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My rat fell on her head. she has a bump on her head now.?

i became walking all around and she was relaxing on my shoulder.in that case she just fell.your ex head features bump.i believed it and it also doesnt feel like their particular is whatever broken or maybe like liquid.but im not a rat health practitioner.i cant manage like xrays as well as a vet take a look at.could this kind of be dangerous jane is perfectly excellent though.shes acquired this given that this morning Oh my, you must probably watch her cautiously it might be swelling that you just could help go down by putting a compact piece associated with ice in her.Make certain nothing jostles her head-which may damage the idea more.If that hasn’t removed away through tomorrow morning make sure you really look at taking her to your vet-they possess really low-priced small canine clinics all-around.I definitely hope your rat seriously isn’t seriously injured and I am hoping she’ll possibly be fine. Its okay, don’t fret.check on her mind and see if it features a bump if not, then observe how your woman acts.when she works normal, you’ll be fine, of course , if she is usually acting weird and several, you will need to really weight and dimensions … Continue reading

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HELP! My Guinea Pig Keeps Acting Strange!!!?

Our Guinea pig continues jolting, Chattering the woman teeth, Biting/Scratching herself, Shaking her fur (Like what exactly dogs do when these are wet), Breathing intensely and losing Lots of hair around big tuffs!! I’m quite sure it can be mites since I did some homework! I’m visiting take her towards vets although dose anybody have an idea of what how to attract! she is extremely uncomfortable, I bought my guinea pig 2weeks in the past &&’ Your lover had mites too! What you should do will be give her a good bath &&’ very first thing when you rise, go for the pet store and pay for spray, Them kills that mites quick, leave at for 3 OR MORE days &&’ bathe it away, then she really should be okay, for the time being rub &&’ comfort and ease her, okay Best of luck: you’re right it truly is probably mites nonetheless it could as well be some sort of skin allergy (to several soaps if you’ve bathed it etc) consequently before getting rid of her without help like explained above consider her on the vet to make sure.You can’t really accomplish much for it except bathing it (with gentle … Continue reading

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Hamster sick i don’t know?

This hamster is normal to get about 4 days in that case doesn’t wish to move, your lover keeps in contact her nasal, her ab in and out, n the lady looks pretty sick after which later that day your woman gets typical again, idk whats transpiring, she’s definitely quiet she’s always also been, and your woman made pressing noises, and also she seemed to be sticking the woman’s mouth out and managing anxiously in her eye was sealed, right these days she was doing it again, and running all over the bed after which you can on your girlfriend wheel, d then stop! and beginner sitting right now there in her position, i recall she starts to remain her go in as well as out from a jerking job, can a person help me I’ve never discovered a hamster acting like that.And I do not think it has anything related to her going into heat.I have had THREE OR MORE female hamsters in addition to none of them have actually acted with this, ever, when going into heat. Or maybe she is definitely sick and there’s something wrong, your very best bet is usually to take her to somewhat … Continue reading

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What’s going on with my rat?

The 9 four week period old rat will be acting actually sick.When this mom will get home we could taking her right to the vet in conjunction with her cagemate Darcy.Mazy have been very lethargic lately, not likely wanting to advance.Her paws are really dull all of a sudden, and she seems a bit disoriented.Nancy shoulder taught but your lady fell down (at very least, nearly managed.I found her) just now.Extra being fired from her eyes as well as nose (the crimson stuff, that’s standard right) have been getting throughout her fur, I’m seriously worried, so might someone help well if the vet cant assistance just lookup this look its regarding rat illness and illnesses i am hoping it can be helpful suggestions the url It is probably a respiratory an infection.They tend to be pretty popular in subjects.Vets will usually treat in which with doxy as well as baytril.Treat both of your rats simply because they get tired easily. A surplus amount with red discharge is not normal, this can be a sign these are sick.A normal amount is somewhat that they have got no problem clearing up themselves. The total amount issues tend to be concerning.They implies she … Continue reading

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Is my guinea pig in shock?

Basically i was cleaning your ex cage released.I sitting her with a sheet around the kitchen countertop.I set her disguise on there including a bowl with salad.Her in addition to my some other guinea pig went inside the hide and also started eating as typical.But yesterday the other guinea pig needed a catch at the woman’s hair on her bottom and pulled apart it released and your woman got this kind of fright as well as ran out the hide and fell heli-copter flight counter on the home floor.I harvested her up instantly and started out comforting the girl.I left for put the woman’s back so i can continue to scrub her crate but your woman went nuts.Running for instance mad.When i set her down she starts running.I’d to get someone to hold on to her wile when i cleaned the woman’s cage.I place her in her cage then when i attended check in her your lover had hopped out the woman’s cage my partner and i kept putting her back but your lover kept bouncing out once again.So when i placed her in a very spare cage and the girl calmed affordable and seemed to be fine for the … Continue reading

