a hamster! If you want in great britain or ROI you can receive the cage with this website: http://www.justhamsters.co.uk/accessories Additionally, If you will get a competition from elsewhere, make confident it wasn’t used plus read the comments.Amazon will work. So ?.

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What Do Your Reccomend? A Wire Cage Or An Aqarium For A Gerbil.?

I simply Wanted To find out what Competition I Must Get. Really feel Free In order to Leave almost any Tips(: I would certainly say a aquarium, wired cages might be a problem simply because they can squeeze through the bars along with escape or chew upon them and the paint could chip off and in addition they could devour it. Gerbils are like Hamsters having tails.They’re just very lovable (: An aquarium is ideally suited for.When WHEN I first became my gerbils I’d a insert cage, which often ended poorly.They kicked all the bedding out with the wires and ended up gnawing for the wars that’s bad for his or her teeth.They is usually more warm and friendly when throughout an aquarium given it helps for getting them utilized to human activity and it gives these folks more area to burrow and now have fun.The fish tank is ideal and MY SPOUSE AND I highly propose it. A gerbil must are now living in a tank/terrarium/aquarium with a mesh cover:) Intended for 2 gerbils this minimum sizing is 12 gallons.Keep in mind that the greater the fish tank is, the higher quality.The just other perfect option to get a … Continue reading

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Best rat cage for 130£?

concerning 130 to pay money on your rat wire dog crate any ideas for the best one on this price http://www.amazon.company.uk/Fop-Buddy-Deluxe-Rat-Cage/dp/B003674C3A/ref=sr_1_48ie=UTF8&qid=1316461786&sr=8-48 Make like this specific one http://www.amazon.company.uk/Sky-Storey-Ferret-Chinchilla-Mammal/dp/B002K84K2Y/ref=sr_1_10ie=UTF8&qid=1316461698&sr=8-10 This would be good for male rats ( WE worry females could fit the heads with the bar spacing) http://www.amazon.company.uk/F12-Sky-Double-Storey-Chinchilla/dp/B001T9BOIS/ref=sr_1_13ie=UTF8&qid=1316461698&sr=8-13 This would also possibly be good pertaining to male test subjects ( WE worry females could fit their heads with the bar spacing) This got good assessments:) http://www.amazon.company.uk/Sky-Storey-Ferret-Chinchilla-Mammal/dp/B002K84K2Y/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t I believe snowshoe_28.

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I’m getting a hamster! I want the perfect cage. ?

WE live in the us. What just what be a great cage to get a Syrian hamster Coming from petco, petsmart, amazon or perhaps any website.Thanks! ware pure hamster crate, my hamster Hansel provides this parrot cage and adores it! http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-8686102t400.jpg or you can get the just one for rodents! http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-8686103r200.jpg equally are out of petsmart:) hope i aided:D To be honest post wouldn’t recomend any belonging to the following other people stated.I bought my hamster your plastic pile from walmart.You can get it at target nevertheless too.It works perfectly in particular when you obtain a long along with wide just one.Go to help google plus search pile cages and also youll know what im speaking about.But for your holes around the lid have your dad/boyfriend as well as anykne that has a drill and still have them drill down quarter dimension holes inside the lid.For the water battle i just now got any watter botter card owner from petco ductaped that on and squeeze water bottle inside it.It never falls off along with the cage remains in courtesy.Hope the following helped you. My favorite type of cage could be the glass fish tank.I know most people frown on such … Continue reading

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Will one of these cages work for 2 male rats?

1 — http://regina.kijiji.ca/c-pets-accessories-white-bird-cage-x-2-W0QQAdIdZ311784171 That one DOES NOT come with accesories, it’s really a bird parrot cage, if we all put plastic or material crates in for climbing would it work #2 — http://regina.kijiji.ca/c-pets-accessories-MEDIUM-SIZE-BIRDCAGE-W0QQAdIdZ314458348 Now that one is as well a chicken cage, will this specific work WHEN I can’t 100 % tell for the reason that pic is taken by the wrong opinion. Okay, unless you discover a MAJOR rat ring under $100, greater than 4 cubic toes, post some sort of link, will probably be appreciated.Straightforward 10 details.Please assistance, I Need rats, 11 year outdated girl.Responsibly and has become searching these individuals to death since January the ideal cage may be the critter state but is much money in relation to $100-250 but a fantastic for about 2-3 rodents is http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_i the one problems with this cage is always that its hard to clean and its constructed from plastic as well as ur subjects might chew up the nasty (mine dont) i will be getting the following cage regarding chirstmas pertaining to my COUPLE OF rats their $80 in amazon inside australia. if this particular cage could be to expensive then i would go with the second one particular … Continue reading

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I need a mouse expert?

we were playing together with my dog mouse like Always yet he (nibbles) went behind my personal bed (big bed ) and there is a pit for electricity a really small target and your dog went in this hole and he is not comming out i have tried considerably but there’s nothing happening dat hole causes maney channels how do i get your pet i tak tried everything we’ve put food out side he is not comming outside my organization is waiting fr the pup fr 5 hours i cant end my tears i need ur assist…………….help me urgent i’m dying WHICH HOLE IS VERY DEEP My beloved Houdini seemed to be the learn of get away.She got beyond a pretty tall trash which foiled other mice intended for 15 decades.I could not find the woman’s for more than a day, so tend not to give upward hope.Obviously keep the bedroom door closed all the time, and place something below it when there is a distance.I suggest receiving a humane entice as these work perfectly at finding and catching mice safely.Put his or her favorite food from it, and place the trap near to where that hole can be.I am … Continue reading

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Is this cage suitable for a rat?

