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My son’s hamster isn’t chewing on things, what can we give her so she will.?

Most of us tried wood chews and raw covers and wash branches A hamster will chew on which it wants to chew on.Just continue providing wooden chews, however I don’t suggest delivering branches.Loads of trees, even though you clean these, could be poisonous and also kill that hamster.Furthermore, make sure there is a salt riff.The hammie could chew at that. I furthermore suggest utilizing completely used (with even one more little parts of document removed) commode paper as well as paper large towel roles.That they love tearing those upward.It’s not really much for chewing, but they’ll love. On the side note…I should ask how old your son is, since you’re applying for him (unless you are babysitting, in which case I apologize for your lecture, but a lot of parents will not know/realize just what exactly I’m on the verge of say, and so I’m likely to say this anyway in addition to hope this someone finds out something as well as saves the animal’s life). I express this mainly because people under the age of 12 really shouldn’t individual rodents or perhaps be held because primary caretaker of them.This is because that they need much more care when compared … Continue reading

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Can 2 bearded dragons survive in a 40 gallon aquarium?

i was thinking of getting a couple of beardes and i wanted to know if the beardes would bother survive inside a 40 gallon, i would probable be getting both females Yes they will survive, the question is why do you want bearded dragons if all they are going to do is survive? Dont you want them to thrive? Have the best life they could possibly have? Keeping them caged up together is cruel because they would never choose it.The first thing they do when they are born is run to get away from siblings and other lizards, they are not social and will never be.You can read up on keeping them together here:http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php?151-Keeping-more-than-one-Bearded-dragon-in-a-cage As babies or adolescents maybe but adults no.An adult bearded dragon requires at least 55+ gallons.Two should only be together to breed not forever.Leaving them together in that small of a tank would stress them and could result in fights or death. Besides bearded dragons and most other reptiles do not see a second dragon as a buddy but as competition for food, heat, light, etc. A 40 gallon tank would only suffice for a single adult bearded dragon.2 adult bearded dragons would require something bigger … Continue reading

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