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How do I look after a new baby guinea pig (with 6 adults already at the house)?

My own housemates have 6 older guinea pigs.They need free rein with the backyard together with some chickens as well as a small doggie (who would not harm the guineas btw).The adults run all over free they usually retreat to some large drop with a place for these to shelter during the night (floor is probably dirt nevertheless, no hay, uncertain if that is definitely ok) along with we near the door in the event of predators.There is very much a very clear leader while in the “pack”.These are all women. I got the latest baby piggy (female) and I’m worried it’s too little to try to be put when using the others so really not sure what direction to go with the idea.So significantly it’s sleeping inside a box with food along with water and also blankets, towel for the bottom).I set one adult from it overnight inside the box novice sleeping in and it nudged the idea with it truly is nose occasionally, they cuddled in place and felt happy.However after i put the actual “leader” with all the baby the child froze plus the leader merely grinded it’s teeth a lttle bit so I took them out … Continue reading

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HELP! I just found out that my guinea pig has a lump under her skin!!!?

I had been petting the girl and POST felt a tiny lump below her body that movements around along with it’s at her returning.HELP! She should be only about A few.I tend not to want almost anything to be incorrect with the girl ): It probably is nothing to be concerned about, just observe it just in case it stays the dimensions it is and won’t bother her don’t fret about that.Guinea pigs are inclined to get cysts that never bother them at all, and it they do grow they’re just easily eliminated. My Sally had a small bump like that that started off on your girlfriend tummy plus slowly relocated around he or she side on the top involving her back bone where this gradually received lager and also larger.Until the item started to cause the girl pain we all chose to try and do nothing about this, but from 41/2 years old it ended up being pushing on the nerve so we needed it removed, she went through the surgery okay.The merely problem she had ended up being she appeared to be mad in me regarding leaving her over night along at the hospital.When your lady got dwelling … Continue reading

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Pregnant guinea pig? (Easy ten points!)?

http://www.vimeo.com/watchv=glc0I4XK1r0&feature=youtube_gdata_player You are able to comment below or with YouTube as well as both! (:gives thanks, please let me know shortly! heavens yes i do think you will have a expectant guinea pig require her towards vets just to assure.at this particular special time you should seperate them and no problem her added water, bedding, veggies ect.give your ex both appreciate and breathing space PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BABIES YOUR WOMAN MAY NEVER MAINTAIN THEM IF YOU CARRY OUT!!! hope post helped congrats for the pregnancy if jane is.also make an effort to ask close family or near trustworthy friends whenever they can own guinea pigs continually plan ahead after they are weaned(can survive without momma) this guys(if their are any) needs to be seperated with the girls ok i really hope i obtain 10 points which everything trouble alright!!!!!!!!! Sweetie it is way for you to early to see any kind of sings connected with pregnancy, even from a tiny very little thing prefer that it cannot show just the summer weeks however OK.Lets pray jane is not with child because simply no mater how i look on this picture it’s not necessarily a fine out appear.even … Continue reading

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How can you tell if a gerbils wheel is too small?

My gerbils quite large in addition to hes generally using their wheel.But I don’t know if it’s simply because he owns up that as although he’s likely to go entirely around the idea, or just what, but that wheel just simply seems too small.It was perfect with regard to my extravagant Russian dwarf, nonetheless he appeared to be only SEVERAL months older. Should I obtain bigger controls Or wait a little bit and decide if it’s way too big regarding my alternative gerbil too A wheel have to be at the very least 8″ throughout diameter regarding gerbils.You can check through a ruler as well as measuring them.I never recommend cheap wheels.Your own gerbil will chew about it.I might suggest wire nylon uppers wheels.People say that they can find their little feet along with long tails caught, which is not true.Here are some wheels i always recommend (from petsmart) ONE PARTICULAR.You can make the measurement, the size “regular” is a one many fitted to help gerbils http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753362 A COUPLE OF.I know this individual gave them a 1 star, but I believe that the best wheel around. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=11248151 Good wishes to you and your current gerbils! If it is just a … Continue reading

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How do I know if my hamster is over weight?

our hamster can be 3 weeks old and I would like to know how to see if she’s over bodyweight.Her title is Pixie. Depends the kind she is usually.An adult syrian can easily weigh approximately 160g I do think, a robo 25g, a Russian 50-80g along with a chinese 30-50g im definitely not sure, maybe your hammy holds young:) you possibly can ask a new pet specialist at puppy store!!!:).

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2 Questions about my hamster!?

