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Which dwarf hamster bath should i get?

i can’t consider between what one is far better the Orange Cloud Airborne dirt and dust or that Critter Bath Powder.i have create a savings fund critter shower powder recently for my robo and also he loves it.i desired to know when the blue impair dust can be as soft such as the critter bathroom powder in addition to save to work with on dwarf hamster.what one is better and odor good when i’d my dwarf hamster two years ago i used critter bath powder in addition to he cherished it. now i utilize it with the gerbil and he/she loves it alot and it’s also so sweet when he is rolling inside. but the actual stuff we said is actually 100% herbal and no toxic plus it says it consists of volcanic huge batch pumice as well as being hypoallergenic. well related to this will help. You want Sand bath but not dust bath tub. Hamsters are prone to respiratory complications. This is what I use: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=4191240 It is really dust zero cost.

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Is Chinchilla Dust ok for roborovski hamsters?

POST ordered Chinchilla stone dust bath pertaining to my Robo hamster on the internet and had been sent an enormous container connected with Chinchilla Airborne dirt and dust bath instead. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/images/Categoryimages/normal/p_416997_17097D.jpg <– Which exact bottle. I used to be told it was fine intended for dawrf hamster bath.Anyone a specialist in the topic and learn if it happens to be ok I am aware for undeniable that the actual sand bath is very good, I’ve used it prior to with different hamsters in the past and was an awesome tool inside keeping these clean however this debris seems that will finely ground.It’s been quite a while since this last hamster as well as I’m simply just worried the fact that dust might be harmful towards the little guy. You want Bath CRUSHED LIME STONE Bath Dust is actually bad pertaining to them.:( Like you said stone dust is alright but dust is not.I include heard plenty of cases once the hamster gets respiratory complications.There is the fact that chance though that hamster shall be find but we’d not consider any chances if you ever really appreciate him!:) Dust is definitely not advised. It really is too good, it will cause … Continue reading

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Hamster bathing help??!!?

Is definitely chinchilla particles bath so for hamsters cause I saw million associated with people with it.So will it be ok.Them says healthy too. If them says healthy then yes, Generally, Hamsters don’t really need to be cleaned because they keep by themselves clean, except your hamster is actually dumb.lol jk Yes and no.It is actually fine in your hamster to make use of, but get actual chinchilla stone dust, not airborne dirt and dust, the particles is way too fine and may even cause respiratory problems as well as a giant vet expenses.Just use an existing medium measured mason container and dust enough with there so it covers just the bottom of your jar and then lay them horizontally from the cage and also let a person’s hamster go around in and out in addition to maybe he’ll roll inside, mine may! it’s OK but it surely doesn’t definitely clean them work with a wet small towel but only when the hamster is actually smelly hamster bridegroom themselves simply by scratching Avoid a tiny tub involving water in addition to soap that may give the item a cold but it might die from it:(.

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Is this ok for my hamster?

I bought that chinchilla particles bath stuff and I had been wondering if this can be ok intended for my hamster to help bath in that needs to be alright, but in the event he/she gets going acting different/weird get out:) You really should have gotten chinchilla stone dust, the airborne dirt and dust is also fine as well as might trigger respiratory issues.If you have a low to medium sized aged mason container and lay in horizontally with the sand sprinkled inside it just enough to cover the bottom part, it shall be safe to make use of.Or you may buy these kinds of special bathtub houses the sand can go in and will be safer.Sure, this will be completely safe.I might have asked if chinchilla particles is safe to make use of first however, cause search for make him/her ill. That is usually what doctors suggest that you soad them in(chinchilla debris or sand it does not make thet high of a difference) You can’t use water to the little critters cause it could possibly get inside there nostril ans ears and create them tired.Sand is superior tho Hamsters are not able to touch mineral water.If your own … Continue reading

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For hamster people only..(: 10 points to best answer. ?

Ok I purchased chinchilla DUST not CRUSHED LIME STONE.Is that ok to get my hamster for you to bathe in Yes it’ll do perfectly. Of training course! All you might want to do is have a big pan put a good inch in it and observe your chinchilla move nuts! Lol but yeah it’s all right cause airborne dirt and dust doesnt irritate their eye…so enjoy him. dust can provide them respiratory complications and debris or crushed stone, it would not really find them clean try a wet document towel to be able to wipe the actual hamster but only when it gates really smelly TEND NOT TO use cleaning soap and water that can give these individuals a cold and they also might die yes defenitly try it won’t the small bundle nonetheless sand could cause irritation thus to their eyes and dust hence careful anticipation i assisted!! Yes it will not harm the hamster POST worked from a pet store for an extended time and this question got up a whole lot but yes its perfectly ok the dust is definitely completly risk-free for possibly all rodents Sure.