Its a Ware Natrual Rat cage We are getting some sort of rat via craigslist and most effective for you a technical staffing , cage right until I get a new one as the person I’m buying him from provides him from a 10 gallon yeah this is the nice sized cage but prior to deciding to get this rat get him someone this cage is usually a nice size for 2 rats as well as its much better then some sort of 10 gallon!! EDIT ohh my partner and i didn’t learn it acquired wood shelves!!! no it’s not a great cage!! Wooden cages never work in any respect.In certainly not time you will have a terrible stench with the urine.This kind of cage will be great, it has roughly ten cubic paws of place: http://www.amazon.com/Super-Pet-First-Exotics-Large/dp/B000TZ5BRI/ref=pd_sbs_k2 I’ve heard ours is great also: http://www.amazon.com/Petco-PETCO-Rat-Manor-Habitat/dp/B001VJ0APE It’s form of small..just 8 ins deep, along with has real wood shelving.I’d pick a further cage.Inside the reviews, people possess complained around the urine soaking inside the wood. If it’s the one which has the particular wooden shelving..I Really don’t recommend this.Wood + rat urine = NASTIEST SCENT EVER!!!:(.

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Guinea Pig Names????

I’m finding a guinea pig within the next month or so! I have no idea of whether it’ll be male and also female, therefore unisex these people :are prized! =) In addition, please simply no human these people :, I’ve continually thought it was before weird if people name their domestic pets human these people :.:-S Thank you! Abby, Abigail, Abraham, Aide, Acorn, Agatha, Aggi, Agnes, Albert, Alex, Alfie, Alfred, Alice, Amazon, Amber, Ambrosia, Amigo, Amos, Anabelle, Anastasia, Angus, Ould -, Annie, Ansley, Apollo, Apple company, Appleberry, Apricot, September, Archie, Ariel, Arnie, Arty, Aurora, Autumn, Azalea Balto, Bambi, Bandit, Barley, Bart, Basil, Beanie, Beatrice, Beatrix, Elegance, Belle, Benson, Bernard, Berry, Bertie, Bethany, Betty, Bianca, Bigwig, Billy, Biny, Biscuit, Blackberry, Blackie, Blondie, Blossom, Bluebell, Blueberry, Bob, Bramble, Brandy, Breeze, Brownie, Bubble Periodontal, Buttercup, Buzz Cadbury, Snack, Caramel, Carla, Casper, Celery, Chas, Charlie, Cherry, Chester, Dark chocolate, Chocobo, Chomper, Cinnamon, Citrus, Clover, Caffeine, Cola, Conker, Real estate agent, Coriander, Cornflake, Cranberry, Very, Custard Cream D E F Daffodil, Daisy, Dalton, Dana, Dancer, Dandelion, Danika, Daphne, Darcy, Darius, Darwin, Dasher, Dasia, Davina, Dazzle, Declan, Delilah, Demi, Dempster, Denzel, Desiree, Dexter, Diamond, Dingo, Dixie, Dodger, Donald, Dontae, Doodles, Dora, Doris, Dotty, Dougal, Dudley, Dumpling, … Continue reading

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Will rats use a wheel? More specifically the flying saucer~?

I have two infant dumbo hearing rats.I’m purchasing them a new cage and a couple extra things on amazon future.And I did some research to the flying saucer wheel, and post SUPER wanna receive them a single.But it is like $11 which i don’t possess…so MY SPOUSE AND I wanna make certain they’ll actually utilize it or profit by it.just about any help treasured! gives thanks:) ask any rat buddies too! It varies according to the rat.I’ve had some that utilize the saucer, although most you should not.On the other hand, nearly all of my rodents didn’t utilize a traditional wheel, either.People who use managing devices seem to do hence frequently, like they can’t get sufficient (kind regarding like man joggers running for any joy connected with running). It completely varies according to the rat.I employed to have 5 VARIOUS rats, and one used my own flying saucer.Now jane is dead, and the thing rests in my own closet till I once more have your rat that will uses this.So it’s a gamble. Providing you impart them with the free of charge range time needed, they would not miss the idea:-) In connection with you will not let these folks … Continue reading

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What type of powder is best for bathing mice ?

i have a YOU month older mice i need 2 bath tub him quite a few websites declare dat we ought to use rodent fine sand but i are in india where there is absolutely no facilities with regard to hamsters as well as mice so can one give him or her arrowroot powder snow or cornflower powder snow as maney internet sites say of which mice in addition to hamsters really like cornstarch bathtub but post cant get cornstarch allow me to only uncover cornflower or maybe arrowroot powder so do you find it safe fr mice or hamster bath or just what other powder regarded as a use fr mice bath….websites declare that rodents luv mud or cornstarch bath You can find on the web from websites like these.Copy and also paste them into your address standard. http://www.amazon.corp.uk/Superpet-Critter-Bath-Powder-413/dp/B0006L2VR8 or http://www.amazon.com/Pets-International-Critter-Bath-Powder/dp/B001D764UE/ref=sr_1_3ie=UTF8&qid=1317329065&sr=8-3 Enjoy!

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