TWO Questions; Concerning a Syrian Hamster.Next time i bought him the puppy store didnt explain to me his / her age or perhaps anything, but he’s a whole adult.He is lossing pelt around the eye spot, but the remaining of the body appears to be perfectly good. Can another person explain that we doubt its retirement years.He is obviously eating, ingesting, running on wheel in addition to walking correctly fine.Thus yeaah. Other question is that I have a very cold ( runny nasal, cough, throat ) can that consequence my hamster plainly touch your ex or nearly anything I generally wash our hand in advance of and once handling your pet.But POST tried not to ever handle him very much.Will your dog get sick If that’s the case can an individual please say to me the direction to go and indicators of illness I understand going on the vet as well as such although anything I’ll do in your house Please and thank you!!! I do not know about your own first issue but hamsters CAN and will contract a new cold through yourself, stay well away from him for now.Warning signs that the little fella carries a cold is … Continue reading

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My friend gets rodents and never looks after them?

your woman got TWO rats they are now living a aquarium tank but the girl got a woman and a boy i shared with her not as well breed these individuals but the lady said she will just depart them far too it and when they die they cease to live and the woman sister offers mental problems and harmed the young man rat along with she kept the woman rat at her individual and couldn’t get the woman’s another good friend her mom said that nancy used to help being with her individual but the lady argued with her mom so they got the woman sister together with mental troubles another rat! her pop was reviewing her with all the rat although he dropped asleep along with she used the poor little rat on the Wall!!:( your lover only had that rat for 2 days the other rat (that had been lonely) merely lived pertaining to halve per year because it aroused her along with bit the woman’s then them died can anyone inform me precisely what happened 2 weeks after her rat died she became 2 much more! they have been both females and lived from the same … Continue reading

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How do i get my mum to buy my these guinea pigs? i need to save them!!!?

ok so just simply b4 my own mum, my sister my sibling and I went along to this family dog shop and while my mum was wondering about these kind of kittens they were getting available i noticed these guinea pigs ONE adult dimension guinea pig what food was in this small tank for your fish it has been about 10cmW along with 25 cm L and he\she could possibly hardly move i got there with regard to about 10 minutes plus it didn’t move whatsoever, it decided not to even possess a house ( prob cuz them couldn’t fit) or even water the item had your bottle however no h2o it have have foodstuff that looks like the foods i supply my SEVERAL guinea pigs and there is also the following really weight but actually cute guinea pig ( them looked pregnant) around this white gp’s but it surely was in a bigger reservoir but nonetheless no water but experienced food, and earlier mentioned them TWO girls we were holding breeding guinea pig inside the store from the same size as the tank considering the 2 guinea pigs, i should get my mum to acquire them so we can … Continue reading

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My mouse’s tail got bit by my pet rat?

we have a dog baby rat (a bit of bigger from an adult mouse) along with an expectant mouse, my pregnant duck lost her mate this morning, lets get back on the tale, my pregnant’s duck tail was standing in their cage along with reach simply by my rat and bit it it’s 4 wounds encourage bleed, my problem is usually, is she gonna be ok is this mouse have any disease that may hamr my own mouse as well as its toddlers her habits doesnt change in any respect but the girl sometimes simply stay with her hideout, she just sometimes head over to her steering wheel (which she adore to go each time) however niw the girl hardly look at her steering wheel.what’s incorrect with her for the moment i aren’t able to take her to almost any vet. i dont have a very local vet no vets within our area, all we have is loved ones doctor which is my dad. at this time she can be hanging inside the cage discos and sometimes head over to her wheel. Please shift your mouse into a place ones rat cant arrive at.Be happy your rat didn’t do more … Continue reading

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Will hamsters drive the dogs mental?

i’ve 2 canines.will receiving a hamster generate them mental. if so, may i get a little something else in which wont I have 2 dogs two, and I likewise have a hamster.This dogs are fine, and healthy.In order to fool all of them, they believe it’s from home, but it’s on the table, and they’re small dogs to allow them to not view it:) Depends within the dog. I’ve a hamster in my bedroom and the familys Lab coming from a hunting brand goes crazy she’ll just sit taking a look at the wire dog crate pointing as well as shaking.My Golden conversely is curious and lastly could by no means trust him by using it alone but it doesn’t drive your pet crazy…when called he’ll get uninterested of them eventually yet does love to watch the idea sometimes. I’m not sure if they might I include never been aware of that. I have had a rat before concurrently as my dog as well as he proved fine. I might think you should get some sort of rat. YOU.They’re easier taking care of COUPLE OF.They rarley ever bite.(hamsters bite many of the time) THREE OR MORE.They dwell longer.(hamsters pass away … Continue reading

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