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My guinea pig has dried snot on his nose.?

hey guys, okay hence my guinea pig (yr older male) has dried snot or perhaps crust onto his nasal.He has been acting ABSOLUTELY fine though..no sneezing, wheezing, very little change regarding behavior, he’s still energetic…everythings standard…should i take him to the vet Please don’t listen to be able to what those people two people today have explained, they are not aware what these are saying and also clearly include never adored a guinea pig.Yes he or she needs to attend a vet quickly as he has an higher respiratory an infection.URI’S kill more guinea pigs than almost every other illness and component of this is because guinea pigs are generally prey wildlife and (just seeing that your is doing) hide plain they are ill until these are in the particular acute point sadly at that point the decrease hill and also die in a short time, I mean frequently quickly when over nighttime. So obviously do have him directly into an exotic vets company.It is not really expensive to relieve at this point, just the buying price of the place of work visit that will be about $35.00 your guinea pig will get a full physical, and the buying price … Continue reading

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My hamster is acting wiered than her normal behaviour?

i recently bought the hamster (about some weeks) and she’s starting that will act in another way to to your ex normal conduct, she incorporates a little house within the top component of the ring and has bedding inside it she slept in there for a while then mad a nest while in the corner underneath the most notable floor*( that’s dark) WHEN I assumed it was before with the light has been to brilliant seen as jane is a Syrian hamster and so they sleep from the day, however the up coming night when i woke in place and discovered her tipping the girl food pot that is certainly also is within the top floorboards, the subsequent morning the girl was sleeping in your ex nest as well as her nutrition was suitable beside the woman nest, each and every time I place fresh food in for her your lover stores the idea by the woman nest while in the corner, I’m unsure whether the girl does this specific from terrible habits and also she is just not well will be she pregnant need to know.gives thanks:) no thats fine! your hammy remains to be getting accustomed to her … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my male hamster?

MY PARTNER AND I put your pet into other half with probably my ladies and they went nuts on the woman’s acted including he hasnt mated for good and he or she was similar to biting upon her fur he served really excited also and also he was undergoing it really fast too He was horny! You need to videotape your mating time and distribute it to be able to YouTube…the mating pet videos get enormous hits.Check out the deer mating video lessons! It’s a fantasy! Why remaining are an individual breeding your own hamsters You will find way too many unwanted animals on the globe, without contributing more to the mix therefore please quit it. CHANGE:There Are usually in fact a lot of animals to choose from, what we now have too many of are badly informed people such as you as well lazy to getting a real job and for that reason just certain breed animals for making money bring about did when i mention far too lazy to secure a real job Um huh deary, because PERSONS LIKE You happen to be the PURPOSE there NUMEROUS homeless as well as abandoned animals to choose from. I style … Continue reading

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My guinea pig fell will he be ok?

I got holding our guinea pig an he jumped beyond my arms fell over a coffee kitchen table then droped on tile flooring.He’s eating his fruit and vegetables hay plus pellets fine.And drinking fine.He or she ran around at terrain time seeing that usual.He’s lying inside corner regarding his ring but obtains up when i come nearby the cage in the future see me personally.But this individual lies inside the corner regarding his cage often He or she was working around within his cage earlier.He’s almost annually old.MY PARTNER AND I looked your ex boyfriend over plus he seems fine but I’m consequently worried.Will this individual be alright I’m glad you will be concerned! You will be a fantastic owner! Provided that he is definitely walking and also eating and also acting standard, he will be fine! Upcoming time, maybe kneel along or sit on your pickup bed while having him (: Because associated with his early age, he can either possibly be laying a great deal because he could be tired, as well as his stylish had received damaged.Preferably, a vet will be first person you must go for you to.The tumble could result in a damaged hip.For the … Continue reading

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My hamster is acting strange.. Can you help me?

My own hamster includes this mass on considered one of his thighs.Its already been there for some weeks.Then he started to have diarrhea, but I aquired what everyone suggested and he recovered from that will.The large never resolved to go away however.He experienced one prior to on his or her chin however before I really could get him suitable vet it had been already gone this is maybe once i had him to get a month and also the store person told me that that usually possibly not happen and it may be his genes.Currently he; vertisements shaking and also he experimented with to but me double and basically bit my own sister, he / she never managed that previous to, so I recognize somethings drastically wrong.Right these days my family are not able to afford that vet, so WHEN I cant do this.IS right now there anything I really could do perfect now best thing can be done is consider him to a vet.if you ever dont do that soon, he / she may die.hamsters are generally sensetive and it also doesnt require much to get them to shut the doors ..if an individual cant do that, just try … Continue reading

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