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Why does my hamster keep sneezing?

it’s syrian What type of bedding will you be using In case it’s pine or cedar, then switch it that will something altogether different like corncob that is certainly hypo-allergenic or maybe shredded pieces of paper.Plus, rodents are liable to respiratory infections, so you need to assume to a vet for some antibiotics. Many reactions to sneezing within rodents is often from Top respiratory transmissions.Symptoms range from: Refusal that will eat or maybe drink (anorexia) No fecal material (as consequence not eating) Difficult breathing, wheezing Sneezing, coughing Crusty eyes, eyes that happen to be almost sealed shut dept of transportation Discharge from eyes or perhaps nose (read regarding normal Eyes) dept of transportation Dull and/or receding eyes dept of transportation Rough or maybe puffed-up coat dept of transportation Lethargy, hunched posture Be mindful of these signs and symptoms and take him/her for the vet to receive cleared way up. http://www.guinealynx.info/uri.html Rodents are liable to upper respiratory attacks – mainly when underneath stress (moving to some new environment, for example).Additionally, certain beddings might be “dusty” in addition to cause respiratory stress.It’s best to choose a bedding that is definitely known for developing a low dust level — like Kaytee Fluffy Granules … Continue reading

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My box turtle has MBD?

I would like help as to know exactly why.He offers UVB gentle, I airborne dirt and dust his meal with calcium and also vitamin A NEW.Could Them be an excessive amount calcium WHEN I dust it each day.He should be about HUNTING FOR months old, Can your dog outgrow his / her MBD, like for example the indicators dissapearing.He’s pretty lethargic.I Do not know what I’m doing drastically wrong.I think he probably have got it in the first month I had him, since the UVB light I had could solely reach 16 inches, and it should be 16.I unchanging this the minute I determined.Where POST live it truly is pretty cool, so construction him outside the house isn’t a possibility.Please help I’m having one shortly… GIGABITE.

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Bearded dragon emergency?

I think my child bearded dragon just got in the fight.His head incorporates a huge gash, but is not bleading.His bottom level jaw is also ripped along with deformed now a little.My regional vet cant guide and my partner and i cant get into town with regard to another couple of days.What do i do and how could i feed him or her.he’ll seldom eat or perhaps move plus and his eyes are usually closed, your dog looks since if hes about to die.What does someone do. First of most, separate your ex boyfriend from what ever injured the pup.Beardies must only at any time be with another intended for breeding and separated soon after.Never retain them with anything else or an additional beardie.They’re solitary dogs. Second, he demands a reptile vet right away.Normal vets won’t be able to and ought not treat reptiles. Go to http://www.herpvetconnection.com as well as find one who is in your area. To try and help until you can find him to your vet…treat the wounds along with bacitracin on the Q rule.To give food to him, i are not aware of how harmful his lips is, but try setting up a bug slurry.Blend up … Continue reading

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Leaving my leopard gecko?

I will be going apart for 2 nights and no one I realize can maintain my gecko.A few pointer leave this light at or out of while I am just gone and should i give your pet crickets and also mealworms or perhaps both Many thanks:) Get a relatively inexpensive plug-in timer, and put your gecko’s light for the timer, so it will go off and upon automatically.This is a good idea anyhow, because a consistent day and night cycle lowers stress. Give a shallow dish associated with water, and feast him so that you can leave.Clear away any uneaten insects after 17 minutes, whenever you feast your gecko! (Be sure to use an outstanding calcium airborne dirt and dust on them, to keep your gecko healthy–crickets and mealworms are usually easy to raise, but are too high in phosphorus, so Need to be supplemented when you use them as feeders). Leopard geckos along with good butt weight might go a few months without food within the wild, provided that water can be obtained.If a person’s gecko features a nice weight tail, about when big about as they’re, then TWO days is definitely nothing.Every reptile will probably be fine to … Continue reading

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Will my budgies be ok in my bedroom?

Concerning kept this budgies with my bedroom because right now there isn’t significantly room downstairs to stay them.My grandad preserves telling me that plainly keep these in my bedroom, they may be deceased soon.But MY PARTNER AND I don’t discover how POST spend almost all of my occasion in our bedroom in addition to my TV is definitely on that they often like.What would you think It isn’t extremely shiny in the room but it’s actually not very bluish either, it is really just lighting.So color put my mind comfy and explain to me if they are going to be so in my personal bedroom i think will have them fine, am unsure if you are going to though, Budgies for instance most birds radiate many bird airborne dirt and dust which a number of people can be allergic to, you might start sneezing a lot and sensation like you then have a cold a great deal, which is usually why they may be best around another space really, my partner and i do adore Budgies:) nevertheless sadly don’t have any room for any myself It might be okay provided that you will not spray any perfumes and so forth, … Continue reading

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